Friday, September 30, 2016

[ REVIEW ] : Apieu Aqua Nature Dewdrop Clouding Cream ( Crayon Shinchan ) Im so excited to review this cute baby. hahah finally can post this review. I get so curious to try this moisturizing cream since it has cute packaging. Yeah yeah A'pieu after collaborating with Doraemon, few months ago they also collaborate with Crayon Shincan.  But only for the skincare line. I think it would be better if they also had Sinchan packaging on their make up product. 

So I tried to buy one of the product which is the Aqua nature Dewdrop Clouding Cream. It has Shiro, Shinchan's dog as the packaging. super cuteeee >3<)//

It comes in a blue box packaging. There are informations about the product in Korean and I cant understand it at all. But as usual I always ask my korean friend to translate it haha XD 

The product claims that it tones up and moisturizes up our skin with clouding system. Actually I dont get any idea about this haha. It is good that the cream is paraben, tar colors and mineral oil free. Since the main ingredients are 10% whistler glacier, glutathione : a clear and transparent skin care, and cloud berry extract that rich with vitamin A and C to protect the skin.

Opening the box as if I found a stray dog inside a box bcoz it has Shiro's head on the lid haha. It comes in a small white and blue tube container. It also has Shiro print on the packaging.

Wht I dont like from the packaging is that the picture isnt printed on it but only a sticker >3<)// Huufft it will get easily dirty and wet if I hold it with wet hands. So I need to be careful when open and close the product.

Awww anw its really cute packaging for moisturizer cream. When open the lid, we can find another lid to make sure that the cream not spill out when we accidentally make the product upside down.

The cream has a texture like body lotion, its milky and thick cream. The product amount is about 50ml, which is it has alot of product to use for few months. I had used this for a month and it still looks full. hahah.

It has a nice scent when applying this on my face. Umm im not sure what scent it is but I really like the scent and it doesnt bother me at all. The scent will disappear after awhile, so for you who dont like scented cream no need to worry about it.

It doesnt feel greasy and sticky at all after applying it. It moisturizes directly on my face, it makes my face look healthy haha. I love it. Surprisingly the cream tones up and brighten my skin tone after few days using this cream.

I just need small amount to apply on my face, applying at the last stage of skincare routine. I also apply on my neck and my hands.

I love the result when applying cushion after this cream. It make my face look healthy and flawless haha XD. And also after waking up, I feel that my skin is really soft and glow haha XD.

Anw it doesnt cause me breakout or another skin problem after wearing this. I would highly recommend this to all of u who has dry ~ natural skin to moisturize your skin.

Love :

~ cute packaging
~ moisturising
~ not greasy and sticky
~ nice scent
~ brighten my face
~ affordable price

Hate :

~ none ( eh maybe the sticker part on the packaging ) haha

repurchase? yesss already restock the Rilakkuma edition XD haha

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

[ HAUL ] : August Mini Haul

hii Everyone ^^~ Finally I can finish writing for this post. Im trying to blog often these days. I dont feel have much time to write review recently T.T .So I feel really sorry to my blog and my blog's readers :(.  I need to manage my time for writing posts. Since my laptop is broken and all of my review pic had gone, I need to retake the products pics and do some editing T.T And I need a lot of time to do all of this XC. So Im sorry and thank you for all of you who still wanna visit my blog tho I dont blog too much these months ^^~

Anw, today I wanna share my August haul. Last month I just bought just few things both beauty and fashion stuff. I got them all from Testerkorea and Taobao.

I bought only 3 items, I bought them with friend so the shipping fee didnt kill me hahah. Nowdays I prefer to buy cosmetics through Testerkorea than joining pre~order on local online shop. Since the price is quiet cheaper and the shipping is faster.

Swisspure Le Pettite Prince Cushion

Cant resist this cute packaging haha my weakness. I havent tried this out but I hope this cushion will suit me well >3<. Will strightly make the review after trying this cushion hahah. promise XD

Apieu X Rilakkuma Aqua Nature Dewdrop Clouding Cream 

Of course,  fall in love with the packaging haha and also I wanna restock this clouding cream.  I bought the Shinchan edition too and I love it. Will review it soon. pls wait if you curious with this cream ^^~

Too Cool For School  Art Class by Rodin Shading

Since Im still learning how to shade on my face now. so I just bought this hahah. Many beauty bloggers use this and this is such an awesome product. Wish this also work well on me too hahah.

Last month I also bought some fashion stuffs from taobao. There are so many cute fashion in cheaper price there hahah such a heaven. and make me wanna shop everytime.

