Sunday, February 28, 2016

100% Human Hair Products on

image have you read my previous post of my February haul? I bought a wig, since I need wig for review purpose ( when I had bad hair, I would prefer to wear wig >3< ).  Now I begin to collect or at least buy some more wigs for me. 

So today I wanna introduce an amazing online shop that sold  100% human hair products: Mofain,  it is an online store based in China. They sold a wide assortment of good-quality products, which includes full lace wigs, lace front wigs, hair extensions, hair wefts, hair pieces, etc. All the hair products are made with 100% of virgin and remi human hair. They offer high quality products and at cheaper prices of their human hair product and the best thing is they also offer free worldwide shipping. what a good deal ^^ You can also ask for custom-made service for the style that they dont have in the store.

You can find many kind of hair weave there. There are a wide range of choices from different color, length, texture and style of hair product that you want. Their products feature in high quality, unique style, diverse sizes and reasonable prices.

hair wefts

Their cheap hair wefts are made with 100% human hair and comes in different styles ( wave, curly and straight ), color and length. Imo the popular one is the Brazilian Hair Wefts, it looks really thick and natural. It is really popular among the black women, it become the best selling product on Mofain. The hair wefts extension has high quality hair texture. It is also shed - free and tangled - free, it will make you look natural and elegant. 

 human hair wig 

Their human hair wig catch my attention the most ^^ since I'm curios with wigs recently ^^. All the wig also give natural look and look like a real hair. Many kind of celebrities human hair wigs sold at Mofain ( Rihanna, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga and many more ^^ ). They made with high quality material, shed -free and tangle - free. You can also restyle them if you want. They are not only selling human hair wig but also cosplay wig.

So what do you think about this store?  If you are looking for a perfect human hair products, you can check their website. ^^


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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Cosplay Project: Umaru Chan Cosplay

image I dunno why recently, finally I have some free time to enjoy watching anime again haha. Lately too much watching Korean drama. Anyway I like to watch anime since elementary school, till now I still enjoy watching anime and wanna start to collect manga too ( I dont remember where I put my old manga collection, maybe my mom threw them away T.T ).

Some of my friends think that I love Korean more than Japanese stuffs , since they know that I'm watching K-drama too much and often buying and using Korean product ( I use some Japan makeup brand too actually but not many >3< ). But actually I'm more into Japanese instead of Korean things XD haha. 

I often to go to Japanese Festival at my town, its such a small fest that is usually held by some high schools. So I never expect too much when coming to this such event, but coming to event that had the same interest is really fun ^^. I really enjoy everything there, from the foods and the people who cosplay some anime characters. Sometime I think that I wanna cosplay too but ohh well am I too old and I'm not that cute to do that haha XD I'm kinda jealous when looking at people look cute and awesome when  cosplaying. 

So I decide to make a cosplay project for me, I wanna try with the simple one first. So I just to make Umaru Chan cosplay from Himouto! Umaru chan ^^ Some of you must already know this cute character ^^. There are so many versions for cosplaying as Umaru Chan, all of them are so cute and hard to get hhaha. Anyway I wont join some cosplay competition, I just do this purely for fun and collection XD haha

1. Lazy Chibi Umaru

This is the cutest version of Umaru XD. She always acts lazy ,eat junk food and drink cola at home  XD She obsesses with video games, watching anime and reading comic all the time till morning comes XD. It always make me laugh a lot everytime she throws a tantrum to her onii-chan. haha. This is the simplest character to make, I just need a long-sleeve t-shirt, red pants and hamsters cloak.

2. Umaru in School Uniform

This is also simple to cosplay this version.

3. Kimono

This version is so kawaii >3< and the most expensive to make or to buy the kimono. I really wanna cosplay this >///<

4. UMR

Umaru wear this costume every time she goes to Game arcade, She is known as UMR.

I want try one of them, the simple one. Actually I really want the kimono version XD but its really expensive. The only way is to make my own kimono haha. But the important/ base thing is choose the perfect wig fo Umaru's cosplay. So far I've already placed an order for the wig and the hamster cloak. I wish I can make it >3< haha.

Have u ever been cosplaying some of ur fav characters? lets share ur experience below the comment, I'd like to know it >///< .

