Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Favorite Outfit from Fashionmia

What is your favorite kind of clothing? Mine is flowery pattern and lace clothes haha XD. My closet is full of flowers and lace clothing. I'm a cheerful and a feminine type, so I'm really carving to that kind of stuffs. Everything that looks cute and lovely is my favorite outfit for my everyday wear.

Today I wanna share an awesome fashion clothing online to all of you. FashionMia is online fashion clothing for Modern, Irresistible, and Affordable women’s clothing. FashionMia offers the following categories for your shopping pleasure: women's dresses, tops, bottoms, accessories, plus size and outerwear. Every clothing from formal, casual, and everything in between, you’ll find the perfect one for every occasion. They ship worldwide and offer free hipping for order more than $79.

There are so many cute dresses I found there. Im very surprised with all of the collection clothing there. It is so affordable woman's fashion clothing online store. So I pick some cute and cheap dresses as my favorite outfit from  FashionMia.

Stunning Sheer Lace Vintage Skater-dress

Stunning Sheer Lace Vintage Skater-dres 

 This lace dress is my favorite, its really pretty and stunning. It would be perfect to wear to a party and steal everyone's attention. 

Slash Neck Plain Long-sleeve-t-shirts Slash Neck Plain Long-sleeve-t-shirts

This top looks really cute and lovely. It would be really nice to pair it with a mini tutu skirt. You can get a lovely and elegant looks with this outfit ^^. 

Floral Printed Patchwork Vintage Bowknot Classical Round Neck Skater Dress  Floral Printed Patchwork Vintage Bowknot Classical Round Neck Skater Dress

I really love the floral pattern on this dress. Its really pretty tho the dress is pretty simple. I'd be really happy to wear this vintage floral dress. 

Plaid Printed Lovely Boat Neck Skater-dress Plaid Printed Lovely Boat Neck Skater-dress

Another simple dress but looks really cute. The Plaid pattern make it looks lovely to wear. I really like the back part.

That all of my favorite dresses from FashionMia. Get the great clothes you deserve at the prices you need.  They are the affordable way to keep your style on trend year round.

See yaaa~~~~ on my next post ^^ 


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

[ REVIEW ] : PIXY BB Cream Bright Fix #Ochre & PIXY Lasting Matte Lipstick #Pink Smoothie ( Kawaii Beauty Japan )

Hello everyone, today I'd like to review a local cosmetic brand PIXY, so Kawaii Beauty Japan sent me 2 products from PIXY for reviewing purpose. I got PIXY BB Cream Bright Fix SPF 30 & PA +++ and PIXY Lasting Matte Lipstick.

Actually I havent tried this brand before, but Im interested a bit since they had launched cosmetics with Tokyo Beauty theme and also their packaging become more kawaii and attractive. Thats why Im so happy to try them out now.



I really adore with the packaging, even the box is really kawaii with the white lace in it. The pink package make it cute when taking the pic. haha

There are informations about the product on the box. Ingredients, how to use and caution written in Indonesia and English.

It comes in a white tube, with baby pink screw cap. Just the same with the box, its also decorate with lace on the tube. It contain 30ml product, and its small enough to carry everywhere.

The screw cap make it looks secure and we dont need to worry that the product will spill out everywhere caused by unsecure cap. The hole is really small, so we can control how much the product that we need. 

Formula and Texture

There are 3 shades available : Ochre ,Beige and Cream. I got the ochre shade, since it is formulated for Asia women's skin we dont need to worry about the shade choices. Usually I chose light shade for bb cream or bb cushion, so Im a little bit worried about ochre shade. Its rarely for bb cream product to have Ochre shade. So I search the color on internet, this color is ranging from pale yellow to an orangish or reddish color. So in my opinion it is the lightest shade for Indonesian skin tone.

It claims that this product is formulated with SMART LOCK POWDER to keep make up looks bright and not dull up to 12 hours. It is also tested that this product is non-comedogenic which is to prevent the black head coming out on our face after using this bb cream.

Surprisingly it works as it claims, but it only can keep my face up to 8 hours. I've been used this from 10am ~ 6pm and my face still looks bright ( wash my face 2 time ). It has matte finish on my face, it doesnt make my face oily all the day.

The texture is light but not to watery. It has medium coverage and buildable. I tried swatching on my arm, it can cover the mosquitos bite. The color blends well with my skin tone haha. It smell really nice but disappear after a while we apply the BB Cream.

Now , I applied this on my face. As you see, it brighten my face and cover my skin well. I can layer more to cover my redness and get the right coverage to my face. Gladly, It doesnt turn greyish on my face and keep my face bright all the day.

