Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pinastika Christmas Giveaway feat

yeap, today I wanna post about this Giveaway. Since I become active again in blogging and really really interested in beauty blogging, so Im doing blogwalking everyday. And there are so many beauty blogger who held a giveaway for her reader. The prize? of course cosmetics or make up image so I decided to join to any Giveaway hahah.

Im joining Christmas Giveaway from Pinastika feat Juliecious Shop. Pinastika beauty blog is a blogger from Solo, and hey Im from Solo too hahah XD. I will learn so many things about beauty blog from her I think.You can find many tutorials make up and cosmetic review on her blog. 

imageOkay now, let see about the Prize image

image 1st Winner image

image 2nd Winner image

This Giveaway will be held from 22 November 2013 - 23 December 2013. If u wanna join this giveaway, just follow this link Pinastika Christmas Giveaway feat

image bye bye image

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