Sunday, December 25, 2016

[ REVIEW ] : The Face Shop Soul Perfume Kakao Friends Edition #Promise Ring ( Apeach )

Merry Xmas everyone XD May your day full of happiness today. Recently I become more tired and lazy to write review haha. But since it almost long holiday, I push myself to be more productive this month. Today I wanna share about my favorite perfume from The Face Shop X Kakao Friends.

Actually I had bought this about few months ago but already used this for a month. And I really love it.
Last time The face shop made collaboration with Kakao Friends, and I bought the Soul perfume along with the Lip creamer ( will review them soon ). There are 4 types : Sweet Kiss (Muzi ), Promise Ring ( Apeach ), Secret Blossom ( Neo ), Essential For Men ( Frodo ). I bought the Promise ring since I love Apeach so much ahaha. Bought this from Testerkorea.

Awww even the box is really adorable, I cant throw it away haha. too cute XD hahaha.

The packaging has some information about the product in korean and english.

And thing  that catch my attention the most is the Apeach behind the box. As if he is peeping from behind the box XD . 

Awww I cant ressist cute packaging, since Apeach is my favorite character from Kakao Friends so I need to buy this. Look how lovely Apeach is!!! that a** face haha.

It comes in a clear glass bottle with Apeach sticker on it. Sadly it only sticker attached on the bottle, It would be better if it printed instead of only sticker.  Anw I really love the Apeach emoticon with the flower crown as if she become a pretty yet cute bride. haha 

Since it only 30ml, the bottle is quiet small  and slim but heavy. Im a little bit afraid at first to bring this everywhere. Im afraid if I accidentally broke it haha. So I decide to keep it at home.

It has soft floral scent, it gives soft and girlish impression. It also depicting the romantic Apeach. 

Top note – Butter Orange, Peach, and Grape Fruit.
Middle note – Jasmine, Rose, and Magnolia.
Base note – Amber, White Musk. 

The scent can last up to 8~10 hours. So sometime I dont need to respray it. 

Overall I really love this perfume, the scent is long lasting and really represent me ( soft and girly personality ). haha. The cute bottle is also travel friendly so you can bring it everywhere but for me I will just keep it at my dressing table haha. I would definitely repurchase this ( but in ordinary packaging ㅠ.ㅠ since it already dc for the Kakao Friends edition )

If you really fond for sweet and soft floral scent. You should try this out. ^^~ 

Love : 

♡ cute packaging 
♡ long last
♡ sweet and soft floral scent 

Hate :

☆ Limited edition for Kakao Friens packaging

Sorry if the editing pic bothering you XD I like to edit my pic with this filter recently haha. It makes me look so cute with teary eyes haha. 

See yaaa ~~~ on my next post ^^~


  1. cute banget packingnya. tapi aku males kalo beli parfum online :(

    1. hihi iya sih. cm klo ini emg hrus online belinya haha

  2. Thanks a lot :D

    sounds great dear :D love the packaging :D

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  3. Oh very cute product
    Lovely packaging

  4. Awww this is so cute dear!!! Love the cartoon of this perfume too!!

    Sharon Lee

    1. yeah its really cute. Apeach is my favorite among the Kakao Friends XD

  5. packagingnya lucu i cannot ;____; apalagi wangi favorit aku musky peach♥♥
    masukkin wishlist ah kalo ntr parfum aku udah abis hehehe
    nice review btw ^^

    1. iya lucuu bgt. ak jg mau repurchase ini lg hehe

  6. packagingan-nya benar-benar imut ya, sayang banget limited edition..


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