Since its unpractical to use and bring bb cream everywhere when we need to touch up our make up, so I transfer PIXY BB Cream into cushion. So I just need to tap tap everytime I need to touch up. Its really easy to make DIY BB cushion with PIXY BB Cream, we just need unused bb cushion case. Make sure to wash the cushion container and the sponge before we make the DIY cushion.

How to:

1. Put right amount of PIXY BB CREAM Bright Fix into the container.
2. Put the sponge into the container.
3. Tap tap gently with spatula or finger to make the bb cream absorb into the sponge evenly.
4. Flip the sponge.
5. Put it back the sponge into the container and repeat step 3.
6. Tadaaa~~  BB cushion is ready to use ^^~

Overal,  this is a light BB cream with medium coverage and long lasting. This is perfect for everyday wear.

Love :

♡ Cute packaging
♡ medium coverage
♡ long lasting
♡ matte finish

Hate :
♡ contains paraben



Unlike the BB cream, it comes in bright pink color packaging box. But still it looks attractive for me. All information about this product written on the box.

 Same with the box, the lipstick also comes in a bright pink color. The desaign is very simple, there is PIXY labeled on the lipstick 

Color and Texture

Its a matte~finish lipstick, it has 8 shades choice. I got shade LM207 ~ Pink Smoothie. The color is so pretty, its pink coral color.  Perfect to create sweet and kawaii make up look.

The texture is very smooth since it contains moisturizer to keep our lips always moist. At first Im worried that it would make my lips dry since it a matte lipstick. But I was wrong, it doesn't make my lips dry and chapped. The color is also buildable and pigmented to cover my lips.

It doesnt long last enough as it claimed, it fade away after 2~4 hours. Need to touch up after that.

Love :

♡ Pretty color
♡ soft texture
♡ buildable and pigmented

Hate :

♡ not longlasting

Here are my FOTD using PIXY BB Cream Bright Fix and PIXY Lasting Matte Lipstick

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sweet Look Wishlist inspired by StyleWe

Ah .its already November XD time flies really fast. Its getting cold now here since it almost rain everyday. So I just spent my free time laying around on my bed while watching anime and drama. 

Im so amaze how cute the outfit that the girls wear on the drama or anime. Im really fond of cute things especially for cosmetics and fashion. So today I decide to share my sweet wishlist inspired by StyleWe

StyleWe is an online fashion platform featuring independent designers around the world. It become a place where you can buy indie designer fashion at high street budget. 

Such a heaven for women to visit the site, there are tons of fashion style sold there. So I pick some favorite clothes there.

I love this dress style, the floral print at the bottom make this dress looks so cute. Tho this is a black dress it still look cute.

The dress is simple and pretty cute. The frilly part on the sleeves make the dress prettier.

Here is another dress that I love. Short girl like me will look cute with this kind of dress. The color and design also really pretty and cute. 

This dress is really cute, perfect for hanging out or dating. The graphic design match perfectly with the white lace top.

Lace dress always be my favorite. The color looks sweet and cute. I would like to wear this dress to a wedding party haha XD .

Thats all of my favorite sweet dresses, what do you think? You can also find ur favorite dress there. Just take a look at their site and pick up all of them ^^~ 

See yaaa~~~on my next post ^^ 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

[ REVIEW ]: Rin Hoshizora L~email Wig

As I promise , I wanna make another wig review hahaha. Today is Rin Hoshizora wig from L~Email wig. I have 4 of Love Live member's wig haha, I will review the others next time XD.

Before I know how to buy wig from taobao, I bought some wig from ebay. I got this from Sandylou2012. They are retailer for Lemail wig brand. The shipping time is no kidding, It took only 2 weeks to arrived. Usually ebay seller used China Free shipping and it took about 35-40 days. But mine was way faster than I expected . haha love it.

 It comes along with a hair net inside the plastic bag. Im glad that it was packaged nicely and securely. So that the wig didnt get damage inside.

The color is so pretty, it is a dark orange. The wig is really tick but a little bit shiny, but still pretty. Just the same with my Maki's wig, this wig also pretty soft and easy to manage. Dont fall many and not easy to tangle, even I can comb with my fingers. 


The color has gradation of orange and yellow, but the color is really fit to Rin's hair. I really love the tickness and the shape of the wig.

 front side 

The wig is unstyled, so as usual I need to cut the bang by myself.  The bang is too long, I cut it but it looks horrible haha.

The back side

It has small scalp in the centre of the head. 

The cap is fit enough for my head. I can adjust the size. I really love this wig but I think that short wig doesnt suit with my face hahah. I havent wear this wig for cosplaying, dunno should I cosplay as Rin or not. What do you think?

Love : 

♡ pretty color
♡ soft , easy to manage
♡ thick

Hate :

☆ unstyled wig

I use BeautyCam application to edit my pic. haha its really adoreable. I use the weep effect and the result is so kawaii haha.

See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^~
bye bye~~