Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Review: GEO Bella Blue [ Sponsored ] LoveShoppingholics


image, circle lens review again ^^. This time is sponsored review from LoveShoppingholics. Last time they contacted me to do circle lens review. They sent me 2 pairs of circle lens. One of them is Geo Bella Blue.
LoveShoppingholics is an online store which sells very wide variety of circle lens as their main product. They also offers beauty product ( cosmetics, false lashes and circle lens accessories ). So it really convenience to buy circle lens and beauty product in one store ^^. They shipped worldwide and free shipping on order over US$50.  
The package arrived about a month after they shipped my package. I was so happy when I open the package, just like kids who are curious with their bday present haha.

Inside the package, 2 pairs of lenses + 2 animal cases, thank you card and surprisingly they also gave me a box of lashes. ^^

Lens Description:

Brand: GEO
Origin : South Korea
Diameter : 14.2mm
Water Content : 38%
Base Curve :8.6mm
Disposal : 1 year
Price : USD 17.90 (promotion price ) buy here.

image Packaging image

It comes in vial bottle, the label is quiet simple: pastel rainbow sticker and “bella” written on it. There are also the information about the lens. 

 Geo anti fake sticker, to proof that this lens is genuine lens. I go to geo.fw1860.com and enter the code written on the sticker. And the lens is genuine lens ^^

image Color and Pattern image

The blue color is not too visible its almost like a blue jeans color, but when we take a look closer u will notice the blue color. The color is almost black on my dark brown eyes when indoors however it shows up nicely outdoors. And the pattern itself is just natural without thick black ring around. It such a relief that the blue color is not too light and the pattern doesn't make my eyes weird. ^^ This is my first blue lens, and I love that the blue color turn out good and pretty on my eyes.

image Enlargement image

This lens doesn't give a big enlargement coz the diameter is only 14.2mm and doesn't have thick black ring. But still this lens makes my eyes bigger. Even without wearing falsies my eyes still look bigger with this lens. But it will be better if the lens give big enlargement.

image Comfort image

This is comfortable enough for me. I can use this lens for about 8 hours with drops. Sometimes after 5 -6 hours the one of the lens dries and swims ( u know the feeling when the lens suddenly move around and didn't sit perfectly on the eyes).  But after some drops, it will be back normal again. I dont know why only the right lens, the other is no problem. But still this lens is comfortable coz I can wear this up to 8 hours.

image Overall image

I'm very pleased with this lens, I like to wear this when I want to look normal. haha Especially when working, so that nobody notice that I'm wearing lenses.  Recommend this lens for you who want to try natural blue color.


image Likes:

image natural look and pattern
image the blue color is not too light
image comfy lens

image Dislikes:

image  doesn't give big enlargement

Where to buy : 


Instagram : @loveshoppingholics

See yaa~~ on my next post ^^




  1. The color looks vibrant and good on you! Never try blue lens before, definitely can try this color next time. =D


  2. Nice review))
    Followed you as you asked!
    Your turn^^

  3. Oh my gosh these look so cute on you ;A; I love this shade of blue! It's beautiful!
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  4. These looks so pretty on you! Love the eye make-up, it goes so well with the lenses ^_^

  5. Bagus kok, matanya terlihat besar dan seperti barbie..

  6. Lovely lenses~! The color looks really pretty and natural <33


  7. Ahh so pretty! Jealous of the false lashes haha they look so cute! I need to get a new pair of circle lenses for my Halloween costume... hmmmm...

    1. haha, the lashes is a big gift ^^ try to check their store for ur Halloween lenses ^^

  8. Great review, you are super kawaii!! :))

  9. Great review, you are super kawaii!! :))

  10. birunya lembut nyaris engga keliatan jadi terasa natural diliatnya ^_^

    Leeviahan Blog

    1. iya, warnanya item klo indoor, birunya kluar pas outdoor hehe

  11. Hi Pretty! Beautiful lashes <3 I dream about them - you look like a doll, so pretty <3 I'm your new follower, it will be a pleasure for me if you follow me back ;)
    Kisses and hugs,
    Marentora :)

    1. Thanks ^^ nice of you to say so, sure followed u back ^^

  12. Aww you look so cute, too bad it doesn't give the enlargement you desired.


    1. Thanks Sarah, yeah still cute though it doesn't give enlargement ^^

  13. Hhaha I loved how you use the little sailormoon image on your photo :P

    BLOG: http://miss-sennnaa.blogspot.com

  14. wow!
    This color is amazing!

  15. What a great blog post my Dear !:) I really like all news from you :)
    Please help me with collaboration and clickHere <3

  16. Omg, love the colour !!
    Nice review and otw beli LOL


    1. haha, iya ini warnanya cantik dan natural ^^ worth to try ^^


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