Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Airi's Christmas Giveaway

This is the newest Christmas Giveaway I'm joining haha. image.  Why I join this giveaway coz I cant resist the cuteness of the prizes haha image. Minnie Mouse Collection from Etude House is one of my wishlist  XD. This Giveaway is held by Airi , one of my favorite image.

 image Now Lets see the prizes image 

Can u resist them all? imageNoooo, I cant resist them image  hahah. 
If u wanna join this giveaway just follow this link  :

I hope I can win this giveaway, imageimage haha

image bye bye image


  1. I'm planning on buying the set anyway, it's just so cute~!


    1. yeah since they are limited edition and really really cute ~~~


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