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MENTHOLOGY  Super Cool Sun Block SPF50+/ PA ++++

I feel that the weather recently in my city is super hot. Due to the super hot wave I try this unique sunscreen which has cooling sensation when we apply it. 

It will give super cool effect for about 15 minutes after applying on my skin. It feels like when we accidentally put a toothpaste on the face 😅. But it doesn’t irritated my skin at all, it gives cool and refreshing effect instead. It helps cooling down the heat that hit my skin as well😂. When the cool air pass my skin, I can feel my face gets cooler too. 

It has semi-matte finish and doesn’t leave white-cast. There is no tone up effect after using this sunscreen. Another good thing is, it doesn't peel when we layer makeup on top.

MENTHOLOGY Super Cool Mask Pack ( 5 SHEETS )

This Super Cool Mask sheet is the perfect solution for sensitive and irritated skin. These thin sheet masks provide the skin with a fresh and cooling sensation. The fastest is only in 15 minutes, redness reduction of the skin is visible. 

It is not an ordinary mask sheet it made of 100% cellulose fiber sheet from eucalyptus tree, Breathable and hygroscopic, 100% natural decomposition. So it has sofft material that doesn’t damage skin or irritates the skin. It adheres well to the skin.

The size and the thickness is just right, it fit perfectly on my small face. It contains alot of essence that will give extra hydration to the skin. 



It is pretty effective to reduce my redness and irritated skin. I use this super cool mask sheet at night, in the next morning the redness already gone! I love how it has generous essence and its so hydrating into the skin. I dont need to worry about the stickiness overnight. 

Since it has cooling sensation, this can be used during the hot days. You can feel relax and fresh at the same time. It soothes our tired skin as well because of the hot sunlight. The mask doesnt dry quickly as it contains alot of essence in it. 

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Tuesday, September 6, 2022


 ROROBELL Wawa Toothpaste ✦ ROROBELL Wawa Sense Spray

Are you struggling with bad breath or your boyfriends bad odor that make you uncomfortable? usually after smoking or "eating strong food" will cause the bad breath. Here are 2 products for Bad Breath care contains Wasabi extract that I use recently. These 2 products are effectively remove the bad breath and also help taking care of tooth decay and gum diseases. 

✦ ROROBELL Wawa Toothpaste ✦

Its pretty unique that it contains wasabi extract, tbh its my first time trying this kind of oral product. The wasabi will help removing bacteria in the mouth that cause the bad breath. It also contains other natural ingredients so if we use it religiously it will brighten the teeth. Not only removes bad breath it also eliminates teeth decay and other gum diseases.

It comes in a mint tube which is doesn't look like a toothpaste because it has aesthetic and pretty packaging. the paste also comes in a green color and it has mint smell. 

✎ ̼ Experience

It tastes like strong peppermint flavor (which is I like) than wasabi in my opinion, don't think that it will taste spicy like wasabi 😂It feels fresh, clean and cool when I brush my teeth. Yes it really cleanse my teeth more than usual toothpaste. Will definitely purchase this 🥰

✦ ROROBELL Wawa Sense Spray ✦

It comes in a compact spray bottle that we can keep in a bag or pocket. It contains wasabi extract which effectively fights the bad breath. This also help keep the mouth healthy by making the plaque disappear as it contains wasabi extract Peppermint oil, Green tea extract, Clove, Birch, peony root, avocado oil, and xylitol.

This product is highly recommend for those who have bas breath, smokers, rotting teeth and other gum diseases.

✎ ̼ Experience

I love to use this after eating food with strong scent. This directly make the bad smell disappear. It taste like strong peppermint and cool shock on the tongue at first. The taste linger for about 5 minutes then mildly lingers afterwards. I find it refreshing and I love it. Such a quick escape from bad odor.

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Sunday, August 28, 2022


Botanity is a plant-based skincare brand from South Korea that embodies true clean beauty through wisdom found in nature. Botanity always chooses raw materials that are safe for everyone and beneficial to the skin. I love how Botanity pays attention to the environment by making their products cruelty free and use plant-basic. They researched and had some patented ingredients which has powerful formula for healthy skin. One of their patented ingredient is Flavon, which I wanna review today. Botanity Flavon Serum. 

