Thursday, June 18, 2020


Hello everyone ๐Ÿ˜‚ are you ready to welcoming summer? Replacing your lovely spring outfit to an attractive summer look. If you're looking for discounts on a range of items, consider shopping at

The Summer sale is now here with fresh and great offers across a range of top collection at
The summer sale will run from Pre-sale:6th July -- 13th July (pre-sale) , 13th July -- 18th July (Crazy Shopping), 20th July -- 27th July (Thank and Reward). 

Here are some of hot flash deals products from Newchic that I'd share to inspire you : 

Finding the best summer footwear, gladiator would be the trend all the time. As they can be teamed with pretty much any fashion style you love. 
They will look incredibly hot when pairing it with sexy dress in boho style or vintage pattern. 

Forget about fashion boundaries, man also will look good in floral print t-shirt. Discover bunch of men's floral collections to be stylish and on trend. It can be worn as a formal office outfit or casual look for a relaxed day and night out. 

The hottest and most popular bag for summer would be fallen for canvas bag. Shoulder bags are easy to pair with a variety of outfits and most people prefer canvas bag as they are comfortable and comes in different pattern or colors. 

Explore more our styles by adding drop earring, of course its not e new trend but will enhance our total appearance. Choose the most uniqe design of drop earring and it will fit perfectly with any hairstyle.

Some people have the desire to change their hairstyles as a way to reflect their own personality. But it would be a disaster if we change hairstyle/haircolos often. Wearing hair cosplay wig will become a life saver. Since its easy to wear without damaging our natural hair.

Find great deals for Summer Trends,  the largest selection of apparels for all sorts of events or occasion. Dont miss they big sale event on their web. 
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Monday, June 15, 2020


Today's post is a lil bit different, its not a skincare or make up review. Here I'd like to introduce you to a new brand of fashion bag made in Korea. TOMNZY

Hi semuanyaa, hari ini post nya agak berbeda yah bukan review make up atau skincare hehe. Aku mau ngenalin ke kalian nih brand tas yg baru buatan korea punya: TOMNZY

The first time I recieved and seen the bag I was so happy and excited as the bag has pretty unique glow from the glitter material. In different lighting and angle I can find that the bag shine and glow beautifully. That will draw people's attentions. Now lets take a look of the bag detail here.

Waktu pertama kali aku nrima dan liat nya, senenng bgt dong tas nya bgus bgt beda dari yg lain. Unik bgt bahannya karna bisa glowing gitu kalo kena cahaya. Karna kilauan glitternya ini otomatis jadi pusat perhatian dong hihi ๐Ÿ˜. 
Oke sekarang ak mau kasih tau detail dari tas ini ya, baca terus smpe selesai ๐Ÿฅฐ


1. ZIPPER STRAP is made of synthetic leather. The characteristics of this material are scratch resistant, durable and stable both in cold and hot temperature. 

2. Bag Material / glitter material are made of TPU ( Thermoplastic Polyurethane )
TPU material is more enviroment friendly which has many many good characteristics. It has great elasticity, oil-resistant , flexible and durable. 
TPU coated fabrics maintain their flexibility while being waterproof and lightweight. 


1. Karakteristik Material Pegangan dan tali:Kulit PU (buatan (sintetis)):
Material PU ini memiliki keunggulan sangat tahan gesek, tahan aus, tahan terhadap beberapa kimia ringan, stabil dalam suhu dingin dan panas. Bahan ini dikenal memiliki daya tahan dan kualitas terbaik.

2. Bahan tas (bagian berkilau/glitter) menggunakan TPU.

Bahan TPU diklaim lebih ramah lingkungan. Poliuretana termoplastik (TPU) adalah salah satu kelas poliuretan Plastik dengan banyak sifat, termasuk elastisitas , transparansi , dan ketahanan terhadap minyak, lemak dan abrasi. 

They claim that their products are resistant to scratch and some chemical substance which make them have high durability and quality. The TPU material appears rubber-like, which means it can be extremely flexible, durable and smooth to the touch.

Menurut TOMNZY , semua produk mereka itu anti gores dan anti terhadap beberapa zat kimia sehingga menjadikan produk mereka awet dan berkualitas tinggi. Bahannya yg terbuat dari TPU yg menyerupai karet , yg artinya tas ini benar2 sangat fleksibel, awet dan halus saat dipegang. 

Its a modern sling bag, which you can style by bringing it in the front or at the back. The bag comes in a convenient size which is not that big or too small. It fits perfectly on my pettite body. 

Tas selempang ini di design unik dan modern loh. Jadi bisa di mix match sma outfit apapun. Bisa taroh depan ato blakang jg bag nya. Ukurannya jg pas, ga terlalu besar ato terlalu kecil nih. Pas bgt gitu dipake sma aku yg pny badan mungil hehe. 