Tea Party Lolita Shoes

waaaaaa this is my fav shoes XD finally I have this kind of shoes hahah. The shoes are really cute, at first Im afraid about the size but lucky me it fits my feet well. Maybe I will buy onther color to collect since the shoes are so adoreable ^^~

Sailormoon X Samantha Vega soulder bag ( replica )

yeah everthing of Sailor Moon stuff is really cool. I had been adore this bag after they reased it. Since the original one is way too expensive, Im so happy to get the replica in a good quality. Dont mind this is the genuine or the replice haha the bag is really cute.

Japanese Sailor Cute Dress

Im satisfied when this dress has arrived. I tot this dress would too big on me since this is a one size dress. But the dress dont look weird on me and its really cute. 

thats all of my mini August haul...what is your haul this month. Please comment the link below I would like to know it. ^^~

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

IU Fashion Style Inspired from StyleWe

Yeah recently my friends are getting into Korean drama too much , while usually they always nag on me to stop watching drama too much at first, and yeah now they have been addicted to watch Korean drama than me XD lol. Of course when you had fallen watching Korean drama , you will begin had interested in to their food, cosmetics and also their fashion style. Absolutely my friends too ( me too XD hahah ) 

So I watch Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo recently, this is such a good and interesting drama. Since the drama still ongoing in Korea, Im eagerly waiting for the next episode hahah. Im so excited that IU is the main lead actress. Tho Im not her fan but Im really fond of her innocent voice and pretty face. That is why I'm going to make a post about her fashion style today.
I ever told you about an awesome fashion online shopping .Yeah its StyleWe is an online fashion shopping that brings to you unique fashion from independent designer around the world. Any style you may like : sexy, elegant, cute etc., you name it , they have it ^^

Well I got some inspired dresses from Sweater Dresses , I chose some dresses that maybe suitable to wear to get IU fashion look. 

When you wear a sweater dress, it will look classy and cute imo. Rather than just wearing a sweater, sweater dress will make you look interesting ^^
IU wore this dress at Moon Lovers Press Conference. Its really simple, we dont need to add some accessories, with just the dress itself you already look classy.


These two lace dresses are simple but pretty. She wore both the dresses on IU Good Day in ChangSha. I love both of them since I really like lace dresses.^^

What do you think about the dresses? tho the dresses I chose not exactly the same but they kind of similar ^^ . hope you enjoy my post.


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Monday, September 12, 2016


Hiii everyone, I'm back from my hiatus. I'm so happy that finally I can back blogging again. XD. So, for today I'd like to review 2 pairs of lenses from Klenspop: Bunny 3Color Violet and Bunny 3Color Green. Actually I got this lenses a month ago, but reviewing them just now coz my laptop is broken T.T. Im going to cosplay Maki Nishikino and Rin Hoshizora from Love live thats why I chose violet and green lenses when they offer me the lenses XD.

The lenses comes in  vial bottles with bunny print on it. This is the first time I tried lense from bunny series. Lets see , are they good on me or not ^^ ~


Lens Description:

Origin: Korea
Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Disposal: 6 months
Price : $18 ~ now only $7.20   ( buy here )

Color and Pattern 

The lenses are 3 tones lenses, they black, violet and brown as one so it will make the color blends well with real eye imo. It has natural pattern also, tho the are violet lenses they look natural on my eyes. The violet lenses aren't quiet noticeable from a far unless you look it closer.  But the color will look so pretty when it got a good lighting haha.


They have 14.5mm diameter  but the graphic diameter is only 13.3mm so they dont give enlargement at all. It almost the same with my real eyes, so for you who searching for lenses with small diameter, give them a go ^^.


The lenses are pretty comfy at the first time wear them. I don't feel irritate at all for almost 6-8 hours wearing them. But still need teardrops when I feel dry.


What I really like from the lenses is that they are pretty comfy. Anw they aren't my fav lenses since I prefer big diameter lenses >3< . But since It has simple pattern and natural look, I can recommended these lenses as daily lenses ^^


Lens Description : 

Origin : Korea 
Diameter : 14.5mm
Graphic diameter : 13.3mm
Water content: 38%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Disposal : 6 months 
Price : $18~ now only $7.20 ( buy here )

Color and Pattern

The color and the pattern are the same with the violet one, just these have green color as the main color. The green color also not vibrant and unnoticeable when wearing them. Maybe the brown color as the inner color make it blend well with real eyes.  But the violet one is more natural than the green one.


With 13.3mm graphic diameter, they dont make my eyes look bigger at all. The black ring is too soft so that they don't give enlargement to my eyes. 


Just the some with the violet one, Im so happy that these lenses also quiet comfy to wear.  I can wear them all the day to work without feeling dry at all. 

Love :

- pretty comfy
- looks natural, can be used as daily lenses

Hate : 

- dont give enlargement

 wearing klenspop bunny 3color violet 

wearing klenspop bunny 3color green  

Where to buy

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