Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review: Korean Gel Contact Lens New Dubai Blue [ sponsored ] Clarice Soflensku


imageeveryone ^^ another circle lens review sponsored by Clarice Soflensku. This month she sent me 2 pair of lenses from Gel Contact Lens. I choose Gel New Dubai Blue and Gel Sohee Gray. Today I will review the Gel New Dubay Blue first.

This is the first time I heard this brand ^^ haha Gel Contact Lens is a contact lens with Polymacon as the main material and added moisturizer  to make the external layer of the lens moist and softer than the other lenses.

Lens Description

Origin: Korea
Brand : Gel
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 55%
Live Span: 6 months
Price: 50 IDR ( around 4$ )
Color available: Blue , Grey, Green, Brown. 

image Packaging image

It comes in a colorful box, yeah it doesn't come in a vial bottle its in a blister packaging yay  ^^ It will be easier to open the lens haha. The design is really simple, white box and designed with colorful gels maybe. On the back side you can find the information about the lens. A box contains a pair of lens with the same prescription, so if you have different prescription you should buy 2 boxes ^^.


image Color and Pattern image

These are 3 tones lenses, soft black rim, blue and brown inner the lens.  This is my kind of lens ^^. 3 tone lens really make my face different.  The blue color is so vibrant and bright, its doesn't blend well on my brown eyes. But still it really pretty ^^. The blue color is really show up on my brown eyes perfectly.  It doesn't look natural at all for daily wear. But it really pretty when you want a vibrant blue lens ^^. As an Asian people , blue color wont suit well on me. But some of my friends said that the blue lens is pretty on me ^^ The blue color is really noticeable in outdoor, but in indoor the color become darker and turn out grey.

image Enlargement image

With 14.5m in diameter, the lens doesn't give enlargement. It almost the same with my real eyes's size.

image Comfort image

This is the first time I wear Gel Contact lens, but its pretty comfy when the first time wearing the lens. Just like when I'm wearing Geo lens. Maybe the lens is a little bit ticker compared to Geo lens. But I didn't feel wearing lens at all. I can wear this up to 6 -8 hours with drops.

image Overall  image 

Love this lens, not my fav lens but I really like comfy lens. Its really irritate me to take in and take out the lens to feel comfort. So when the lenses are really comfy, I will wear them often ^^. I will recommend this lens for you who want to look different with a vibrant blue lens ^^.

image Like:
image Pretty comfy
image Blister packaging
image affordable price
image Pretty color

image Dislike: 

image The lens turn out grey in room light

Repurchased? Yeah I wanna try the grey color.

Where to buy?

My Lovely Sponsor

Facebook:  Clarice Soflensku
Instagram:  @claricesoftlensku

Coupon Code: Torichux3
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See yaa~~~ on my next post ^^



  1. Cantik bgt warna birunya ya. Harganya juga terjangkau. Thanks for sharing, Tori :)


  2. Never really try blue lens before, it looks so natural blue and grey too! hehe


    1. u should try at least once ^^ they will make u different and prettier ^^

  3. waduh malah mampir sini, jadi pengen nyobain habis liat reviewnya >,< harganya murah juga >,<

    1. worth to try bgt say.^^ soflen nya.nyaman bgt

  4. omg that box is way too cute!!

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  5. Great review:) You have a beautiful eyes <3


  6. The color of this lenses is super dupa cute <3 Love it! <3

  7. I love the lenses, they are super cute on you~!! <33


  8. Nice review dear, I think the color looks great.
    Can't wait for you to review gray color! ≧ω≦ ehehe...

    Ryu の Sekai

  9. these look so cute on you <3
    ahaha and it's great that they come in a blister packaging bc I always have serious trouble opening the bottle xD

    1. thank you ^^ yeah I have the same problem with you ^^

  10. I really love you :) I see you for a long time, I'm impressed!

    Can you follow me? I follow you :)
    If you comment my post, I will comment your five posts! :)


  11. What a great review! It's such a pretty color!!


  12. kontak lens-nya bagus, warnanya cantik.. tapi sayang kalau aku yang pake pasti gak cocok deh.. :D

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