Sunday, September 28, 2014

Yukkiyuna False Lashes

:iconcutehiplz:Hello , today I wanna share my Yukkiyuna false lashes collection.

Few month ago I purchased some lashes from Yukkiyuna. Though using lashes is new thing to me, I decide to learn how to use it. lol. After seeing many make up tutorial videos, I think using lashes will make our eyes prettier. Do u think so?

For my first try, I decided to buy lashes from Yukkiyuna. Why? Because the package is really cute. haha. Yukkiyuna is 100% Indonesia handmade product, made from human hair. The price is also affordable, 20k IDR ( $ 2) include the glue.This lashes are re-useable, depends on how you treat this lashes after using it.  Yukkiyuna also available both upper-lashes and lower-lashes. It has 4 kind looks of lashes: Dolly Look ( Upper-lash ), Queen Look ( Upper-lash ), Sweet Look ( Upper-lash ) and Perfect Look ( Lower-lash ).

 I purchased 2 upper-lashes Queen Lady and Dolly Merry, 2 Lower-lashes Perfect Hope and Perfect Glory.

As I said before the packaging is really cute. Vintage shabby chic design, made from thick paper. I dunno why but I just like the texture of the paper.

 The front package, we can see the lashes clearly.

The back packaging, written about the information of the lashes. 

The sticker that shown the name of the lashes.

Though this is the local product but it has good quality. I will review my lashes soon. See yaaa.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Review: Circle Lens Geo Xtra Sakura Brown

:iconcutehiplz: Today’s review is circle lens review. Finally doing lens review again ^^ I already purchased new circle lens from Geo Brand, I chose Geo Xtra Sakura. It has pretty pattern and make dolly effect, that’s why I chose this lens. There are 6 colors available: Pink, Blue, Green, Black, Grey and Brown. But for pink, blue and green only available in plano and only Black, brown and grey that has prescription ranges, I chose the Brown one.

Lens detail
Origin : Korea
Brand: Geo
Diameter: 15mm
Water content: 38%-42%
Lifespan: 1 year disposal

Packaging   /

As usual, Geo lens always come up in vial bottle. And the design is really simple and not cute at all . I hope it will be repackage in cuter way. XD

On the bottle cap is written the prescription of the lens and the color of the lens. Both of my eyes are in 1 prescription.

There is an authentication sticker shows that this lens is authentic lens from geo. Scratch the sticker and u will find code. To check the code, go to or and then insert the code on the web.

Color and design  /

I really like the design, it creates dolly look effect because the black rim. The brown color also blends well on my eyes. This lens is perfect to create gyaru eye make up.

Enlargment  /

The lenses are 14,5 in diameter, but it give 15mm enlargement because the black rim. I like it, its small lens but has big eyes effect. Since my eyes easy get tired when wearing big lens. So I think this lens is perfect for me who like to wear comfy lens and give big eyes effect.

Comfort  /
This pair of lenses is very comfort even for the first time wore this lens. I felt like I didn’t wear lenses. Love it. XD It’s definitely one of the most comfy lens I’ve tried.  It sits perfectly well on my eyes without causing any dryness. As I said before, I’m too lazy to drop the teardrop XD

I really like this lens so much. It makes my eyes prettier XD do u think so? Haha.  And also this is the comfy lens I ever tried.

-         image  Super duper comfy
-         image  Dolly effect
-          image The color blends well

-         image  Pink, green and blue are only in plano TT.TT I wanna try that colors.

Repurchased? Yeah I will definitely repurchase it XD Lovely comfy lens ever.