Sunday, July 22, 2018


Hi everyone, finally I can share my haul from Anw it has been long time I didnt shop at taobao since the Indonesian custom was really suck recently XD. But now I dont get any problem purchasing on international shop. 

yeye akhirnya bisa share taobao haul setelah sekian lama aku ga belanja di taobao XD. Soalnya kemarin2 takut kalo ketahan di becuk dan bakal lama ngurusnya. Tapi sekarang becuk uda g terlalu ketat sma barang impor, yauda akhirnya nyoba lgi buat belanja lagi.

So this time I dont buy many coz still afraid that my order will be kept in the custom and be released in such long time hahah. Here are the items that I bought, along with the address link where I bought. 

Kali ini aku cuma beli beberapa item aja soalnya masih agak takut kalo becuk nya masih bermasalah haha. Oke deh ini barang2 yg aku beli, ak kasih link nya jg sapa tau kalian keracunan pngen beli jg XD 


Link => click here

I think I need a camera bag for my camera, but when I search at shopee ( Indonesian shopping platform ) there are no bags that I really like and mostly expensive also haha. So I searched at taobao and I found this cute camera bag. The bag is quiet  affordable also. 

I was really happy when this bag arrived. The leather camera bag is really great. It has good material and good quality. It came along with the strap also and the floral pattern is really cute. 



Link => click here 

Another cute thing that I bought from this haul yeaa the cute cat ass bag. I really fond how cute and adorable the bag is. Actually I wanna buy the orange cat one but I find tht the grey cat is more adorable hahha so I bought the grey one. 

The bag is really cute and quiet small. It can only fit small items in it, maybe a cellphone, small wallet and some small makeup will fit in this bag. 


Link => click here 

Since I'm a blogger, I need a background cloth for my property. And found this kawaii background cloth at taobao. There are so many colors available but I chose the pink one. 

The cloth is really great and it look so pretty as my photo background. It has unique shiny effect when it get exposed by the light. My pictures become more attractive and look really great. I really love this and maybe I should buy another color background cloth ^^



Link => click here 

I just think that this storage box is really cute and will look good on my vanity table XD. It looks girly and princessy also right?  I love how it was made from thick plastic material and the love embossed part is just really cute


Link => click here 

Yeah there are many kind of pink bow love storage boxes, and this is the jewelry storage box. It also look really cute XD Not only jewelry, u can keep any small items here in the storage box. Actually I wanna buy all of the storage box set but I think thats  too much for me XD hahah. I should consider the shipping cost also XD

Do you love shopping at Taobao also? or do you love to do online shopping? share me your haul in the comment below, I'd love to read them ^^ 


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Saturday, July 14, 2018


Oke mulai rajin ngereview lg bulan ini haha. ak mau sempetin satu review tiap minggunya ya ( smg konsisten 😂😂 ). Kali ini ak mau share blusher yg akhir2 ini ak sering pakai. Canmake Cream Cheek #15, salah satu produk yg ada di Canmake haul aku kmrin ( liat Canmake haulku disini ). Kenapa ak suka pake ini? krn warnanya natural dan ini cocok bgt buat daily.

Packagingnya khas Cnamake bgt yah, plastik bening tebal yg kawaii bgt. Thats why I love Canmake products XD. Cream cheeknya mungil bgt, jadi bisa dibawa kmn2 cm gmpng kotor dan kegores klo diliat dr packagingnya ini. But thts not a big problem buat aku sih, yg penting muat di makeup pouch aku dan bisa dipake kapan pun XD.

Untuk shade Antique Milk Rose ini wrnanya natural dan kawaii bgt. Warnanya menurut aku pink peach gitu. Buat yg suka makeup ala ala jepang yg soft ini bgus bgt warnanya. But krna saking softnya ak butuh bbrapa layer biar wrnanya agak noticable. Kurang pigmented kalo pake sekali layer, jadi mesti 2-3 layer. Dan kadang susah ketangkep kamera wrnanya padahal aslinya lucu bgt warnanyaa XD

Cream Cheek ini teksturnya creamy tp langsung kering pas udah diaplikasiin di muka. Lembut bgt pas dicolek pake jari XD ak pake jari sih make blushernya , bisa jg pake brush atau sponge. serahh suka suka pokoknya. Biasanya aku pakenya sehabis pake foundation/ bb cushion, kalo dipake sblmnya uda pasti g muncul wrnanya haha soft bgt soalnya. Buat kalian yg pake loose powder masih bisa pake Canmake Cream Cheek ini, karena menurut di webnya, blusher ini bisa diaplikasikan setelah pake liquid foundation/ loose powder.