Its formulated using patented ingredient called Uniflavon : its a plant-based ingredients from Bambusa Vulgaris extract and Scutellaria Baicalensis root extract which helps sensitive and rough skin become healthy again. 

  • soothing the skin: This helps reducing skin redness
  • Improving skin texture : make the rough skin becomes smooth and soft
  • Strengthen skin barrier : make the skin barrier firm and control moisture balance of the skin
  • Sensitive skin friendly 

The uniflavon, propolis and Centella asiatica ingredients are soothing the skin and reducing the redness. It also helps strengthen the skin barrier as it contains of 8 plant-based ingredients, ceramide, cholesterol and fatty acid. 

It can improve skin texture to become smooth and elastic as well. 

It comes in a 50ml size, which is quiet big 😍 it has brownish and thick-watery texture. It doesn’t sticky and ofc absorb well. It smells like honey but not really strong and will disappear right away after few seconds. 

 ̼ Experience 

Im really impressed because the effect is more than I expected 😍 My recent skin condition is pretty moist, smooth and looks healthy. The redness is lessened since I use the serum. This serum is what my sensitive skin needs 🥰 

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Lazada Indonesia 

Thursday, July 21, 2022

[ SPONSORED ] : The best shapewear bodysuits you need in 2022

The task of finding the greatest shapewear for ladies hasn't always been simple. In the past, the only smoothing or covering underwear options may have been a slip that slid about or a gymnastics spandex leotard. Even while you shouldn't feel compelled to wear shapewear to important occasions, they may make you feel and look your best as you mark significant occasions in your life. Body-shaping undergarments, such as  bodysuits, may provide support and comfort while staying essentially undetectable to people around you, whether you're walking down the aisle or looking for the ideal underwear of the bride outfit.


We now have a huge selection of bodysuits and bras for ladies that have been meticulously developed. Due to the less constrictive and more inclusive designs, the attraction of bodysuits, tanks, sculpting shorts, and other undergarments that fall under this category has increased recently.  Now that you have a variety of options, it's time to choose the top shapewear bodysuits for 2022.


All Day Slimming Bodysuit

 This versatile seamless bodysuit is a girl's best friend. This is the most breathable among the best body shaper and it will feel like second skin. The straps may be adjusted to fit a variety of body types. It has an overlap gusset in case you need to use the bathroom and is simple to put on and take off. Wearing this is perfect for everyday activities as well as special events like weddings, parties, conferences, and meetings, as well as for postpartum recovery following a pregnancy.

Low Back Mid thigh Bodysuit

This low back mid thigh bodysuit is the ideal low-back, low-front option for when you're revealing more skin. The versatile straps are adjustable and convertible, and the smooth shaping fabric works imperceptibly. It has soft, softly padded cups, an open crotch for easy access to the bathroom, and a low back with a detachable back clasp for complete adaptability.

Full Coverage Postpartum Bodysuit

Following surgery, the full coverage postpartum recovery shaping bodysuit softly conforms to your body. It supports your bust with triangle-shaped contour cups. Postpartum shapewear can give women who are healing from a cesarean section delivery more compression. The muscles could be painful, weaker, or overworked after giving birth. You might feel more supported all day long with the aid of shapewear.

Square Neck Short Sleeve Bodysuit

This piece can double as your shapewear and a top! It comes in the color black and light blue. This bodysuit has a square neck to change up your usual neckline, a thong-cut bottom, and double-layer fabric for added grip. It is constructed of opulent, highly stretchable fabric that feels like second skin. They remain in place, creating a lovely, sleek layer, which makes this bodysuit fantastic. Pair this with jeans and a blazer and you are ready for the day.

Bodysuits are great because it gives you support and a seamless tuck-in so you may dress comfortably and easily. Bodysuits may be skin-tight or loose, and because of the tension they create from the shoulders to the crotch, they can embrace your contours and serve as the ideal foundation for whichever bottom you choose.  You may need shapewear with a thong back, a plunging neckline, or waist trainer for plus size women. Shopping for shapewear that complements your body shape and skin tone can also help to ensure that your undergarments are hidden.