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Review: Missha X Line Friends Magic Cushion Special Set Brown #23


image, finally I can make review for this cute cushion from Missha ^^ yeah the most wanted product from Missha X Line Friends. I'm so happy that I can get this cushion, while my friends cant get this because this product is always been sold out at the store. I think this is the cutest collaboration so far from K-beauty. this time I will make the review for the Magic Cushion.

Talking about the packaging, awww cant say anything at all except CUTE >///< even the box packaging is too cute to throw away haha . This cushion set has 2 versions,  I got the old version ( a set of cushion + 2 refills ) while the new version you will just get a set of cushion + 1 refill + 1 puff. Im so lucky that I got the old version >3<.

The old version of special set
The new version of special set

omg the cushion is really cute XD that brown face is so adorable and annoying at the same time. The cushion is made of plastic, and it isn't sturdy at all. It can break easily into pieces maybe if it fall down.  T.T I will take care of you carefully Brownnnnn >3<  anw this cushion is doesnt interchangeable with A'pieu cushion. I cant compare with other cushion since I only have Doraemon and this cushion haha.The A'pieu cushion is bigger than Missha cushion.

And look at the puff XD it also cute haha , it has Brown face print on it. As usual the cushion puff mostly comes in a blue color. It will be cuter in a brown color instead of blue since it is a Brown cushion haha. The puff is really nice to use, I can spread the cushion easily and evenly. It also has cooling sensation when applying the cushion on my face >3< .

It comes in 2 shades, #21 and #23 I chose the darkest shade which is shade 23 since I've never worn of any Missha bb cream/ cushion product. And my friend who ever tried Missha product said that Missha has light finish even for the darkest shade. So to make it safe I chose shade no 23. And you can see the cushion on my finger has a light shade. 

Swatch on my hand, it is really great that the cushion can blend well with my skin tone. The Brown cushion has matte finish while the Sally cushion has glossy finish. The coverage is really amazing, it can coverage my scar on my hand. The consistency of the cushion is a little bit thick comparing with the Doraemon cushion. It almost the same with bb cream texture, maybe that's why it has medium- high coverage.    

I have big pore, redness and dark circle, though it cant coverage my pore well but it can coverage my dark circle and redness. I only need to pat one time to cover my whole face, 1 layer is enough for me.  Maybe I need about 3 months or more to finish the cushion ^^ aww I really love this cushion. After 5-6 hours the cushion still look good on me, need to touch up after that and I dont mind to touch up everytime since the brown cushion is really cute ^^.

Overall :

I really love the cushion, highly recommended for you who love cute packaging and great product. It is really perfect for daily wear ^^


image Like:

image cute packaging
image affordable price
image great coverage
image  semi-matte finish

image Dislike: 

image the packaging is not sturdy

Repurchased? definitely yess ^^


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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Backless Wedding Dress from Cocomelody

Hello, today is sponsored post about Cocomelody. Talking about wedding is always exciting and fun. For women the thing that got the most attention is the wedding dress, do you think so? Yapp You need a spectacular and stunning wedding dress on your  special day.  Since I'm the one who still single in my family >3< my sister and my brother have been married, I always think for my wedding in the future ( its such a stressful thing for me T.T haha ). But the biggest concern for me is the wedding dress, I need a simple dress but can steal everyone's heart.

So I found some dresses from Cocomelody, the low back wedding dresses and the backless gown are the wedding dress that I want. Love this kind of dress, sometimes it has a simple design but the backless part will catch the attention the most. Also it will be look so amazing in the photos.

Here are some of my favorite dresses that I chose.

Fabulous Sheath-Column Straps Natural Train Lace Ivory/ Champagne Sleeveless Backless Wedding Dress with Appliques CWVT15002


This lacey dress is so beautiful, look simple , feminine and sexy look because of the backless part. 

Perfect A-Line Illusion Natural Train Tulle Cap Sleeve Open Back Wedding Dress with Appliques LWAT14014 


This dress is look like a fairy tale wedding dress. Look really pretty from the front and the back side ^^. 

Dreamy Sheath-Column Straps Tulle Ivory Sleeveless Wedding Dress with Sashes AWXT15001

This is the simplest dress I've ever seen, but it still look gorgeous. ^^ 

So, even with the simple dress we will still look beautiful with the backless part. Look pretty and cute from the front side , but we still get the sexy look from the back side. 

Now Cocomelody offers promo on their website, use code: W25 to get  $25 off on purchase over $200 ( exclude clearance item ). If you are interested and wanna have some collection go grab it fast ^^.


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