Wednesday, May 26, 2021


Today post is a gratitude post for my best friend Christin , she lives in South Korea now anw she also has blog which contains many great places all over the world she has been visited. ( here is her blog if you wanna visit ) 

Few weeks ago, I was surprised that I got a big package from Korea. I need to thanks alot to her as she always taking care of me from a far and always thinking of me everytime see cute things haha, she knows me so well. She is not pnly a friend for me, but she is like my real sister 🥰

Inside the package, there is a bunch of gifts for me and also for giveaway that I will hold with her soon on my blog. 

Not only accessories, she also sent skincare and stationaries. So here are some of the lovely gifts she sent. 

Pink and cute stationaries ♥️ 

The cherries earrings are so 

Apeach hot pack is my favorite 🥰

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  1. semoga suka yaaa.. hehhehe
    aku bingung mau kasih apaan tadinya hahaha


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