Thursday, April 23, 2015

Outfit: My Kawaii Totoro Tight


:iconcutehiplz:, today I just wanna share my new tight /stocking. hahah Actually I never wore or even excited to buy stocking. But my weakness made me purchase this cute stocking TT.TT . Why r you so cute huh :D. Nowdays so many cute stocking available , omg XD Bear, Cat, Hello Kitty, Luna and Totoro are the most popular. But I cant buy all of them, cause it will end up in my closet. Im just to shy wearing stocking for hangout. It will be looked so awkward if I hang out wearing stocking in my country. Everyone will stare at me from head to toe . So annoying T.T 

The funny thing is when I told my best-friends that I bought this stocking, they scold at me hahah. Why did I buy such an expensive stocking and will never wear it. They knew the fact that I wont ever wear that stocking. haha Sorry guys, but I just cant resist the cuteness. I will keep it for my collection. Maybe I can wear it on special occasion, such as Japanese Festival maybe haha.

 I love the stocking's design. It has different design for left and right, so it looks unique and cute. Totoro Love ^^ 
 Pardon my short legs ^^ hehe

I was too shy to take pic my full body. haha ^^ 



image Cute and adorable
image Good material ( thick )
image Unique design


image only can buy through online shop
image expensive

So, do you think the stocking is cute and adorable? do you have cute stocking also? 

 See yaa on my next post. Bye bye <3 ~~~~


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