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Hi everyone, hope you are not bored with the product that I review recently XD. This time I’d like to review the brow product from Too Cool for School Glam Rock Double Proof Brow. 
I was so excited to try this dual brow, since I’ve never tried brow tint type before. It also come with brow mascara too ^^. Ok now lets read the full review of this product.

Product : Too Cool For School Glam Rock Double Proof Brow 
Brand : Too Cool For School
Country of Origin : South Korea 
Price :  ₩ 13,600 / $ 12.42 ( buy here )


This double proof brow is a new product from Glam Rock series. The packaging is dominated with black and brown color. It also comes in a box packaging, the product information is written in Korean and English.

The tube packaging has double end caps, for the brow ink and the brow mascara. Its written clearly which one is the brow ink or the brow mascara, so we dont need to worry if we make mistake when opening the product.I think this is such a convenient product, because it consists of 2 brow products in one. It doesn't eat much space in our make up pouch too.

The brow ink brush is really soft, skinny and flexible, it can bend easily too. It has rectangular-shape tip, so it will be hard to create pointy and sharp eyebrows shape. So I think, this will be more suitable to create korean straight eyebrow style. While the brow brush has pointy tip, which can reach the tail of the eyebrows.



There are 3 shades available, I choose the ash brown shade because I dyed my hair black recently. I'm so glad that this ash brown shade matches perfectly with my dark hair.

The brow ink has powdery finish and gives natural brow color when it sets. What I really like about the brow ink is that its not smudge at all. It needs some time to set and look powdery.
The brow mascara has thicker and creamier texture than the ink brow. We can layering more to get more subtle color for our eyebrows. 


This brow tint+mascara is waterproof, it also can stay all day long since its waterproof. I even wash my face more than 3 times during work, but the brow didn't sway at all. 

A slight rub only remove a little stain of the brow , but it can be removed easily with micellar water or facial foam.


1. Apply the brow ink from tail with the skinny part of the brush, and fill/ draw the other part to the head for natural look.

2. Softly touch the brow mascara in opposite direction of the brows, and then brush in direction of front to the back of the brow.

Actually, using the brow ink itself is already enough, usually I just  apply the brow ink as my daily eyebrows. But when hanging out with friends I will apply the brow mascara too, to create more subtle eyebrows.

Love :

# Double brow product
# Available in 3 shades
# natural look & powdery finish
# waterproof  & long lasting

Hate :

# rectangular-shape tip of the brow ink brush

Overall, I love this brow product for the staying power. I dont need to worry about my eyebrows all the day. This product is useful and perfect for me who is too lazy to touch up/ correct my eyebrows haha. Since the brow tint create such a pretty and natural brow color, I would recommend this product who love Korean straight eyebrow.

You can get this product at Testerkorea, their customer services are friendly and fast respond, beside they will give various cosmetics samples on any orders. And the most important thing is their shipping fee. The shipping fee is calculated based on the product volume, and I think Testerkorea is more affordable compare to other site.

They also has request item service, which we can buy any product that is not available at Testerkorea website by requesting and give the link of product to them. And I found this really helpful since not many shopping sites have this kind of service

Here are the link for another products review : 


See yaa on my next post ^^ 


  1. Great post my blogger friend.
    Have a nice day .

  2. Great review.
    Love the packaging.

  3. natural banget ya hasilnya. suka deh. #kbbvmember

    1. Iya hasilnya natural bgt cocok buat dark hair

  4. Hmm. Kece juga yah kalau ternyata waterproof! #KBBVmember

  5. warnanya macam soft banget ya, kayaknya kalau yang suka pomade lebih jelas tebelan pomade wax gt ya #KBBVMember Carnellin

  6. Wah ini hasilnya jadi natural banget ya beb.. Kece deh. #kbbvmember

  7. packaging nya kece banget.. hasil nya natural ya.. suka deh.. #kbbvmember

  8. Too Cool For School ini masih ada di Indonesia gitu? Gaungnya kurang ya :( padahal produknya lumayan oke #kbbvmember

  9. Wah tahan lama ya? Tapi kalo tahan air nggak aman buat dipakai wudhu dong ya 😂 #kbbvmember

  10. Gila cantik banget. Love your whole look, sumpah. #kbbvmember

  11. Gila cantik banget. Love your whole look, sumpah. #kbbvmember

  12. belum pernah nyobain produk ini nih tapi hasilny baguss bgt di kamu #kbbvmember

  13. Malah galfok sama kulitmu. Licin bener...


  14. Hmm warnanya muda bgt ya. Di aku sepertinya kurang cocok #kbbvmember

  15. wah keren nih waterproof, bisa dipake berenang. jadi penasaran sama shade yang lainnya. #kbbvmember

  16. wahh bagus sist jadi pingin juga :D
    ku follow dear ^^

    have a nice day!!

  17. jadi pengen nyobain mungkin warna yang lebih light kali ya //baru bleach rambut lagi


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