Wednesday, September 28, 2016

[ HAUL ] : August Mini Haul

hii Everyone ^^~ Finally I can finish writing for this post. Im trying to blog often these days. I dont feel have much time to write review recently T.T .So I feel really sorry to my blog and my blog's readers :(.  I need to manage my time for writing posts. Since my laptop is broken and all of my review pic had gone, I need to retake the products pics and do some editing T.T And I need a lot of time to do all of this XC. So Im sorry and thank you for all of you who still wanna visit my blog tho I dont blog too much these months ^^~

Anw, today I wanna share my August haul. Last month I just bought just few things both beauty and fashion stuff. I got them all from Testerkorea and Taobao.

I bought only 3 items, I bought them with friend so the shipping fee didnt kill me hahah. Nowdays I prefer to buy cosmetics through Testerkorea than joining pre~order on local online shop. Since the price is quiet cheaper and the shipping is faster.

Swisspure Le Pettite Prince Cushion

Cant resist this cute packaging haha my weakness. I havent tried this out but I hope this cushion will suit me well >3<. Will strightly make the review after trying this cushion hahah. promise XD

Apieu X Rilakkuma Aqua Nature Dewdrop Clouding Cream 

Of course,  fall in love with the packaging haha and also I wanna restock this clouding cream.  I bought the Shinchan edition too and I love it. Will review it soon. pls wait if you curious with this cream ^^~

Too Cool For School  Art Class by Rodin Shading

Since Im still learning how to shade on my face now. so I just bought this hahah. Many beauty bloggers use this and this is such an awesome product. Wish this also work well on me too hahah.

Last month I also bought some fashion stuffs from taobao. There are so many cute fashion in cheaper price there hahah such a heaven. and make me wanna shop everytime.

Tea Party Lolita Shoes

waaaaaa this is my fav shoes XD finally I have this kind of shoes hahah. The shoes are really cute, at first Im afraid about the size but lucky me it fits my feet well. Maybe I will buy onther color to collect since the shoes are so adoreable ^^~

Sailormoon X Samantha Vega soulder bag ( replica )

yeah everthing of Sailor Moon stuff is really cool. I had been adore this bag after they reased it. Since the original one is way too expensive, Im so happy to get the replica in a good quality. Dont mind this is the genuine or the replice haha the bag is really cute.

Japanese Sailor Cute Dress

Im satisfied when this dress has arrived. I tot this dress would too big on me since this is a one size dress. But the dress dont look weird on me and its really cute. 

thats all of my mini August haul...what is your haul this month. Please comment the link below I would like to know it. ^^~

See yaaa~~~~~ on my next post ^^ 


  1. Too Cool For School Art Class warnanya keluar ga? Aku agak gimana gitu sama contour palette korea. hehe.

    1. blum ak coba dis XD haha blum ada wktu cobacoba

  2. Really lovely items Dear:)

  3. Zzuuuppeerrr cute ya tas sama sepatunya ^^

  4. Omg I was just about to buy that Samantha Thavasa Sailor moon bag! It's so pretty!! *~* >.<

  5. Just 3 beauty items but all of them are interesting! Hehe. I can't wait to get the contour palette myself.

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. haha yeah I do agree. good hope it will arrive soon to you ^^~

  6. wooooow Little prince *-* i love it <3
    Your shoes is so cute *-* <3
    Hugs From Brasil <3

  7. Cute stuff aww Sailor inspired things are always so cute! <33
    I bought some stuffs from taobao twice, but idk I think the shipping is pretty expensive >o< it doesn't seem expensive first because you have to make 2 payments but if you see the total amount it's expensive *ugh I would love to buy from taobao again there are so many cute items ><

    Sweety Rainy Days

    1. yeah yeah u r right when we get the total amount it actually killing us XD haha
      tho the shipping fee is high but still wanna shop there again and again hahaha

  8. ahhhh the bag is so so cute! I would to check it out at taobao too =D Love your haul babe!!


    1. yeah you should get the bag too. thanks babe ^^~


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