Saturday, December 10, 2022

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Since I was young I've been paying attention to whether the things I use will give an impact for the environment or not. I began reducing the use of plastic or things that cant harm the environment. I bought and use the things that can be recycled and durable. I started the things around me first, at least for the houseware things my family prefer uses things made from great materials so we will lessen the waste. Not only good for the environment but the materials are pretty safe to use. Rather than using things made of plastic or glassware, we choose silicone material. Not only for adults this also safe and practical for baby or kids. 

Here I want to introduce an online store  Newtoprubber which focused on producing silicone products. They are one of the leading silicone manufacturers in China and provide the customer needs in wholesale or customized. Their products cover baby and mother products, kitchenware, household items and pet products. As the best custom silicone mold manufacturer, they also accept the customer customized product requests according to the customer needs.  

We can find many best silicone products there, not only for babies but also our daily needs such as housewares, kitchen utensils. And for babies they produce a food-grade silicone baby products, feeding utensils, silicone teether and silicone breast pump

Here are some of their best silicone products that have great quality and made with no toxic materials (BPA free) bacteria-resistant, UV resistant, tasteless and odorless.

Wholesale Food Grade Silicone Storage Container Lunchbox Custom Made

It made with environmentally friendly silicon raw materials. It made of a premium material which are soft and flexible, heat resistant and easy to clean. It’s suitable for microwave, ovens and refrigerator. 

Hot Sale Silicone Ice Sphere Mold Tray Spill Proof Kitchen 

Silicone ice trays is better than the plastic one as they are more flexible to squeeze and more durable than ice trays made from plastic. The important thing is it safe, has food grade quality and more environmental friendly. The silicone material is more tightly sealed so it prevents from spilling. 

Hot BPA free Portable Silicone Baby Beach Toys Bulk

This baby beach toy is not only safe for kids but also save the space as it’s flexible and can fit into our suitcase when traveling to the beach with the kiddos. It can be customized upon our request too. 

Thursday, December 1, 2022


Hi hi everyone it has been a long time I didnt active on my blog. But today I’m back with a pause that probably will be helpful for you who wants to find comfy and trendy activewear or shape wear. Usually they came with an ordinary or boring style that today. There are so many kind trendy say we are we can choose so it will make us more confident and happy when we wear it even in a public area such as at the gym or at the park as we use it during exercise or work out. 

But trendy and colorful shapewear is not enough, they should have be comfy, and made from a good material too. So here I will recommend an online shop where you can find a bunch of activewear or workout clothes. Yeah its SHAPELLX.COM, Where you can find the best active wear for women. You can shop the most trendy shape wear with many choices and in a good price for sure. They provide from s to 3XL size of all the collections. 

This will be your best experience for shopping a trendy, and fancy shape wear with a pretty great quality product. You can express and live up your personality with the shape wear you choose there. They all made from high quality and come in an  affordable price as they always has shapewear sale at every special moment. Anw here are some of my recommendations from their website. 

PowerConceal™ Premium Active Set

This active set comes in many color choice that will look great for every women to wear. This not only make you look in a good shape but also can boost your confidence when you wear it. This active set is made with recycled materials, which is very soft and flexible. The high waist bottom will give a great tummy support and a natural that lifting effect.

Anw for some of you who still lack of confidence and didn’t wanna expose your skin too much while wearing active wear , you can try to wear long sleeve yoga set for your workout outfit. Yess off course you can find them at the

PowerConceal™ Long Sleeve Active Set

You love this set so much and you will get many compliments while wearing this. It has flattering and fit shape that will perfect for your daily workout outfit as it made from comfy material as well. 

This probably becomes my favorite set as it made with ultra thin fabric and trendy logo. Its designed with cool wide elastic waistband which is looked very stylish and classy. This set will really fit and comfy to wear. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

FREAKYNINE - Premium Tattoo Stickers from Korean Tattooist

 Have you ever wanted to make some tattoos on your body? Actually, I never imagined or thought about it at all as tattoos are always represent as negative things. But nowdays tatoos comes in a different vibe, they are colorful (pastel color indeed) and pretty cute. Still Im afraid to make one XD lol. I always think this will be really hurt and harm my skin. 