Nowadays parents are allowing and anticipating their kids to eat by themselves.  A lot moms around me, especially my sister and my friends who has kid are feeling stressful during feeding their kids. They said its pretty hard and become their biggest problem. So they had an idea to use feeding set that can be easily used by their kids. Mom still need to pay attention many things when choosing the feeding set. 

Here are some important things before buying the feeding set

1. Choose Food-grade material

2. Easy to clean

3. Heat resistance

4. Durability

5. Design and color 

Considering the important point above, I suggest to choose silicone feeding set. This rubber set usually is pretty durable and comes in various designs and colors. Silicone is also soft material that is safe for kids or babies, plus it can help stimulate their motoric skill while learning how to eat. And all of all make sure to choose a food grade, BPA free and Eco-friendly feeding set so that it is safe and comfortable for the kids. 

Here I'd like to introduce a website where you can find wholesale silicone feeding set: They use an advance technology for the silicone overmolding that's why they produce very great silicone products. They have more than 12 years experience in producing and  improving rubber products such as baby care products, kitchen utensils, houseware items and even pet utensils. 

I will give some feeding sets recommendation that are perfect and meet our standards from this website. To find more products you can visit their website right away. 

Eco-friendly Non-toxic BPA Free Baby Feeding Set Manufacturer

This feeding set is made to meet FDA standards, BPA free and premium silicone material. Its not only safe for kids but it can make them happy because the colorful design. The design also looks so fancy and its pretty easy to clean only with running water. 

Customized BPA Free Food Grade Silicone Baby Bib Manufacturer

If you are want to have unique design and make the bib stand out. Or just wanna matching the feeding set with your kids' favorite character, we can chose the customized option. You can request for the design by your own choice. The bib also has a deep and sturdy spill pocket so that it can hold all the stray foods or liquid. 

Silicone squirrel suction plate

This super cute squirrel plate will make your kids' meal time become so much fun. This also designed with 2 small handle for an easy grip. This silicone plate is odorless and non toxic, another good this is its pretty easy to clean. 

You can find others cute design for the feeding sets here. I believe your kids will love them and we as the parent will love because they all are great products. 

Sunday, June 26, 2022



Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant Actif ini merupakan gentle cleanser yang benar-benar cocok untuk acne-prone dan oily skin. Cleanser ini mampu membersihkan sel-sel kulit mati, sisa-sisa makeup, komedo dan mengontrol produksi sebum di kulit kita. 

Bagi kita memang jerawat menjadi permasalah kulit yang paling ingin kita hindari. Penyembuhan dari inflamasi dan juga memudarkan bekas jerawatnya menjadi PR penting banget bagi kita semua pastinya. Jadi penting sekali kita merawat kulit kita dari basic cleansing yang mampu memberi efek untuk merawat kulit berjerawat serta menghambat munculnya jerawat baru, 

Nah salah satu basic skincare yang penting adalah dengan memilih facial wash yang tepat sesuai kebutuhan kulit kita. bagi kita yang acne-prone atau kulit sensitif yang mudah timbul breakouts/ redness. Jika kita memiliki tipe kulit seperti yang aku sebutkan di atas, aku sarankan untuk memilih cleanser yang gentle dan aman untuk kulit sensitif. 

Bioderma Sébium Gel Moussant Actif  ini salah satu gentke cleanser yang aku pakai. Walaupun sedang tidak breakout/ berjerawat masih tetap bisa digunakan untuk kulit ku yang sensitif ini. Karena formulanya yang gentle dan tidak menimbulkan iritasi sama sekali. 

