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Hello everyone ^^ now in this beautiful day I wanna share my favorite skin care from Cowstyle, they are Skin LiFE Facial Foam and Skin LiFE Face Lotion. I'm so happy that Kawaii Beauty Japan sent me them to be reviewed. 

Anyway, Skin LiFE is acne care series from Cowstyle , which is a personal skin care brand from Japan. All off their products are made in Japan. 
SkinLiFE products keep our skin moist with their dense and soft foam ( moisturize, firming and soften dead skin ):

image Provide the skin moist and firm the skin. fix into fine-texture skin and make pore virtually imperceptible
image Soften excess dead skin cells around pores which are the cause of sebum-filled and leave the skin smooth  
image Oil free
image Allergy tested*

* Though we completed non comedogenic test and allergy test, some people still have a chance to get acne and allergy problem 


There are 2 size available for the Skin LiFE Facial foam: 110g and 130g, I got the 110g ones, but still its big enough the empty for some months. It comes in a white and red flip tube, such a plain packaging but since its an acne care series maybe the packaging is not too important XD. 

Just like usual facial foam, it comes in a white pasta. It contains fruits acid and lemon extract as the moisturizing ingredients. It also has citrus floral scent , but not that strong. The scent will disappear after we rinse the foam. 

We can use our palm or net to create the foam. Its really easy to create the foam just only with my palms. The dense foam is really soft when touch my skin XD usually when I wash my face it only in a slight time then I will directly rinse it. But with this soft feeling I can massage my face a little longer hhhaha XD. 

After rinse the foam, I dont feel tightening at all on my face. It leaves my bare face healthier and clear. And you know what It does brighten my face too after using it for more days. Awwww love it.

So, I do some make up on my hand XD I put on concealer , bb cushion, eyebrow powder, gel eyeliner , lipstick as blusher and lip tint. I wash them with Skin LiFE facial foam , with gently rub it cleans  all the make up even the concealer and bb cushion, but except the liptint. Since the lip tint has it own remover ( I use Peripera Lip Ink ) so it still quiet surprise that this facial foam is really great in removing make up.
Just in case, this facial foam is for non-make up ( bare ) skin, for skin with make up we can use Skin LiFE Cleansiang Foam. It will more effectively removing acne-causing dirt from make up , black head and excess sebum.


Now lets talk about the Skin LiFe Face Lotion, we use the lotion after washing our face. It comes in a white red semi-transparent plastic bottle. The semi-transparent bottle let us know how much lotion remain after we use it. The texture is watery lotion, at first I thought that this product will be sticky since it is a lotion. But this is not sticky at all, since it a water base lotion yay ^^.

It contains of active ingredients of "hyaluronic acid" , " fruit acid" , and "lemon extract" which can freshly moisturize the skin and leave the skin smooth without acne. Im so happy that this lotion contains Hyaluronic acid which moisturize and brighten our skin. wohooo that is why my face look brighter after using this acne series. It is also no fragrance, but sometime it smell the same with the Skin LiFE Facial Foam since it has the same ingredients. 

After washing my face, I just apply some amount of the lotion and spread it on my face with my hand. It absorb well on my skin and I dont feel sticky at all. It leaves my skin soft and bouncy XD This is really the perfect couple for the Skin LiFe Facial wash. It makes me wanna touch my face all the time while looking at the mirror haha.


Tips from me: after I rinse with water, I usually dont dry it with towel directly. While it still wet I will massage my face and there are some dirt or dead skins left on my face, after enough massaging I re-rinse with water. Then gently dry with towel. I feel it will make my face cleaner and all the dirt gone away.

Overall, I really love this series, tho I dont have acne problem they still work well on my face.

image Love:

image soft foam
image brighten my face
image easy to apply
image leave my skin clear, smooth and bouncy

image Hate:

image none

Repurchased? yeah absolutely , I will repurchased these products.


Where to buy: 

AEON, Ranch Market, Grand Lucky, Kem chics, PAPAYA Market City, Rezeki Supermarket, Century, Yogya Sper

Nadeko, Suka Mart, , 


See ya~~~ on my next post ^^ 




  1. Amazing! wanna buy it!

  2. Thanks a lot, my dear :)

    I didn't know this brand, but seems to be an amazing products. Great review :D

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    1. yeah they are amazing products ^^ really work well on me

  3. Oh wow it looks like a wonderful set! I've been looking for a good moisturiser/ lotion that would brighten yet not leave a sting from the hyaluronic acid x) If only they ship to the UK - would give it a try! Thnx for the post :D

    come visit my blog :3

    1. yeah, it can brighten and dont smell of hyaluronic acid at all. u should try them ^^

  4. Gotta check our AEON here to see if the store is carrying this brand. Thanks for the review, tori :D

    ieyra h. | blog

  5. Interesting, never heard of this brand before, but it looks like a good product!

    1. this product is really good and work well on me ^^

  6. Looks interesting. I would like to try it! :) ♡ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

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