Thursday, April 30, 2015

Giveaway: Tori Chu Circle Lense Giveaway Winner


Thank you guys for joining my giveaway, though the prize is not big ^^. Sorry , its a little bit too late for announcing the winner. So I will announce the winner today.

Ak pake pake applikasi buat nentuin pemenangnya biar adil ^^ and tadaaaa, Congratulation:

Gadis Permatasari   


I have sent an email to you, please respond in 2x24 hours , if not I will draw for the other winner. Buat yg blum bruntung jgn kecewa, tunggu giveaway slanjutnya yah ^^ Thank You ^^

See yaa on my next post. Bye bye <3 ~~~~

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Outfit: My Kawaii Totoro Tight


:iconcutehiplz:, today I just wanna share my new tight /stocking. hahah Actually I never wore or even excited to buy stocking. But my weakness made me purchase this cute stocking TT.TT . Why r you so cute huh :D. Nowdays so many cute stocking available , omg XD Bear, Cat, Hello Kitty, Luna and Totoro are the most popular. But I cant buy all of them, cause it will end up in my closet. Im just to shy wearing stocking for hangout. It will be looked so awkward if I hang out wearing stocking in my country. Everyone will stare at me from head to toe . So annoying T.T 

The funny thing is when I told my best-friends that I bought this stocking, they scold at me hahah. Why did I buy such an expensive stocking and will never wear it. They knew the fact that I wont ever wear that stocking. haha Sorry guys, but I just cant resist the cuteness. I will keep it for my collection. Maybe I can wear it on special occasion, such as Japanese Festival maybe haha.

 I love the stocking's design. It has different design for left and right, so it looks unique and cute. Totoro Love ^^ 
 Pardon my short legs ^^ hehe

I was too shy to take pic my full body. haha ^^ 



image Cute and adorable
image Good material ( thick )
image Unique design


image only can buy through online shop
image expensive

So, do you think the stocking is cute and adorable? do you have cute stocking also? 

 See yaa on my next post. Bye bye <3 ~~~~

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Unboxing: Beautybox By Lalabox

Hello today I wanna share unboxing post, so few months ago I win giveaway that was held by Lalabox, and the package already arrived few weeks ago. Yay Im so excited to try all of them.

These are what I got inside the box.

The Queen Premium Facial Cream  

I really love this cream. Its really tone up my skin tone and make my face moist and looks healthy. It is facial cream to whiten and moisten dry skin on your face and neck. This moisture cream contains red ginseng extract and adenosine albutine which makes skin soft and smooth. This product is known in Korea as "mochi cream" as it reminds people of 'mochi' (餅) a chewy and soft food from Japan.

pic from Lala's official web

Queen's Love Body Oil 

Lala Queen's Love Body Oil is the ultimate body and massage oil for comfort and pleasure. Contains vitamin-E derivatives for extra skin nourishment. Actually I havent tried this body oil, but im curious with this product. It says on their official web that this product can release our stress. Hope this body oil works on me, cause Im really stress and tired recently haha. I got the Hot Ylang one, actually I wanna try lovely rose .haha

pic from Lala's official web

Pheromone Perfume Hand Cleanser - Pocket Size 


These are  perfume hand cleanser, I got 3 from 6 variants: Black, White Musk and Sky Blue. Yeah they are really have heavenly scent.  I just love to apply this everytime haha. I always bring this everywhere in my bag. I never used hand cleanser before, but this have unique scent, so I love it to bring it around with me ^^


pic from Lala's official web

Rose Day Antimicrobial Tissues 

Rose Day antimicrobial tissues contain herb extracts and natural aroma oils so it can be used safely on the female secret zone.  Use these tissues to wipe and clean the female secret zone. Best used after sweating or extensive activities outside, during period days, and days leading up to the due date during pregnancy.


 pic from Lala's official web

 Which product do u wanna try? Which product u want me to do a review? tell me in the comment below ^^

Where to buy?

 See yaa on my next post. Bye bye <3 ~~~~