Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Unboxing: Kawaii Box January 2016 + Giveaway

Hi, Im so excited when I got a chance to review Kawaii Box and host a giveaway. I've ever made an unboxing post of Kawaii Box last year ( link here ).  So this time I got another chance to do unboxing for January Kawaii Box . Though this is on March I got the Kawaii Box January, maybe they send me at the end of January and the package already arrived on March.

Kawaii Box is the cutest monthly subscription service. Subscribe Now and receive a box filled with hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea directly to your home every month. 

Its only $17,30/ month ( worth $40 ), every month u will get different kawaii items, usually 10-12 items inside. So, u dont need to worry to get the same items every month haha. The box will be shipped at the end of each month and the shipping is absolutely free, free worldwide shipping ^^ even to Indonesian.

So now I will share what I got in January 2016 Kawaii Box . Im so happy when my package has arrived, I saw a bunch of kawaii stuffs inside the box. There are 11 kawaii items, here is a full list of items included in the January 2016 Kawaii Box:

  • Kracie Popin Cookin Oekaki Gummy Land DIY kit
  • Sweet Mini Handbag
  • Cute & Soft Neko Purse
  • Soft Pastel Bear Plush
  • Korean Secret Pen Set
  • Doughnut Squishy Charm
  • Jewelry Heart Deco Stickers
  • Dreams Come Through Pen
  • Cupcake Eraser
  • Tiny Bow Sticker Sheet
  • Nail Deco Flake Set 

image  Kracie Popin Cookin Oekaki Gummy Land DIY kit image

In each box, at least u will get 1 Japanese snack and the others are kawaii stationary. This time I got Kracie Popin Cookin Oekaki Gummy Land DIY kit. So I can make my own Jelly in many shapes and color.

 image  Sweet Mini Handbag  image

The bag is really cute, and its pink >3<. I can use this as a bento pouch or my make up pouch. It is big enough to carry many make up. Look!! I can put more than 5 items inside the pouch >///< haha

image Cute & Soft Neko Purse image

This purse is really cute, soft and adorable. The first time seeing this my little sister falling in love with this neko purse. So I will give it to her. ^^

image Soft Pastel Bear Plush image

Omg the plush is so cute and soft, I really love pastel color >3<. Cant bear the cuteness, will hang on this on my bag, so I can bring it everywhere to spread it cuteness. haha

image Korean Secret Pen Set image

This secret pen bring back my childhood memory. I liked to write a secret message with my best friend during the class. The pen has special invisible ink that can't be read by anyone, to read the message we use the light on the cap. Now, with this secret pen, passing secret message will be more fun ^^

image Doughnut Squishy Charm image

The best part of the squishy is the cheese as topping, hahah it really look like real cheese. Even an ant come to this squishy when I put this on my table. It will be looked yummier if it comes in brown color haha.
image Jewelry Heart Deco Stickers image

Im so happy when I got this deco stickers, actually Im searching for a deco kit to make a DIY case for my my phone. Luckily I got this from Kawaii Bok, yayyy ^^.

image Dreams Come Through Pen image

Love the crown on the cap, it really cute and princessy.  I'm so happy to get this, since I'm collecting cute pen, so it will be my new collection pen ^^

image Cupcake Eraser image

I've never seen a cupcake eraser before, this is cute and unique. Children will really love to have this eraser >3< .

image Tiny Bow Sticker Sheet image

Awww a bunch of bow sticker, I can use it to decorate my notebook or may be just keep it on my drawer haha coz its too cute >///<

image Nail Deco Flake Set image 

Last is Nail Deco Flake Set, woohooo this is my favorite item. I got so many glitters and cute flakes. Since I'm not good at nailing art, I use all the glitter and flakes to create Kawaii fairy make up.


This is my kawaii fairy make up look, you can see the flakes and glitter on my cheeks. What do you think? haha >///<

Now is the GIVEAWAY time ^^ It open internationally, so all of you can join this giveaway. Its a chance for you to get a bunch of kawaii stuffs. You just need to follow all the mandatory rules and fill the Rafflecopter gadget giveaway below ^^

Mandatory rules:

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image Share the giveaway on ur facebook and twitter at least once ^^

Kawaii Box team will choose one lucky winner, and then I will contact the winner through email. You should response the email within 2 day, or I will draw for other new winner. So if you are join this giveaway, pls write down in the comment below your email address.

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See yaa~~~~ on my next post ^^