Sunday, June 19, 2016

Cute Look with StyleWe: Designers at Your Fingertips

Hi, everyone ^^ Hmm I dunno what should I say for the intro haha, I dont have passion to write for my blog recently :P hahaha. So Im going just to make an inspiring kawaii / cute fashion for all of you who like to dress cutely. So I would like to introduce you an awesome fashion shop for women: is an online fashion shopping that brings to you unique fashion from independent designer around the world. Any style you may like : sexy, elegant, cute etc., you name it , they have it ^^. They are committed to provide original, high quality and exclusive fashion products that you dont want to miss in 2016.

They sell various kind of dresses, tops, outerwear, skirt, pants, jumpsuit, swimsuit and handbags from many designers around the world. As their tag line: Designers at your fingertip, so various kind of fashion from designers you can buy through your fingertip from their mobile application ( 20% off for ur first order ). Since they are all designed exclusively by the designer, it look like that you have your private designer for ur fashion.

Beside the exclusive products they have, thing that I really like from is that their website is so user friendly. It so easy to find anything that we want based on the categories that we choose. Any style you want are available there:  ^^

So here are some dresses that catch my attention: 

Its designed by CC.Su , she is a fashion lady who is filled with art characteristic and the gift of art design. The style of “CC.SU” is with aesthetic concept, using beautiful colors, flowers printed and silhouette to show its taste and temperament. The clothes she designs not only for dressing, but also have the worth of collection, which express women’s pursuit for elegant life style.

I really love this kind of dress. For a small girl like me , this kind of dress will me me look cute and a little bit taller by showing of the legs. You can combine this dress with cute animation panty hose ^^ With this kind of dress we can be looked cute and elegant at the same time. 

Another dress from CC.Su collection, I really love the cherry pattern on it. Tho it has simple design but the dress really so kawaii. ^^ 

This is the black version from the cherry dress above XD awww the black version is also kawaii right. Both of them are so cute.

Another way to look cute is by wearing half sleeves ruffles blouse :P looking cute by showing off our shoulder.  It designed by Yuki, she is a mysterious lady with super DNA in art and design. In order to express her design concept to more women, he founded the label " DABUWAWA " the name origin from her favorite fairy tale.

Omg, even this kind of maid kimono lolita dress is sold at XD . PUNK RAVE is created by Joe, she is talented in expressing label concept with structural design, and featured in punk style. I think that this kimono lolita dress is really cute to wear on Japanese occasion. Wish someday I can wear this kind of dress :P

There are still so many cute fashions that I cant put all of them here in my post ( It will be a long post maybe ) haha XD So if you are curious with their fashion collection you can peep on their website.And GOOD NEWS they are holding sale on their website now, 600++ selected style up to 50% off.


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Friday, June 17, 2016

[ REVIEW ]: A'pieu Air Fit Cushion Special Set ( Doraemon Edition ) Shade #21

Haha Finally I have time to make the review for the A'pieu Doraemon Cushion Special set. Its a limited edition, so maybe it already sold out everywhere T.T. Luckily I got this one and the Christmas Edition too haha. Maybe its too late to review this cushion ( now they had launched new collaboration with Rilakkuma ) but still I wanna make a review since its my favorite cushion ever XD

Honestly, bought this coz the packaging XD cant resist the cuteness. It's Doraemon; my childhood favorite character. The box itself is really cute, I even keep the box haha XD

This is a special set, so I got Doraemon case(include refill + puff) , 1 refill + 1 puff. Its really worth to buy since the price is really affordable. Its Doraemon edition, so the packaging is dominated with blue color ^^. ( I wish they will collaborate with Hello Kitty or My Melody = It means pink cushion XD hahah )

The cushion is made of a hard plastic, its sturdier compare with Brown Cushion from Missha. It has glossy surface, so its really easy to clean the cushion case, but too risky with scratches, so must keep it carefully >///<

There is a sticker to separate the cushion with the cap. Some people may throw it away, but I still keep the sticker to keep my cushion clean from spill out product. When we put the cushion in makeup pouch and bring it everywhere, it make the cushion upside-down from shaking, so it may make the product spilled out.

The puff is really soft. I think it is softer than Missha's puff XD Sadly, the design is too plain, it must be cuter if it has Doraemon design on it XD

I got mine in shade #21, It has medium coverage to me and blends well on my skin.  It can cover redness and pore well. But when I drew heart on my hand, It cant cover it well.

Tho I chose the lightest shade, it still blends well on my skin. At first I.m really afraid if it will be too light on my face XD hahah since I dont have pale skin. Im so happy that this shade suit with my skin tone :P haha. Beside that, what I really love about the cushion is, it can last for 4-5 hours on my face. It will last longer if I wear concealer before the cushion ^^.

I really love the glowing finish of the cushion and how the coverage can fix my skin since my bare skin has redness and big pore XD I think this cushion is suitable for you who has dry - natural skin, highly recommended for daily wear.

Tips from me:  use your favorite moisturizer or concealer to make it last longer and get healthy looks before wear the cushion.

image Love :

image cute packaging
image medium coverage
image glowing finish
image affordable price

image Hate :

image Limited edition

Repurchased? sure I will buy the refills ^^


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