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Cleansing foam with weak acid of PH 5,5 : PEELSU PURE CLEANSING FOAM by VICLE COSMETIC , when first time reading the main ingredients I was so excited to try this product. Anw you can find this at my CHARIS shop if you are interested with PEELSU Pure Cleansing Foam.

If you have read my two previous beauty haul posts, you saw tht I bought some cleansing foam products. So recently I had tried 3 different facial foams but the Peelsu Pure Cleansing Foam is the perfect one for my skin. Lets continue reading the full review below, how I love this product ✨



Just like as usual facial foam packaging, it comes in a white tube packaging with flip top lid. It has very simple design also, there is the word PEELSU written in hangul on the front side. All product from Vicle Cismetics has the same design like this.

What makes Peelsu cleansing foam different with other / usual facial foam is that Peelsu has weak acid PH5,5. Its the most ideal PH to achieve healthy skin. Using product that contains alkaline/ higher PH will make our skin super dry and destroy the skin barrier.

3 Merits of Peelsu Cleansing Foam 

1. Mild and Safe Natural Ingredients
It contains with many natural ingredients to help the skin achieving to the best skin condition. Not only cleaning and moisturizing the skin but also protecting the skin barrier. 

πŸ‹ Lemon Peel Oil
Lemon Peel Oil with abundant vitamin, regulate the sebum production, enhance the skin elasticity and improve skin luster

πŸ‹ Matricia Extract
Its extracted from Chamomile herb, build up water-holding barrier on the skin to avoid water loss, regulate sebum production and make the skin to be clean 

πŸ‹ Lavender Oil
Its extracted from lavender flowers and leaves, help to recover skin elasticity and regenerate, has effect on skin moisturizing 

πŸ‹ Calendula Extract 
Its extracted from Calendula, has effect of caring dry and sensitive skin, and help to protect the skin mildly 

2. Hypoallergenic Cleansing Foam
Weak acid PH 5,5 cleansing foam will help to clean the skin without any stimulation. Because if we use product with high PH, it will make our skin barrier weak and make our skin become more sensitive as a result. 

3. Moisturizing 
Since it contains with natural extracts, such as matricaria extract, eucaliptus leaf oil, calendula extract and lemon peel oil. It wont dry our skin after clensing but will make our skin moist and soft. 
Its also regulate the skin balance of water and sebum in our skin. Thats why our skin will stay moist. I think it will be perfect for any skin condition. 


The Peelsu Cleansing Foam comes in a transparent gel-like liquid texture. It has refreshing lemon scent which remind me of the orange juice's scent haha. I really love the fresh smell of this foam when cleansing my face. 

Since its weak acid cleansing foam it doesnt produce much bubbles, but its safe and gentle to the skin. So dont worry when there is no much bubble when we wash the face. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

I swatched some makeup products from the waterproof one to any kind of lips products. It can clean all of the products except the ink tint, since it has its own remover. Im quiet surprise that it can remove the waterproof mascara too. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»✨

After cleansing with PEELSU PURE CLEANSING FOAM, I dont feel any dry effect at all. I have dry to normal skin,  I feel my face become clean and super moist indeed. What I really like is tht the moistness stay all day. I dont feel this way when I use another facial foam. OMG I do really love this ✨✨✨😍.

It remove all makeup and dirt on my pore. I feel my skin become super clean tho I use it alone as my cleansing method ( without using cleansing oil/micellar water before ). I also notice that my skin is getting a lil bit brighter. Maybe because it contain lemon oil extract which is help to brighten the skin. 

Overal I do really love this product. I would recommend this for all of you. Since its good for any skin conditions : normal, dry , oily and sensitive skin. 

Where to buy: 
Price : 
Rp 182.000 ( after discount ) 


  1. duh aku penasaran banget deh beb sama produk ini, pengen banget nyobaiiin, hasilnya juga langsung bersih yaaa, tapi harganya cukup mahal juga ternyata yaaa hihihi

  2. waah ini produknya ada di charis ya ternyata, boleh nih dicoba :D

  3. Wah aku paling suka klo tipikal gel gini nih. Udah gitu packaging nya super simple tp ttp gemesh ya. Jd penasaran pen coba deh.

  4. Bagus juga hasilnya untuk membersihkan make up. Keliatan bersih banget kulitnya setelah pake ini ya. Apalagi ada efek mencerahkannya pula.

  5. aku juga pake ini put, dan bener enak, busanya ga banyak tapi pHnya bikin kadar air dan minyak di wajahku seimbang :)

  6. Good cleansing foam without dry effect on face. Also for the nice PH for our face skin, we can trust this product as our daily cleanser.

  7. wah aku baru tahu brand dan produk ini... sepertinya bagus ya kalau dilihat dari foto kamu itu... jadi pengen coba...

  8. Oh very nice haul darling~ Great products

    **Please don´t publish links on my blog~ thanks

  9. Aaahh aku suka sama facial wash yang bisa maksimal ngebersihin sisa makeup di kulit wajah.udah gitu kandungannya bagus pulak buat kulit wajah.

  10. Baru tau loh aku sm produknya, btw bagus banreeeeet jd pwngen coba juga dan ini berguna banget pastinya jd makin bersih yaa kalau pake ini beb

  11. Harga produknya lumayan ya hehe, tapi liat hasilnya bersih gtu gak terlalu butuh effort buat bersihin make upnya :D Jd menurutku cukup oke jg sih mbak :D

  12. Wah, kujadi penasaran nih. Dari kemasan yang cakep, terus juga reviewnya yang bagus. Tapi apa sesuai gak yah di kulit aku? Rentang usia berapa ya bisa pake? Mengingat usiaku yang udah 35+ :D

  13. Bagian depannya pake tulisan hangeul ya kak. Trus memang after cleansing jadi bersih dan juga ada extract chamomile dan levender nih yg kusuka banget

  14. Wanginya bikin pengen nyobain deh , lemon gitu pasti seger banget di pakenya

  15. Duh ngeliat hasilnya kok magic banget ya bisa bersih banget gitu kaa. Aku jadi pengen nyoba juga deh rasantaa. Plus aku suka packagingnyaa hehe

  16. Aku baru tahu soal produk ini dan aku jadi penasaran sama produk ini karena hasilnya kok bagus sekali ya

  17. Wah efek cleansingnya bagus banget ya beb untuk menghilangkan sisa makeup debu diwajah, menarik untuk dicoba ❤


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