Saturday, February 11, 2023


Hello everyone, do you enjoy my posts about shapewear? If yes, please continue reading because I have new thing to share here. Probably some of you are still struggling about how to choose the perfect shape wear or where to buy a good quality shapewear. You are at the correct page now, I will help you by sharing a recommended shapewear store and some great body shapes which are pretty perfect for any size even for plus size with an adorable price. 

Here im going to introduce POPILUSH, which provides shape wear line for women. Their high quality shaping bodysuits come in a vary range size and pretty affordable. Their mission is to boost women confidence in valueing their any body shape, size and skin by using comfortable clothes. 

Every woman always want to look perfect and have a good body shape. For instant way, shapewear is the best solution. Nowadays, there are many kind of body shaper for any occasion even just at home, workout, working and going to party. This not only help shaping our body but some can help some weightloss as well.

At Popilush you can find many kind of shapewear, the new thing I found is that they also sell a maxi dress shapewear. Which is not many store have this kind of shape wear dress. Maxi dress shapewear, long sleeve shape wear and short sleeve thong bodysuit are easily to find and they come in diverse size and color. Here I will share some of best daily casual shapewear from Popilush. 

Soft Modal Loungwear 8 in 1 Built-in Shapewear Maxi Dress

This is perfect to wear for a casual to fancy party as it has bodysuit underneath. This also perfect gift for your family, relatives or friends. This shapewear dress is designes with build in bra, adjustable straps, double layer waist and butt lifting. This definitely compress your body and making a pretty hour glass body shape. 

Soft Modal Lounge Midi Built in Shaping Slip Dress

This midi dress has shaping body suit underneath and double layer waist control to create hourglass figure. It does really smooth out all the tummy tuck and other imperfection. This also made from a smooth modal fabric which is pretty comfortable and sleek to wear. 

Sexy Lace Deep V Neck Bodysuits

This lace bodysuit is extremely sexy and cute at the sametime. It’s made from smooth and comfy fabric which you can wear for daily without bothering you at all. It’s designed with compressed shaper lining which is good for tummy control. 

dress with built in shapewear is become popular among women lately. As its pretty easy and simple way of wearing shapewear and dress at once. It helps us curving our body instantly and beautifully. It comes in vary design and color that will suit you personality. Long sleeves, sleeveless, maxi dress or mini dress are some choice you could wear to boost your confidence with the dress shapewear.

Of course there are still alot of body shaper from Popilush which I cant share all here, so you can chek their website now to find your favorite one. Good news, alot of discounts and free shipping on order over $85.