Di aku cream cheeknya kurang longlast, stay di aku sekitar 4-5 jam. Ga tau kenapa tp mngkn karna shade ini terlalu soft dan jg aku pake buat wudhu jg.

Overall, untuk natural daily blusher aku suka bgt warnanya yg super soft dan natural. plus packagingnya yg kawaii abis ^^


image Natural & pretty shade
image Kawaii packaging
image Easy to apply


image kurang pigmented


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Thursday, July 12, 2018


Hi everyone, today I'd like to introduce to all of you an amazing fashion online store: BERRYLOOK. BerryLook is a global online store that delivers latest fashion apparel for you! They have dresses, tops, bottoms and swimwear for woman. Thousands of products in different styles and cheap clothes are available there. Moreover, you can easily get your order because they offer free shipping worldwide on order above US $69.

As you know that I like watching K-Dramas, as a result Im also in love with their makeup, fashion and foods. Japanese and Korean fashion are actually my cup of tea. My daily wear mostly are influenced by them. So talking about Korean fashion style, there are so many thing that we can wear to achieve this kind of look. Even only wearing such of knit cardigan it will give us a Korean look. There so many cardigan for woman at BerryLook, so I chose some cardigans that will perfect to get a Korean look.


We can pair this cardigan with a floral midi dress. Wear a comfy white sneakers and small sling / shoulder bag. That outfit will give you a Korean look.


Wear this cardigan with white lace mini dress to achieve a girly and cute Korean look.  With a cute pony hair style will add the girly look.


To look more casual, we can wear this kind of collarless cardigan. Make sure to choose a pastel color cardigan to look more Korean. You can pair this cardigan with T-shirt/ tank top and your favorite skinny jean. 

All of the cardigans are available in some color choices at their web. You can visit BerryLook website to find your favorite apparel items. They have such a big sale this month, so don't miss it guys ^^


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Wednesday, July 4, 2018


After waiting about 3 weeks finally my package from Rosegal had arrived. It took longer probably because the long national holiday in Indonesia. Usually it only took 10-14 days to arrive. But still 3 weeks is also fast for international shipping time right? :D 

I chose 2 lace dresses from my last Rosegal summer wishlist ( review here ). I also ordered 2 palette from Focallure. So here they are XD 

This is my favorite dress, I got so many compliments wearing this ^^. Im S size, but only M size available so the dress is a lil bit bigger for me. Its still wearable anw, only the sleeves that too long for my arms hahah, so I cut and sewed hahah. And the dress length become midi dress on me ( poor me, I'm too petite XD ).

The dress is so lovely and kawaii, I think it would be perfect to create Japanese Mori style. It has really good material of the lace also in a good price. 

You can just wear this as a dress or wearing pants to match with the dress. Here I match the dress with loose jeans to get this unique yet kawaii style. 

The second dress is lovely too. I love everything about the dress, I think its perfect to wear this for party or another formal events. Its a lil bit too much to wear for daily/ hangout because of the bead parts. 

The lace quality is so - so in my opinion. The lace isn't elastic made material so its a lil bit loose on  the sleeves. I just love the ruffles part so much, this is tht make the dress look cute and adorable.

This eyeshadow palette from Focallure has really great quality compare with its affordable price. Thats why this brand is being popular here in Indonesia. I already had some Focallure palette, then when I saw it in Rosegal I decided to get another palette from Focallure. 

I got both the Everchanging and Tropical Vacation palette. The Everchanging palette is more colorful with high pigmentation while the Tropical Vacation mostly natural color that perfect for daily. 

Here I create soft red makeup with Tropical vacation Palette. Im amaze with the pretty color of the palettes. I wanna play and create some other eyemakeup with them next time ^^. 

This month, for celebrating Rosegal 5th Anniversary, you will find so many sales, deals and vouchers. Please find discound code RGMine, then you will get a discount ( over $25 save $3, over $50 save $6, over $100 save $12) (23-3, 50-6, 100-12 ).

Rosegal is 5 years old, they make a big promotion for their anniversary. You will have a chance to win $500 coupons. Just visit their website right now to win your coupon ^^.


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