Friday, September 8, 2017

[JOLSE] Keep in Touch White Blending Base Cushion #Ivory Warm

Hi everyone, it has been a month I didnt post anything haha.  I was so busy last month. Actualy I had so many products to be reviewed on my blog and finished taking pictures but I was to lazy to write for the review. haha sorry XD. But since I have a schedule post for Jolse, I will make a quick review for today. I was so lucky to be picked to review Keep in Touch White Blending Base Cushion from Jolse.  

Okay, the package has been arrived since a week ago, and I'm so impressed wearing this cushion for a week. I think it will be one of my favorite cushion because it has a good coverage on me. Lets read my detail review below.

It comes in a fancy box package, the design looks cute but simple. On the back, we can find more informations about this cushion.

The cushion case itself also comes the same with the box. I really fond of with the love design on the case. The case is really sturdy and light, I only afraid if this cushion is easily getting dirty because the color is white.

Keep in Touch cushion is combination of Whitening Moisture Base to brighten our complexion and Color Cover Base to correct uneven skin tone. This customize dual blending cushion design is formulated with patented Hybrid-Sharing Technology, stabilized serum-based moisturizers and cover base work together to provide ultimate hydration, while working to reduce discoloration for more even, uniform skin.

When we open the cushion, it sealed with a sticker. To use the cushion, we need to remove the sticker first, as usual I dont throw the sticker away. I still keep the sticker on it after using the cushion. It will keep my cushion clean .

There are 3 shades available #1 pure ivory #2 Ivory warm and #3 Ivory Beige. I chose the shade 2 for the lightest skin with yellow-olive undertones to medium skin with yellow-olive undertones. At first I'm afraid to choose this shade that it will be too bright for me XD. But since it has dual formula I can adjut the mixture to get perfect shade for my face.

The cushion has dual formulas that separated in spiral design in the sponge. The white one is the Whitening Moisture Base that brightem our skin tone. The beige one is the Color Cover Base to correct uneven skin tone.

This is the look when we pat the puff on the cushion.  This puff has a great quality imo, it really soft and easy to spread the cushion on my face.

This cushion has a very good coverage, tho it cant cover acne well but it can cover my redness and big pore very well. It made my skin looks brighter , tone up directly and made my face looks smooth. When first applying this cushion, it looks too white on my face but after blending with the color cover base it looks perfect and blends well.

Since its build-able, usually I just make 2 layers to get a perfect coverage on my face. It has matte finish, imo it doesnt suit for you who have dry skin.just make sure to moisturize our face first before applying this cushion if we have dry skin type. I had experienced using this cushion on my dry skin, and after few hours I feel dry on my face. Thats why I always give enough moisturize on my skin before using this cushion to prevent the dryness. The cushion still looks okay on my for about 5~6 hours, need to touch up after that.


♡ cute packaging
♡ whitening / tone up skin tone
♡ high coverage
♡ smooth effect


- make my skin dry after few hours 

Where to buy? 

 Facebook: Jolse 
Instagram : @cosmetic_jolse

See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^~