Karena termasuk gentle cleanser, cleanser ini cocok untuk dipakai sehari-hari. Tidak hanya mapu membersihkan kotoran, sel kult mati dan komedo tanpa merusak skin barrier, tapi bisa menghaluskan kulit dan mengurangi jerawat karena mengandung AHA&BHA ( gentle exfo ). Cleanser ini juga mampu melembakan dengan kandungan Glycerin di dalamnya. Dengan kandungan Zinc Gluconate, yang mampu mengontrol sebum dan mengurangi shiny/ greasy di kulit. Dengan kandunga exfoliasinya ini oleh karena itu cleanser ini disebut "pembersih aktif". Sehingga tidak hanya membersihan , melainkan juga merawat kulit kita. 

Pembersihan aktif yang diformulasikan khusus oleh Bioderma ini terinsipasi oleh prinsip Ekobiolgi yang dipegang oleh NAOS loh, yang artinya memandang kulit sebagai sebuah ekosistem. 

Cleanser ini benar-benar Acne Treatment Cleanser yang wajib kita punya. Karena berdasarkan clinical study-nya Sebium Gel Moussant Aktif ini efektif mengurangi jerawat hingga -32%, mampu memberikan kelembaban kulit hingga 90% dan juga melembutkan kulit hingga 88%.


Sebium Gel Moussant Aktif tampil denggan kemasan tube berwarna hijau yang lumayan besar dengan size 200ml. Teksturnya gel yang cair, mempunyai aroma seperti daun kemangi sih menurutku. Tapi tidak menggangu sama sekali karena akan langsung menghilang setelah membilas. 

Seperti yang aku jelaskan di atas cleanser ini mempunyai fungsi membersihakan sekaligus merawat kulit kita. Oleh karena itu bisa dikatakan kalau cleanser ini punya 2 manfat pembersihan yaitu:

1. Pembersih yang lembut: Membersihkan kulit tanpa melemahkan atau merusak skin barrier kita meskipun mengandung bahan aktif. 

2. Pembersih aktif: mampu membersihkan area permukaan kulit dan juga bawah permukaan kulit karena terdafat efek peeling yang gentle. sehingga mampu mengurangi noda/bekas jerawat. 

oia selain untuk pembersih muka, Sebium Gel Moussant Aktif ini juga bisa dipakai sebagai sabun mandi juga untuk daerah- daerah khusus yang mengalami jerawat seperti punggung. 


Seperti yang sudah aku jelaskan diatas jika cleanser ini mengandung AHA&BHA, Glycerin sebagai kandungan utama. Dan bahan-bahan lainnya yang bagus untuk kulit kita. 

Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid : sebagai exfo agen

Zinc Gluconate, Salicylic Acid : Sebagai bahan anti jerawat

Tocopherol : Anti oksidan untuk kulit kita

 Zinc Gluconate, Salicylic Acid : menenangkan dan menghaluskan kulit. 

Dengan kandungan aktif AHA dan BHA nya ini lah, cleanser ini memberikan efek peeling yang lembut baik diatas permukaan maupun dibawah permukaan kulit. . Dimana bahan-bahan ini efektif dan sangat toleran dengan kulit yang rentan berjerawat. Bahan-bahan ini mampu membersihkan pori-pori yang tersumbat dan mengurangi tumpukan sel kulit mati di atas permukaan kulit. Dengan kemampuan peeling nya yang lembut ini, sehingga mencegah timbulnya komedo dan peradangan/jearawat baru muncul. 


Teksturnya gel dan tidak banyak busa saat dipakai. Aku pakai ini pagi dan malam hari, setelah dibilas ga bikin kering dan mampu mengurangi sebum, membersihkan sel-sel kulit mati. Kulitku terasa lebih lembut setelah cuci muka. Aku ada jerawat mendem baru di perbatasan dahi dan rambut, aku pakai ini 2hari sudah kering dan kempes. Mantep bgt deh buat jerawat 

Karena cleanser ini aman digunakan oleh remaja 12+, adek aku yang berumur 15 tahun juga aku suruh memakai Sebium Gel Moussant Aktif  ini, karena dia mempunyai jenis kulit acne-prone gitu. Setelah hampir 2 minggu memakai ini, adekku merasa jerawatnya lebih cepat kering dan kulitmya terasa lebih bersih dan lembut. Dia juga bilang kalau jarang muncul jerawat baru sejak memakai cleanser ini. 

Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant 45ml

Selain Bioderna  Sebium Gel Moussant Aktif , aku juga mencoba Bioderma Sebium Gel Moussant. Untuk yang versi ini, diformulasikan khusus untyuk kulit kombinasi, beminyak dan acne-prone untuk menjaga keseimbangan sebum. Sehingga kulit lebih bersih dan mengurangi jerawat juga. Untuk full review nya nanti aku akan tulis secara terpisah.  

Where to Buy : 

Shopee Bioderma Indonesia


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SOME BY MI Retinol Intense Advance Triple Action Eye Cream is my anti aging favorite product. My biggest concern at my 30's is wrinkles and fine lines especially under eyes area, forehead and smile lines T.T. If you have the same concern just like me, your at the right place and please continue reading till end. I dont need to be worry more about the wrinkle as I had found the perfect solution for my aging problem. This eye cream is formulated with retinol which has 3 benefits: wrinkle care, brightening care and elasticity care.

Permasalahan usia 30n nih iyess kerutan dimana-mana terutama area bawah mata, dahi dan smile lines. Tapi aku ga perlu khawatir lagi, karena aku udah temuin solusinya. Ini dia SOME BY MI Retinol Intense Advance Triple Action Eye Cream dengan kandungan retinol yang punya 3 benefit yaitu: memperbaiki kerutan, mencerahkan dan mengencangkan kulit.


It comes in an attractive purple tube packaging and comes in 30ml size which can last up to 4 month to empty. The plastic tube is pretty easy to squeeze to take the product out. We can manage how much product we want to use.

Packaging nya berupa tube dengan dominasi warna ungu yang cantik. Produknya sendiri berukuran 30ml, dan isinya lumayan banyak jadi bisa dipakai hingga 4 bulan menurutku.

It can be used not only on eyes area but also on the cheeks, nose/smile lines, lips, forehead and neck. This product is already clinically tested on that areas, so its safe and works effectively. Its formulated with LAMELLA FORMULA which is comfy to use because the formula is similar with the skin's structure. Beside this also use LIPOSOME TECHNOLOGY, its an advanced technology which helps the active ingredients absorbs quickly into the skin. 

Ga cuma dipake di area mata tapi bisa jg dipakai di pipi, hidung/smile lines, mulut, dahi dan leher. Karena produk ini sudah teruji klinis pada 6 area wajah tersebut. poduk ini dibuat dengan LAMELLA FORMULA, yang memberikan kenyamanan ketika dipakai karena formula ini meyerupai struktur kulit kita. Selain itu produk ini juga menggunakan TEKNOLOGI LIPOSOME , yang mampu membantu penyerapan bahan-bahan aktif lebih cepat ke dalam kulit kita.  

It has creamy and soft texture, the cream doesn't leave stickiness when applied on the skin. It's easily to absorb and no fragrance. When applied it glides smoothly on the skin and spread easily. 

Mempunyai tekstur cream yg lembut dan tidak lengket saat dioleskan di area wajah. Teksturnya sangat mudah meresap dan tanpa aroma. Saat di apply dimuka sangat lembut dan mudah diratakan di semua area muka. 


✿ Retinol dan Retinal: Perawatan keriput dan garis garis halus
✿ Glutathione, Asam Traneksamat, Chlorella:
Memberikan efek mencerahkan
✿ Kolagen dan Peptida: Bersinergi dengan Retinol untuk memberikan elastisitas lebih maksimal 


After 2 weeks using this eye serum, you can see from the before-after photos that my wrinkles and fine lnes are less visible. My skin also gets more hydrate and firm especially the forehead and smile lines. I have dark circle too, after using this the drak area gets brighter. 

Setelah 2 mingguan memakai ini, bisa dilihat di poto before after, keriput dan garis2 halus mulai tersamarkan. Kulit terlihat lebih lembab dan kencang. Aku punya mata panda yang samar , setelah pakai ini area mata panda semakin telihat lebih cerah. Daerah dahi dan hidung terasa lebih kencang juga 💜

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anw dont forget to check my previous post about women dresses too. thank you so much for reading guys.