Monday, January 30, 2017


Hi everyone^^~ if u follow my instagram, you might know wht local brand that I wanna review today. Yeah Its Emina Cosmetics!! Finally Emina Cosmetics is available here in my city. Its always out of stock everytime Im going to buy online. Also Im a little bit afraid to buy online since I cant do swatching and see the real shade by myself. Knowing that they are available here so I go to buy their new product: lip cream Creamatte and brush set. But unfortunately it also out of stock in their counter, so I bought another products which are Emina Sugar Rush Lipstick in Cherry Bomb shade and Emina Pressed Eye Shadow in Gelato.

Today Im going to review the Emina Sugar Rush Lipstick. Since they are quiet popular nowdays, many of my fellow bloggers already reviewed this lipstick. There are 4 shades available, I chose Cherry Bomb shade coz I think this is the prettiest shade all of them. 


Im so in love with the packaging at the first sight XD. Usually local cosmetics brand here are came in boring packaging ㅠㅠ. The only reason I wanna try this lipstick is because the packaging haha. Actually I prefer lip cream or lip tint to lipstick. But I think this is worth to try since they are very cheap. 

It comes in a baby blue tube ( make me remembering bae blue from Spirit Fingers Webtoon haha >3<)/// ). The packaging is really eye catching and cute. The cap is made from transparant plastic so we can peep the lipstick inside. 

Color and Pigmentation

This lipstick is enriched with Vitamin E to moisten up our lips. They claimed that the mixture of Olive oil, Jojoba oil and shea butter as the main ingredients keeps our lips hydrated.

That 100% true !! no kidding it glides smoothly on my lips. The lipstick is really moist and doesnt make my lips dry. 

The color is really pretty, its red with a little bit purple/pink hint. Umm I think it almost burgundy  shade imo. I really love this color XD it makes my face looks brighter when wearing this lipstick haha.

Talking about the pigmentation, yeah its really pigmented!! Only with light stroke/ swatch on our lips the color pay off is awesome.

I like to create gradients lips with this lipstick. Or I can do a full lips to make bold make up. It will become matte everytime I make gradient lips and transform into moist and glossy when I do full lips. 

It can last up to 4~5 hours on my lips without eating, just drinking wont wash away the lipstick on my lips. haha  Yeah its a lipstick, most of them are not long last. I dont mind about the lasting power, I can just retouch everytime I want. 

Overall, I really love this product so much. The packaging, the formula and the color are pretty amazing. And also they are very affordable in price. Aahhh make me wanna collect the other shades, maybe I should buy their lipstick box set( 4 Emina Sugar Rush Lipstick). It wont hurt me right?? I got this only IDR 30.200 ( $ 2,5 ) and for the box set is only IDR 97.500 ( $ 7.5 ). 

Love :

♡ Cute packaging
♡ pretty color
♡ affordable price
♡ moist , doesnt dry my lips

Hate : 

☆ only 4 shades available

See yaaa~~~ on my next blog ^^~


  1. Kamu cute banget !!!! 😍

    Packaging emina juga cute banget.. Hihii

    1. hehe makasih ^^~
      iya emina ini produknya cute bgt

  2. wah bisa dipake ombre lips juga ya.. warnanya cantik^^

    1. iyaa lebih natural dibikin gradient lips .hehe

  3. warna lipstick nya cute banget... ^^ u look kawaii too :)

  4. Cute banget loh warnanya jadi ombre gitu :D Kawaiii

    1. iya klo dibikin gradient jd kliatan soft dan cute

  5. You look so adorable! I love your lips.
    I've never heard of this brand before, and honestly, when I saw the picture I thought that it's going to be a dark, bloody red color, but it looks so natural and soft!

    Great review!

    - Gretch of GG Memochou

    1. Thanks you Grace ♡♡ this is Indonesian brand ^^~ they are quiet popular recently here bcoz their good quality and affordable price. Yeah I also thought like tht at first but the color turn out soft and pretty .

  6. lucu banget ya warna nya aah jadi pengen hihi


  7. Ah that's a good thing that it has good moisture! I often see Emina's store but only came across it, hahaha I think I should stop by and try their products because it seems promising! Love the color on you btw! You're super cute!



  8. really nice this lipstick! I did not know you, do you want us to follow each other on GFC and Google+? You tell me on my blog!

  9. Wow this lipstick look so pretty *^* I love the color <3

  10. Your lips looks so plump and super moisture after applying this lipstick! Say yes to kissable lips =D


  11. Aduuuuhhh cute banget sih >< warnanya juga cakeeeppp~
    Nice review ya <3

  12. lucu banget ya kalau di pake gradient lips, terlihat lebih natural gimana gitu..


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