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Last month, Clarice Softlensku kindly offers me to review the newest series from Exoticon, X2 ICE GOLD & X2 ICE SILVER. There are 2 colors from X2 ICE GOLD series; Gold Hazel and Gold Honey Brown, and 3 colors from X2 ICE SILVER series; Silver Gray, Silver Cloudy Gray, and Silver Light Gray. Since I love gray color, I choose the X2 ICE SILVER #Light gray. I think the light grey is the prettiest color from this series.

Bulan lalu, dikasih kesempatan Clarice Softlensku buat ngreview series terbarunya Exoticon X2 ICE GOLD dan X2 ICE SILVER. Dari series ICE GOLD ada 2 pilihan warna yaitu Gold Hazel dan Gold Honey Brown. Sedangkan yg X2 ICE SILVER ada 3 pilihan warna yaitu Silver Gray, Silver Cloudy Gray, dan Silver Light Gray. Dan menurutku yg Light Gray yg paling cakep sendiri wrnanya ^^


Lens Description:

Origin: Korea
Brand: Exoticon 
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.60 mm
Water Content: 42%
Life Span: 6 months
Prescription: -0.00 ~ -6.00

image PACKAGING image

As usual X2 lenses always come in a box packaging, a black box sealed with plastic. It contains 2 blister of lenses. The design is really simple and easy to open. For you who have a hard time when opening vial bottle packaging, this would be such relief. haha. XD

Seperti biasa, kemasanya X2 selalu bentuknya box karton tebal. Pastikan tersegel yah pas beli softlens nya, berarti softlens yg km beli itu masih baru ^^.  Dan tenang aja kemasanya ini bukan bntuk botol kok, tp dlm kemasan blister. jadi g perlu takut klo susah bukanya :P haha

 On the box we can find the information about the lens. 

It contains a pair of lenses with the same prescription, so if we have different prescription we need to buy 2 boxes of lens. ^^

Sayangnya, tiap box berisi sepasang softlens dengan minus yg sma >3< Jadi klo kita punya minus yg berbeda kita harus beli 2 box yang berbeda minus jg .

Can you see the lenses on the blister? >3< the color is almost transparent. 

Ya ampunn >///< susah bgt ambil foto softlens yg di dlm blister, karna warnanya yg transparant dan hampir g kliatan

image COLOR & PATTERN image

These gray lenses are gorgeous! I wasn't sure how gray lenses would look on my dark brown eyes. Surprisingly, the gray color blends well on my dark brown eyes. It really brightens up my real eyes, they do not look unnatural at all.

Sumpah, ini warna grey nya cakep bgt >3<  pertama agak takut kalo warnanya g masuk di mataku yg gelap ini. Untungnya pas dicoba wrnanya bisa masuk , walopun warnanya terlalu terang tp tetep kliatan natural. 

It has simple pattern, and doesn't have black rim around. It is dominated by gray/silver and brown colors.

Patern softlensnya simpel bgt, trus g ada lingakarn hitam seperti softlens biasanya. warnanya jg cuma di dominasi warna abu-abu dan cokelat aja.

image ENLARGEMENT image

There is no black ring around the lens, so it doesn't give enlargement effect. It because the gray color blends well with my real eyes so it almost the same with my real eyes.

Softlens ini sama sekali g bikin mata kliatan besar , dolly apa lg hahah XD Karena g ada black rim nya kali yah jadi g ada efek memperbesarnya. Dan ukurannya  hampir sama kaya mata asli meskipun softlens ini punya diameter 15mm.

image COMFORT image

I found one of the lenses to be very comfy, and the other lens was a little bit irritate on my eyes. But after a while it settled on my eyes. I just can wear this for about 4-6 hours with drop, after that one of the lenses become uncomfortable. Such a shame I cant wear them longer coz I really love the color.

G tau kenapa yah, salah satu softlen nya nyaman bgt pas pertama kali dipake bahkan sampe g kerasa klo pake  softlen. Tapi softlen yg satunya agak ngganjel gitu pas dipake. Jadi sempet lepas pake lepas pake beberapa kali. untungnya setelah agak lama uda g ngganjel lg. Dan setelah 4-6 jam jadi udah g nyaman lg dipake. sayang bgt g bisa pake softlens ini lama lama padahal bgus bgt >3<

image OVERALL image

I was pleased by these lenses. The lenses are really pretty gray and make my face look different. But it just I cant wear this longer, since one of the lens is a little bit uncomfortable after few hours.

Intinya aku suka bgt sma warna grey nya >3<. Beneran bikin wajah ak agak brubah haha. Cuma sayang akU dpt satu lens yg kurang nyaman, jadi g bisa dipake lama-lama T.T

image Love:

image pretty color
image blister packaging
image 6 months lifespan

image Hate:

image cant choose different prescription
image one of the lens is uncomfy

Where to buy?

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See yaaa~~~~~ on my next post ^^



  1. woooow, so incredible :D super cool dear :D

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    InstagramFacebook Oficial PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

  2. Baru liat yang tema ice dari x2 ini, lucu juga ^_^

    1. iya ,, ice gold sma ice silver ini seri yg terbaru dr exoticon ^^

  3. They look really nice on you! Really sweet :*

    Best wishes, Gilda

  4. that packaging! haha *gampang kerayu ama pekejing nih orangnya*
    mungkinkah kebalik say itu softlens yg satunya?

    1. hahah sma an kita XD gmpng kerayu packaging unyu
      g kebalik kok, yg sisi kebalik pas dipake g nempel dimata jadi past tau lens nya kebalik ato g T.T

  5. wow! so cool! the color changes a lot! thanks for this review!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. would you like to follow each other? let me know!

    1. yeah the color can blend well ^^ so the gray color is noticeable

  6. Ah cakep. Aku pengen lens yg warna abu2 tanpa rinf nya gini >, <

  7. I like their naming Ice! Something like Ice Princess hehe suitable for you =D

    Sharon Lee

  8. You look amazing with these lenses on!
    I experimented with really light lenses recently & totally loved the crazy difference in comparison to how I look without them :)


    1. yeah me too, I really love the difference that the lenses made ^^

  9. Aaaaaaahhhh... Packagingnya cakep bangeeettttt >___<
    Softlensnya juga cakep, matanya kakak jadi kayak mata bule gitu~
    Eh tapi sepertinya kalau aku yang pakai pasti kayak mata katarak :(

  10. Wow. I really love the color of these lenses. So cute!

  11. Kak aman dan nyaman gak sih buat mata minus dan baru pemula pake?

    1. aman kok. klo buat yg pertama kali pake pilih yg diameter kecil trus yg pntg jaga kebersihan softlens nya ^^~


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