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Today, I wanna share my second item from Beauty Tester products which were sent by Testerkorea. Last time I already review The Face Shop Gelato Tint, so this time Im going to give my honest review about this product. 

Mamonde cushion is my second fav item among the products which are given to me. The most fav product is still a secret 🀣🀣.  So please read this post until finish to know why I really love this

Product: Mamonde High Cover Cushion Perfect Liquid
Brand : Mamonde
Country of Origin : South Korea
Price: ₩ 21,250 / $ 19.75 ( buy here )


Just like usual cushion, but its a lil bit bulky compare to my another BB cushions. It has simple design but look classy. 

Unlike usual cushion, this is a mesh cushion type. Liquid Foundation is packaged in an air tight package that makes it easy to carry. In addition, it is easy to adjust the amount of air cushion foundation compared with existing airless pump and mesh network designed to discharge a proper amount. So I dont need to worry that I will take too much foundation on my puff, since I can control proper amount by pumping the mesh net. 

The air tight package minimizes the contact between the contents and air, and prevents darkening (discoloration), which is unique to liquid foundation, to help maintain the vivid color immediately after production.

What makes it different is the petal-shape puff, so it will be great to apply or reach the area under eyes.  The puff is really soft and can be bent carefully to match the curvature of the face, making it close to the skin and creating a smooth skin. The petal-shaped puff with a sharp tip able to touch the nose, eyes and mouth where the make-up is well-worn.


There are 3 shades available for this cushion, I chose shade #21 Ivory , which  I usualy choose when buying cushion. When first applying the cushion, it seems too bright on me, but after a while the shade will blend well with my skin tone without making my skin look dull.  


The coverage is amazing, I this this is the best cushion I’ve ever tried haha. Since usually I just bought BB cushions because of their packaging and didn't consider about the coverage. Just like the name, it really has high coverage, it can cover my pore and redness perfectly. Also my acne scar can be less visible when wearing this cushion.
Just look at the swatch on my arm above. I draw with pencil liner, and the cushion can cover it perfectly. 


It has matte glossy finish since it has high coverage, so it would be suitable for any skin type. It developed from Preserved Flower technology, that will provide the skin with gloss and shine. It combines a film-forming agent and a moisturizing ingredient to form a film on the skin, resulting in a moist and shiny smooth radiant skin. The cushion lasts up to 5 hours on me and it doesnt turn grayish too.

Love :
🌻 high coverage
🌻 suitable for any skin type
🌻 air tight package

Hate :
🌻 none

Overall, fall in love with this cushion. The high coverage can cover well my imperfect skin. No wonder tht this cushion has good response in Korea. Will definitely repurchase the cushion. 

You can get this product at Testerkorea, their customer services are friendly and fast respond, beside they will give various cosmetics samples on any orders. And the most important thing is their shipping fee. The shipping fee is calculated based on the product volume, and I think Testerkorea is more affordable compare to other site.

They also has request item service, which we can buy any product that is not available at Testerkorea website by requesting and give the link of product to them. And I found this really helpful since not many shopping sites have this kind of service

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See yaa~~ on my next post ^^ 


  1. It looks really beautiful on the skin, great product!

    Freak Muffin Blog

  2. Puffnya mirip sama laneige ya.
    Duh, bikin pengen cobain ini kah jadinya. Huhu :(

    1. Iya model flower petal gini , ayo cobain bgus kok ^^


  3. Great post my blogger friend.
    Have a nice day .

  4. salfok sama pugg nya, bentuknya lucuuu hihi
    udah lama nih tau brand ini cuma belum coba produk produknya , ternyata da cushionnya juga ya
    coveragenya oke tuh

  5. puff nya lucuuu kayak laneige yang baru heheee tapi ini mah cushionnya tetep bulet ya, kl laneige kan cushionnya juga bentuknya petal gt

  6. Kalo pake cushion. Enak ya, ka. All in one. Baru tau Yonie merek Mamonde. Bisa untuk semua jenis kulit y ka. Tak cari2 nanti

  7. Coveragenya bagus ya mba.. the shade is pretty light, too light for my conplexion. But I bet they have the darker one

  8. Enak nih kalau pake mesh cushion gini, btw salam kenal kak! Kamu cantik banget aku salah fokus hahaha

  9. aku pecinta cushion bgt nih tapi belum pernah cobain mamonde. bnyk yg bilang bagus. duh km cantik bgt disinii.. cocok make cushionnyaaa. cuss kayaknya aku musti nyobaon juga deh

  10. Sukaaaa deh hasilnya! Jadi bikin lebih glowing yaaa. Cukup pigmented juga. Anw ada shades apa aja?

  11. Coverage bagus ya, beb, bukan pemakai cushion tapi pengen coba, suka deh sama packagingnya yang simple, ini harganya berapa ya?

  12. Aku sering bgt liat brand ini di drama korea.πŸ˜‚ katanya emg bagus yaaah.
    Coveragenya keceee, sayang sih kalo cushion korea suka jd abu2 di muka aku...

  13. Sejak nyobain rose waternya Mamonde ini, udah langsung fix pengen nyobain varian produk lainnya dari Mamonde termasuk si cushiin ini :)

  14. Mamonde cushion ini dari Korea ya beb? Bagus lho, dan coverage nya juga oke, finishingnya agak dewy dan seger. Suka aku liat hasilnya

  15. Sekilas hampir kayak laneige yaa hehe tapi ternyata sama-sama produk koreanya juga dan diliat reviewnya hampir gak ada kekurangannya, aku juga suka liat hasil coveragenya

  16. Lebih praktis ya pakai cushion ini. Hasilnya seperti make up korea nih. Ngeblend banget di kulit.


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