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Body shaper or waist trainer is a good equipment to maintain your figure, support your back or an easily way to weight loss while you are working out. It can help flatten your tummy and give you a perfect curvy shape while lifting your buttock.

If you are thinking about buying definitely do, it really help shaping your body effectively. Make sure to choose the best material and comfortable design which suit best with your body size.

Here Im introducing you Shapellx, an online store where you can find good quality and many kind of shape wears. They are collaborating with fashion designers who understand the shape of women body to make beautiful shapewears.  

Please check below some recommendation of best shapewear for tummy and waist. These shapers help in burning excess fat in the lower tummy while also lifting the butt and enhance the hips area. Such a great deal right?


CoreSculpt™ Firm Tummy Compression BodysuitShaper with Butt Lifter


This shaper is made with firm compression fabric to comfortably, but effectively, sculpt your body from your back, waist down to your tummy and thighs. It is designed with three layers of abdomen design that will strengthen tummy control. As it is super stretchy with breathable material, it looks nice and tight in all the right places. Surprisingly, it is comfortable, great tummy control and nice butt lift. The double closure design is pretty great, not only using hooks but also a strong zipper that does not show under your clothes. It will give you an  awesome shape underneath your clothing also  a nice lift and round shapely bottom.

CoreSculpt™ Tummy Control Body Shaper

The abdomen part of this waist slimmer bodysuit has 3-layers, providing super high compression on the tummy. This also can help tighten your bottom and lift your buttock,give you the curves you want,make your butts look bigger,sexier,and more beautiful.


Full body shaper can also be a great choices when you are looking for a comfortable shapewear. You can wear the body shaper every day, while exercising or go to special occasions that let you look more beautiful.

PowerConceal™ Seamless Tummy Control ButtLifter Bodysuit


This body shaper will not only smooth and shape your tummy and thighs but also it will give a great butt lifting. Definitely will give you a perfect curve hourglass shape. You will love it how it is confortable, light and resistant. It shapes your body and don't seem to be wearing it.


Anw Black Friday is coming, dont forget to find your best Black Friday Shapewear at Shapellx. There will be so many extra discounts and big deals. This will be started on November 5th, go check their website now. Dont miss out this great deal and save big there.


  1. Thank you review nya, pas banget lagi nyari buat kontrol perut aku yg makin berlemak, yg paling penting lentur dan enak juga ni dibawa aktifitas

  2. Kayaknya bagus banget pengen coba juga 😍

  3. Ahh pake ini jadi tampak langsing dong yaa.. masuk wishlist doong

  4. korset tuh penyelamat aku kalau lagi pakai gaun hahahaa soalnya udah kendor semua ini setelah melahirkan lol

  5. Mau banget sih ini ya aq jg lg cari krn punya tummy tuck yg lumayn tebel. Belinya dmn ya?

  6. Looks like i really need this, cos my body after post birth still not in a good shape 😭😭

  7. Hmmm aku badannya udah langsung kalau pake ini bisa ga ya wkwk

  8. Makasih infonya beb, aku lg nyari lek korset gini yg aman buat lambung😭 tetep seksi tapi gak yg nekan perut bgt

  9. Pas banget lagi nyari buat kondangan kalo pake kebaya biar gk keliatan perutnya buncit hehe

  10. pengen coba banget ini mungkin bisa dicoba nanti kalo udah lahiran nih


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