Saturday, June 14, 2014

Review: Cathy Doll Magic Gluta Pact #Natural

Have you ever heard Cathy Doll Brand before? I also not familiar with this brand before, but when I saw one of beauty blogger from Philippine Shimmerjjang posted her Cathy Doll’s Haul on her Instagram, I really curious with this brand. Why? Cute packaging of course. Lol . It has cute animation as their icon for the packaging just like Peripera. Then I started googling about this brand, Cathy Doll is Korean beauty care chain in Thailand. This Brand is created by Karmart and popular in Asian Country such as Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippine, Malaysia and now begin popular in Indonesia. This brand is identical with really really really cute packaging. Most of the products are whitening product. That’s all information that I know about Cathy Doll hehe. 

Now I wanna review one of Cathy Doll product. Cathy Doll Magic Gluta Pact. Isn’t it so cute? Yess this is really cute baby :3.  I really a sucker of cute thing. When seeing pink and cute stuffs I wanna have or take them home.
Front and back package, written about product's information in Korean and Thai, haha I dont understand at all. This product disposal is 24 months after opening the product. The expired date is on 2016 .12. 15.
In the side package contains product's ingredients. And the other side contains pictures animation for before and after result after applying this powder. Its also written that this powder have formula for whitening, pore cover, oil control and UV protection.

Usually I never use powder, just bb cream and finish. At first I prefer to use loose powder than compact powder, but still confused what brand should I choose. When seeing this cute package, I wanna buy and try it. There are 2 shades available, light and natural shade. I chose the natural one.

Look at the cute package :3 I will always bring it on my makeup pouch, wont leave it at home. Lol.  Just like usual powder pact, circle shape but the difference is this pact comes in soft pink and designed with cute Cathy Doll animation. There is mirror and puff inside. This powder pact contains Gluta vit C that has function to brighten the skin and also has SPF 59 PA++ for UV protection.  

Apply this powder after applying make up base and bb cream. I like the finish look, it look natural and matte-finish. My face also look brighter and soft XD

-            Cute package
-          Contain gluta Vit C and SPF 59 PA++
-            Whitening and covering pore
-           Pricey

Repurchased? Umm no, though this is a cute and good product, I won’t repurchase this, maybe I will find the cheaper one. This is a little bit pricey for me, its around $15.    . haha. Anyway I will review more Cathy Doll products, see ya ~~


  1. aaa aku juga suka bgt produk cathy doll hihi.. emg pricey sih tp whitening products nya oke bgtt <3
    btw, I've followed your blog, mind to follow back? ^^

    1. Iyaa, mana lucu2 produknya XD iya bagus tp pas pake L-gluta magic cream nya g begitu ngaruh di aku TT.TT
      uda ak followback ^^

  2. the contact lenses makes ur eyes look really big, so cute! ^.^

    1. Thank you ^^ <3 , yeah the power of lenses ^3^


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