Im so happy that I found FreakyNine, yeah finally I got an idea to use temporary tattoo instead :D. I can find many pretty and cute tattoos from Korean tattooist there. All the tattoos are designed by famous Korean tattooists who are contracted exclusively to FreakyNine. I ever used temporary tattoos before but the tattoos from FreakyNine is different. They are premium stickers that more durable and pretty easy to apply. Yes they are waterless, so we don’t need any water to apply the tattoo stickers. 

The tattoos are safe to be used at any age because its temporary stickers. They don’t cause any irritation or inflammation. But if there is a case, please immediately remove the stickers. 

They are so perfect to use to complete my daily fashion and it easily to be styled with as many as tattoo stickers I wand from different tattooist. There are many kinds of tattoos we can find there: cute, unique or simple. You can choose as you wish based on your taste or personality. These temporary tattoos will last for 2-5 days. 


Step 1. Wipe the area of adherence with the enclosed alcohol swab. 

Step 2. Cut out the design you want with scissors. 

Step 3. Remove the tattoo film from the white protective paper and place it on the desired area. 

Step 4. Press onto the sticker for about 10-20 seconds. 

Step 5. Lift the edge to check that the sticker has adhered to the area and slowly remove it. 

The white outline of the sticker right after adhering disappears with a wet wipe or, naturally, with time. 


Soak the area where the tattoo sticker has been adhered to with warm water for a while. Evenly apply an oil-based cleanser, leave for a few minutes, and wipe with a pushing motion.

I choose some of cute and unique tattoos. Mostly I choose from Doran Tattooist as all of her arts are comes in a cute design and colourful. Here they are: 

(Doran) Sparkly Butterflies (2EA)

Butterfly tattoos are popular among women because their designs are very beautiful and colorful compared to other designs, so they are a good design to give a feminine appearance. The butterfly tattoos from Doran Tattooist have cute and vibrant color that will look pretty to apply on the hand, shoulder and any other places. 

(Doran) Under Water Friends (2EA)

Here is another tattoo from Doran, the sea animal creatures look so cute and adorable. This will catch people attention the most when we apply in the open area of our skin as it has pretty vibrant color. 

(Doran) Blue Moon on The Mountain & Romantic Cat (2EA)

This design reminds me about Sailor Moon XD. The cat sits on the moon is super adorable and I do really love the color of this tattoo. 

(Haesi) Spring and Summer Butterflies (2EA)

Another Butterfly tattoo, but this one comes in a pastel color (pink&blue). The color is not too vibrant, so It doesn’t show up on the camera but in real it’s super pretty and  cute. 

(242) Nan Chun – Glowing Spring (2EA)

This is the only black tattoo that I choose. I love the flower and abstract designs; they look simple but sweet and romantic. I always adore pretty flower design. 

That’s all of the tattoos I got from FreakyNine. What do you think? Anw if you are interested to try and buy, go check their website now, there are on sale and they offer free shipping on order over $34.

Wear everything with your best women dresses to look more stunning after applying this pretty and cute tattoos. 

Monday, September 12, 2022



MENTHOLOGY  Super Cool Sun Block SPF50+/ PA ++++

I feel that the weather recently in my city is super hot. Due to the super hot wave I try this unique sunscreen which has cooling sensation when we apply it. 

It will give super cool effect for about 15 minutes after applying on my skin. It feels like when we accidentally put a toothpaste on the face πŸ˜…. But it doesn’t irritated my skin at all, it gives cool and refreshing effect instead. It helps cooling down the heat that hit my skin as wellπŸ˜‚. When the cool air pass my skin, I can feel my face gets cooler too. 

It has semi-matte finish and doesn’t leave white-cast. There is no tone up effect after using this sunscreen. Another good thing is, it doesn't peel when we layer makeup on top.

MENTHOLOGY Super Cool Mask Pack ( 5 SHEETS )

This Super Cool Mask sheet is the perfect solution for sensitive and irritated skin. These thin sheet masks provide the skin with a fresh and cooling sensation. The fastest is only in 15 minutes, redness reduction of the skin is visible. 

It is not an ordinary mask sheet it made of 100% cellulose fiber sheet from eucalyptus tree, Breathable and hygroscopic, 100% natural decomposition. So it has sofft material that doesn’t damage skin or irritates the skin. It adheres well to the skin.

