Monday, October 26, 2015

Review: Toyoepin Eye 7719 Japan Style Eyelash [ LoveShoppingholics ]


image If u have read my last circle lens post sponsored by Loveshoppingholic, they also sent me 5pairs lashes for gift. Now I will review the lashes, as u know this is the first time I make false lashes review haha. But I hope you enjoy reading this ^^. There are so many type of lashes from Toyoepin Eyelash, and I got Toyoepin Eye 7719 ( Buy Here )

image Packaging image

The packaging is simple,  the pink ribbon combine with black dot and lace design make the packaging looks so cute ^^

image Design image

The design is almost the same with Dolly wink lashes No. 1 Dolly Sweet, since I haven't tried Dolly wink lases before so I cant compare the quality between them.

I really love the design, its look really pretty and make my eyes bigger and pretty. At first, I'm a little bit scary if it will look so fake on me haha. But when wearing this I'm so surprised that this look so natural , it just the length that is a little bit long for me so i need to cut a little.  This lashes also perfect to create dolly look by combine it with lower lashes.

image Comfort image

This lashes has a great quality, its really comfortable to wear. For beginner like me, who is not usually wear lashes I dont get difficulty when applying the lashes , coz its really elastic, light and soft. This eyelash is reusable, I can wear this up to 3 times and the quality is still good.

It has clear band, so it will look natural and doesn't look fake. Its also easy to remove the glue when I wanna reuse the eyelashes.

image Overall  image

Love this false lashes, its very comfort and make my eyes stand out even with natural eye make up. I'm highly recommend this lash for you who want to achieve dolly look for everyday wear.

image Likes:

image pretty design
image comfortable, soft and light
image many type of lashes available 
image reusable

image Dislikes:

image over length for me, need to cut a little bit

Where to buy:


Instagram : @loveshoppingholics 
Toyoepin Eye 7719: Buy Here

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Haul: September Haul


image, Im so happy that I can share my haul to all of you ^^ Actually this is a collective haul from September- October. I didn't buy many cosmetics these recent months, My mom got angry whenever I spent money to buy cosmetics just because the cuteness. But you know right, recently many brands launched their limited edition collection XD and they come in a cute packaging. Most of them collaboration with Disney or other animation character. Ahhh and that makes me sick haha, coz I wanna buy all of them. OK now let see what I've bought last month

image Apieu X Doraemon Air Fit Chusion image

This is my first cushion, and yeah its really cute XD. Doraemon Air fit Chusion ^^ When first seeing the collection, I fell in love and purchased it directly. Actually I wanna buy all of the collection, but since I haven't tried Apieu brand before and afraid with the quality so I just purchased 2 items from the collection. And you know what , this is the cheapest cushion I've ever seen. Hahah Doraemon Cushion is so adoreable, I wish Apieu will have collaboration with Sanrio My Melody XD.

image Apieu X Doraemon Air Blusher Cushion PK001 image

Another product from Apieu X Doraemon  is Air Blusher cushion, this blusher is not Doraemon but Dorami. Ahhh so cute XD . It would be nice if the packaging is not only Doraemon and Dorami, but also another characters. haha. I got mine in PK01.

image Canmake Perfect Styling Eyes #7  image

Actually I wanna buy eyeshadow from Majolica Majorca, but the price is so pretty expensive T.T So I decided to buy from Canmake, Perfect Stylist Eyes has so many shades available. I chose shade no 7. This is such a great product, I didn't regret buying this baby. The color is so pretty

image Canmake Mix Eyebrow #1 image

Few month ago, I bought Canmake Mix Eyebrow, but the seller sent me the wrong shade. I want shade no 1, which has the lightest color because my hair is not black anymore haha. So I repurchased shade no 1. 

image Kakaotalk Friends Daily Perfume Mist #Apeach image

Bought this after watching Hermia ( a Korean Beauty Blogger ) video on Youtube. On her haul's video, she got Kakotalk Perfume Daily Mist. Hey that's so cute XD, If you are a fan of Kakaotalk Friends, you should try this mist ^^  It comes in 3 different size. I got the 150ml size, and I choose Apeach because its so cute ^^next time I wanna try Frodo and Neo.

image Mamonde Rose Water Toner image

Since long time ago I really wanna try Mamonde Rose Water Toner, finally I can try this yayyy. I have read many good review about this toner. So I hope it will also does a great job on my skin ^^

image Etude House My Beauty Tools 320 #Eyeliner image

Last time I purchased the eye base brush, now I bought the eyeliner brush. I really love this brush, why??? coz its pink haha. This is not only cute but also has a good quality, thats why I continue to buy this. I also already place an order for the eyebrow brush. wohooo I wanna collect all the brush from Etude House ^^

image It's Skin Babyface Eco Pouch image

Im not satisfied with Dreaming Swan Mini Pouch's size, so I bought another pouch. Its Skin Babyface Eco Pouch. Its one of collection from Babyface Collection, and its really cute ^^. I really love the design and the detail of this pouch.

image Toyoepin Eye 7719 Japan Style Eyelash image

I got this lashes as a gift from LoveShoppingholics, It has the same design with Dolly Wink's Sweet Dolly. These lashes are so pretty and have good quality.

image Hello Kitty Hand Mirror image

The hand mirror is really cute XD it comes in Hello Kitty shape. what do you think? isn't cute >3<

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