Monday, November 16, 2015

Review: Gel Contact Lense Sohee Grey [ Sponsored ] Clarice Soflensku


image, this is my second Gel Contact Lens from Clarice Softlensku. I got 2 pair of contact lenses from Clarice Softlensku Gel New Dubai Blue ( review here ) and Gel Sohee Grey. So today I will review the Gel Sohee Grey ^^ 

Lens Description:

Origin: Korea
Brand: Gel
Base Curve: 9.0mm
Diameter: 15.00mm
Water Content: 55%
Life Span: 6 months
Price:  IDR50.000 ( around 4$ )
Color available: Grey, Blue, Brown, and Green

image Packaging image

As I mention before on my previous blog post, that Gel lens comes in a blister packaging. It is good that most of us are having problem when open the lens in a vial bottle packaging.

On the blister we can find the content and information of the lens.

image Color and Pattern image

The grey color is really pop up on my eyes. They look beautiful over my dark brown eyes. At first it look really weird on me coz it doesn't look natural on me. The outer black ring is what makes them look more unnatural. So I dont recommend this for daily wear. But this is such a great lens to wear for hanging out or attending an event coz it make my eyes more stand out. The grey lens definitely changes my looks.
The pattern is similar with Geo Princess Mimi Bambi series which is great to create a gyaru look.

image Enlargement image

With 15.0mm in diameter the lens gives a nice enlargement effect. They make my eyes bigger but still look natural.

image Comfort image

Just like the Gel new Dubai, these lenses are also pretty comfy to wear. I can wear them 6-8 hour  without feeling any discomfort. With 55% of water content and moisturizer that's why the lenses are very comfy to wear.

image Overall image

This is a great lens, I'm very happy with the color and enlargement. It makes my eyes more stand out and extremely comfortable to wear.


image Like:

image pretty color and pattern
image super comfy
image make my eyes bigger

image Dislike:

image unnatural look for daily wear

Where to buy?

My Lovely Sponsor 
Facebook:  Clarice Softlensku
Instagram:  @claricesoftlensku

Coupon Code: Torichux3
Use my coupon code for 5% off when purchasing 

See yaa~~~ on my next post ^^



  1. Eye shadownya pake apa sis ko kyk basah gitu bagus

  2. The design looks too crumbly, but still nice to wear. :D

  3. eh cantik banget ya lensesnya xD kebetulan aku lg cari lenses grey murah lagi, patut dicoba nih xD

    1. iya warna grey nya cantik. Nyaman jg dipakenya. Worth to try dear ^^

  4. I love the pattern of these lenses ^_^ you look so pretty in them! And 55% water sounds amazing, I would to try these next time I'm on the lookout to purchase new lenses. True that it's not for everyday wear, good to wear for events tho~

    1. Thank you ^^ yeah the water content is high enough thats why these lenses are pretty comfy to wear ^^

  5. The pattern is super pretty and unique~! I love these lenses <33

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