The size and the thickness is just right, it fit perfectly on my small face. It contains alot of essence that will give extra hydration to the skin. 



It is pretty effective to reduce my redness and irritated skin. I use this super cool mask sheet at night, in the next morning the redness already gone! I love how it has generous essence and its so hydrating into the skin. I dont need to worry about the stickiness overnight. 

Since it has cooling sensation, this can be used during the hot days. You can feel relax and fresh at the same time. It soothes our tired skin as well because of the hot sunlight. The mask doesnt dry quickly as it contains alot of essence in it. 

Where to Buy 

Anyway, I’d like to recommend you an affordable online women fashion products website, there a lot great stuffs with premium quality in an affordable price. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2022


 ROROBELL Wawa Toothpaste ✦ ROROBELL Wawa Sense Spray

Are you struggling with bad breath or your boyfriends bad odor that make you uncomfortable? usually after smoking or "eating strong food" will cause the bad breath. Here are 2 products for Bad Breath care contains Wasabi extract that I use recently. These 2 products are effectively remove the bad breath and also help taking care of tooth decay and gum diseases. 

✦ ROROBELL Wawa Toothpaste ✦

Its pretty unique that it contains wasabi extract, tbh its my first time trying this kind of oral product. The wasabi will help removing bacteria in the mouth that cause the bad breath. It also contains other natural ingredients so if we use it religiously it will brighten the teeth. Not only removes bad breath it also eliminates teeth decay and other gum diseases.

It comes in a mint tube which is doesn't look like a toothpaste because it has aesthetic and pretty packaging. the paste also comes in a green color and it has mint smell. 

✎ ̼ Experience

It tastes like strong peppermint flavor (which is I like) than wasabi in my opinion, don't think that it will taste spicy like wasabi πŸ˜‚It feels fresh, clean and cool when I brush my teeth. Yes it really cleanse my teeth more than usual toothpaste. Will definitely purchase this πŸ₯°

✦ ROROBELL Wawa Sense Spray ✦

It comes in a compact spray bottle that we can keep in a bag or pocket. It contains wasabi extract which effectively fights the bad breath. This also help keep the mouth healthy by making the plaque disappear as it contains wasabi extract Peppermint oil, Green tea extract, Clove, Birch, peony root, avocado oil, and xylitol.

This product is highly recommend for those who have bas breath, smokers, rotting teeth and other gum diseases.

✎ ̼ Experience

I love to use this after eating food with strong scent. This directly make the bad smell disappear. It taste like strong peppermint and cool shock on the tongue at first. The taste linger for about 5 minutes then mildly lingers afterwards. I find it refreshing and I love it. Such a quick escape from bad odor.

Where to Buy 

Sunday, August 28, 2022


Botanity is a plant-based skincare brand from South Korea that embodies true clean beauty through wisdom found in nature. Botanity always chooses raw materials that are safe for everyone and beneficial to the skin. I love how Botanity pays attention to the environment by making their products cruelty free and use plant-basic. They researched and had some patented ingredients which has powerful formula for healthy skin. One of their patented ingredient is Flavon, which I wanna review today. Botanity Flavon Serum. 

Its formulated using patented ingredient called Uniflavon : its a plant-based ingredients from Bambusa Vulgaris extract and Scutellaria Baicalensis root extract which helps sensitive and rough skin become healthy again. 

  • soothing the skin: This helps reducing skin redness
  • Improving skin texture : make the rough skin becomes smooth and soft
  • Strengthen skin barrier : make the skin barrier firm and control moisture balance of the skin
  • Sensitive skin friendly 

The uniflavon, propolis and Centella asiatica ingredients are soothing the skin and reducing the redness. It also helps strengthen the skin barrier as it contains of 8 plant-based ingredients, ceramide, cholesterol and fatty acid. 

It can improve skin texture to become smooth and elastic as well. 

It comes in a 50ml size, which is quiet big πŸ˜ it has brownish and thick-watery texture. It doesn’t sticky and ofc absorb well. It smells like honey but not really strong and will disappear right away after few seconds. 

 ̼ Experience 

Im really impressed because the effect is more than I expected πŸ˜ My recent skin condition is pretty moist, smooth and looks healthy. The redness is lessened since I use the serum. This serum is what my sensitive skin needs πŸ₯° 

Where to Buy 


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