Sunday, September 20, 2015

Review: BeautyLabo Hair Color ( Kawaii Beauty Japan )


It has been long time I didnt dye my hair. My root hair has already grown up and it looked so bad XD. So, its time to dye my hair. Last time I joint Kawaii Beauty Japan's Campaign to try BeautyLabo Hair color, there are so many colors to choose. I got mine in Pure Beige
I got this about a month ago, so maybe it's a little bit too late to make a review, since Im so busy and dont have time to dye my hair >3<. 

Beautylabo is a hair dye product from Japan. On their website, they claim that its easy to apply with hands. Even and long lasting result from roots to ends and moisturize our hair with coconut and almond oil. 
It comes in 6 pretty colors shade thats sold in Indonesia. I found that there are other shades available in other countries.


image Packaging  image

It comes in a box package, and its typically a Japanese hair dry product that comes in a cute, colourful and kawaii packaging.  On the box we can found the caution, color chart and direction how to use the product. This is not a bubble hair dye type but cream type, the texture is non-drip cream thats why its easy to apply this product.

This is the color cart, my hair is already light but my root is black. I hope the result will even and looks good. >3<

image Inside the Box image

1. Cream Colorant Pact
2. Cream Developer Bottle
3. Protection Gloves
4. Nozzle cap
5. Instruction Leaflet

Such a shame that this product doesn't come with conditioner hair treatment after coloring. But its not a big deal for me, I still can use conditioner after coloring my hair.

image How to Use image


1. Wear the protective gloves

2.  Mix the Colorant cream into the cream developer bottle

3. Shake the bottle vigorously up and down at least 30 times until the mixture is totally blended. Immediately unscrew the cap and attach the nozzle.

4. Apply the mixture to the roots to the end. I just squeeze out the mixture to my palm and apply with my hand instead of applying with the applicator. Leave it on for 30 minutes.

5. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water. Shampoo well, finishing with conditioner.

image Result image

I didnt expect too much from this hair dye, I just want to cover my black root hair actually. My black roots turn out into brown color. The result almost the same with the color chart. There is no much different before and after coloring coz my hair is already light, just my black roots disappear. >3< Surprisingly this hair dye didn't dry my hair after coloring. The result is a little bit uneven coz of my long hair, and I just used 1 box. IMO 1 box is not enough for long hair , so next time I should buy 2 boxes ^^.

image Overall image

Love this product, this is such an affordable and available in many pretty shade. Since its easy to apply like bubble foam hair dye product, I would like to recommend this product for you who want to try to dye ur hair by yourself at home.

image Like:

image Available in pretty shades
image Easy to use
image Affordable
image Didnt dry my hair

image Dislike:

image no hair treatment after coloring

Repurchased? yeahh for sure ^^


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See yaa on my next post ^^



  1. Seems like a great product! thanks for the review♥♥

  2. Aww i love the color so much and it looks good on you!

  3. Pretty color, you look so good with it.
    Heeey, the crown of flowers, you made?
    is very cute!

  4. I love bubble foam colorings c: They are so easy to apply~

    1. this one is cream type hair dye but how to use is the same with bubble foam coloring ^^

  5. This colour suits you really well! I've never tried a bubble hair dye before, might give it a go in the future:P

    1. Thanks Kelly ^^ yeah u should try. coz it easy to apply ^^

  6. Ohhhh how beautiful it was
    I loved the color <3

  7. It has more pros than cons! So, not bad at all☺☺ Thanks for the review♥♥

  8. awww you look so cute with your headcrown! very nice hair dye ^_^

    Lauren xx |

  9. Hello! You did a lovely review. I like review of hair products because it is important to take care of it :)
    I followed your blog. It would be nice if you did the same...

  10. I love your hair color <3
    I've followed you back:)

  11. Adorable post! I really like your blog! :)
    Maybe we can follow to each other? Let me know! :)

  12. The colour looks very nice on you!

  13. Interesting product. I'm your new GFC follower # 207 if you want to come on my blog ♡

  14. lucunyaaa heheh, aku juga pake tapi ga kluar di aku warnanya XD

  15. you look so pretty!!! What a really nice color <3

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