The main pouch is big enough to put my belonging ( journal, makeup pouch, wallet and my mobile phone ). There is extra pouch inside to keep smaller things. And also leather label which shows that this bag is genuine bag from TOMNZY. On the front bag there are 2 extra zippered storage which can be used to store another smaller things. 

Walopun ga terlalu besar bag nya, pouch utama nya bisa muat bnyak barang2 nih. Contoh nya aku bisa masukin jurnal aku (ukuran A6 ), makeup pouch, dompet dan hp. Ada kantong extra jg di dlm, bisa simpen brg2 yg lebih kecil. Trus di bagian depan ada 2 ekstra kantong lagi yg ada resletingnya. Aku bisa simpen barang2lain di situ karna kantongnya jg besar. 

Bring this bag when hanging out with friends or just chilling outside will make us more confident and stylist because of its unique glow and color from the glitter material. Its also available in different colors, mine is sky blue. 

Bawa tas ini buat main bareng temen atau cuma sekedar jalan jalan diluar bikin kita makin pede dan bergaya loh ๐Ÿ˜‚ soalnya ini tas bneran unik bgt, shining shimmering splendid gitu haha. Oia ada wrna warna lainnya jg ya, klo punya ku ini yg warna sky blue ๐Ÿ’•

What do you think? Isnt pretty and unique? If you are curious with this brand new brand, go check their official instagram account @tomandzy

Gmn menurut kalian? Cantik sama unik banget kan? Kalo kalian penasaran ,cek sekarang jg ig officialnya @tomandzy yaa. 

Sunday, June 7, 2020


Hi everyone, Im being active again this June :D yay. Thanks for everyone who always support me these dayS so I can continue my blogging activity. During this quarantine day, I spend my day on online shopping , watching Kdrama and writing post for my blog. We cant go or hang out freely with our dearest family or friends. How was your quarantine day ?

Anw today I'd like to share some gift ideas you can give to ur special person (can be ur mom or best friends). Here I recommend , where you can find a tons of fashion items for women in every size. They not only have unique and sophisticated design but also have diverse pattern: florals, polkadots, plaid and other unique patterns.

The first fashion item I'd like to recommend is tankinis. It is a swimwear , combination of tank top and bikini bottom. It can be a perfect gift for best friend as they are look more stylish than usual bikinis. Here are some of my favorites from Dresslily.

Dress can be also a right choice for gift idea. Curvy dress for our mom, she can wear it when going out with our dad for a night date. Or pretty lace up dress for our best friend which can be worn for any occasion.

Another choice is printed dress, as you can find diverse pattern collection at dresslily. It would be so easy to find ur favorite one. The most common and popular is floral print dress, most women are fan of floral pattern so it will be great if we give it as a present. Or you can choose feather print dress to get a unique design and dreamy touch.

What do you think? its not that hard to find the great one at Dresslily since they have huge choices for fashion item. Its very easy to shop there. Also dont worry about the products' quality ,I have made some orders and all of my items are in great quality as shown in the picture on the website. You can check their website now as they held a clearance sale , so you can save up to 70% and and get extra 20% off.


See yaa on my next post ^^ ~~


Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Where Should I Buy A Name Necklace?

Why should you Customize Name Necklaces is a very good question and its’ answer is equally as good. Personalization and individuation are at the forefront of this century. So it goes without saying that custom made jewelry personalized to perfection is a thing of today. This fact rings true for every person in the world, be it, man or woman. So what is more individualized than a necklace with your name on it? Nothing, that’s what. 
Name necklaces have quickly become one of the worlds most worn jewelry pieces in quite a short time. And it’s no secret that these necklaces are beautifully graceful, magnetic and unbelievably attractive. The best part is that you can wear them at any and every occasion. It could be a date, a formal event, a wedding, party or even a nice day out on the town. The Name necklaces will look phenomenal no matter what because you wear them as an extension of your own self. These necklaces are a part of you because they showcase your uniqueness to the world in a way that is subtle yet bold and beautiful.

Why Are They So Popular?

Jewelry is one of the things in the world that can tell you exactly what another person thinks and feels about you. The more time and effort spent on finding the perfect piece of jewelry is better because it will show your loved one how much you care for them. And what could be better than having their name created as a piece of jewelry in a way that you know they will love. 

It is definitely completely up to you about how you go about creating the best name necklace in 14K gold. Choose the right kind of font style and size, the perfect color that could glitz and glimmer or is subtle and graceful. You could also add in some bauble that accentuates the name even more. Like a heart that dots the ‘I’ in the name or some metallic stars and balls framing the name in a sure hold that will not falter.

From fashion Fatales to common streets, name necklaces have created a niche of their own and they are rocking it. Their look definitely plows through all the other jewelry that you could possibly own simply because of its unique style and durability as well, provided you buy it from the right place.


See yaaa on my next post ^^ ~