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[ REVIEW ] : 13MONTH SKINSHIP STEAM CUSHION #21 ( 0.8L Indonesia )

Yaay finally I got a chance to win from 0.8L Indonesia hahah. Its really hard to win their giveaway. So today I will review about the 13Month Skinship Steam Cushion, Im very happy to get this cushion haha. 

13month is actually a clothing brand but they also launched their cosmetics line a few month ago. Just like Stylenanda with their 3ce and Chuu with Beige Chuu as their cosmetics line. Im so happy that I got a chance to try their new launched cosmetics line. I have a big expectation to this cushion, so please read until finish to know whether this cushion work on me or not.

It took almost 2 months to arrive. haha make me worried if they stucked in the customs office γ… γ… .

There are 4 main points about the cushion on their website. So once more I need to bother my Korean friend to translate it since its written in Korean haha.

Point 1 : block ultraviolet
by adenosine, it helps skin wrinkle improvement. 3functionality (skin wrinkle improvement, block ultraviolet, whitening)

Point 2 : Moisture
It makes skin moist with sodium hyaluronate, aloe, cactus extraction

Point 3 : Whitening
Make by many energy of extraction (licorice/mulberry/rose/daisy/lotus/cherryblossom), make skin  bright and lively

Point 4 : the White willow
extraction from white willow tree which is plenty of salicylic acid, it helps skin feel comfortable

So in conclusion, this cushion has triple function as UV protection, wrinkle improvement and whitening.
Okay now lets talk about the cushion haha.

It comes in a baby pink box, without any refill inside. Yeah only single cushion set haha. There are some information about the cushion written in Korean. 

The cushion comes in a square shape unlike the other cushion. Its almost the same with Pony Effect Cushion. The color is also the same with the box, baby pink and silver lining around the cushion. Its the part that I dont like from the cushion, because the silver part getting dirty easily. 

The other thing that make it different with the other cushion is that its a magnetic compact. So it will be more secure than usual cushion imo. The cushion compact surprisingly is really light weight, I tot that it will be heavy since it has different shape than usual cushion.

We need to peel off the sticker on the mirror so that it can be used. We dont need to bring additional mirror because the mirror's quality is really great.

The puff is white, I dont like to wear the puff coz its hard to apply the cushion on my face. It doesnt absord well so its really unconvenient to use the puff. I prefer to use the blue puff. I dont know the difference between the blue and the white puff, but I think the blue one is easier to absorb the cushion.

The cushion comes in a black container, which is usually most cushion come in white container. It make the cushion look elegant and expensive haha.

When we open the cushion, there is a sticker to protect the cushion. I never throw away the sticker, it keeps the cushion to not getting dirty easily. 

I got shade no 21. Its the lightest shade, there are only 2 shades available: #21 and #22. Gladly I got the lightest shade, because I usually buy the light shade for bb cushion. 

Fortunately the shade blends well on my skin. It looks really light at first but it blends well with my skin tone without giving white cast.

It has medium ~ high coverage, since it can cover my redness and my big pores well. It also can cover eyeliner mark that I create on my hand. But one bad thing, it cant cover my pimple perfectly. hahah. Well yeahh I dont mind it. Most cushion , even the expensive one maybe cant cover pimples well also.

The cushion is really light and I can apply it many layers without cakey. It has glow finish on me, and I really like it. I think this will be perfect for us who have normal to dry skin type. 

The first time applying this cushion I can smell very nice scent. It doesnt bother me at all. I prefer cushion that have nice frgrance to cushion with chemical scent. It can last up to 5~6 hours, its really great that it doesnt turn out greyish or make my face oily. 

Overall I really love this cushion, it keeps my skin moist and doesnt cause any problem on my skin after applying this cushion. 

Love :

♡ cute packaging
♡ triple functions
♡ medium coverage
♡ nice fragrance

Hate :

☆ The puff is unconvenience to use
☆ Expensive ( without refill)

See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^


  1. ah finally i've been waiting for this review~
    thanks for the nice review^^

  2. ah pekejing nya beda dari yang lain ya..terlihat lebih presisi di mataku hahahaha. Next wishlist i guess..LOL


    1. iya pekejinya ak suka. boleh dicoba klo penasarn sama cushionnya ^^

  3. Ini produk luar yahh? Masih asing ditelingaa. Tp nice review :)


  4. You look beautiful Dear, great products:)


  5. Namanya unik daripada yg lain ya. Baru dengar merk ini juga.


    1. ak jg baru tau brand ini pas ikut giveawaynya dulu haha

  6. You look so adorable! Anyway, Wow, I really love the packaging, it's so cute!!! I think the coverage is also impressive! Great review! I wish it's available here locally :(

    - Gretch of GG Memochou

    1. awww thanks dear ^^. yeah the packaging catch my attention the most.I think we need to buy online if we want this cushion γ… γ… 

  7. Such a great review! I love your site and photos :)

  8. Your blog is just the cutest, I'm in love with your style <3




  9. I haven't heard of this brand before, but I'll definitely look out for this one when I go to Seoul! ♥ Thanks for sharing this wonderful review. :) Btw, if you're looking for great deals online you may check out these links: https://goo.gl/glwHDg and http://bit.ly/2nyC8VE :) Hope to hear from you soon! x

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

  10. The coverage looks really high!! My first time hearing this brand nice to use and cute too!


    1. yeahh. this cushion has really good coverage and also cut ^^~

  11. Love this!! And love your blog too πŸ’–πŸ’–

  12. Sekilas aku pikir ini sister brand dari Pony effect lo, agak mirip ya packagingnya! hihihi. Btw, cushion ini high coverage banget ya, eyeliner nya bisa hampir ketutup total gitu, hasilnya dewy suka banget, cocok banget sama kamu <3



    1. bnerrr bgt hampir mirip sma cushionnya pony XD. ak suka coverage sama hasilnyaa. bikin glowing mukanya

  13. pekejing nya lohhh. to die for xD


  14. This seems like a good product! And the package is pretty too :)



    1. I do agree.. this is very great product ^^~

  15. Shame on me, I've never heard of this brand before. K-beauty really do has a lot of brands anyway and sometimes I just can't keep up >_< I wonder why is this brand called as '13 month' (interesting)!. From what I see, the cushion seems like a good option if you're looking for coverage..

    ieyra h. | blog

    1. me too. Ive never heard this brand bfor XD . but actually its a famous clothing brand in Korea. yeapp. this is nice choice for coverage seekers ^^~

  16. This brand is new for me~
    Thanks for the review of this great product

  17. Baca review cushion bikin mupeng tapi kebanyakan cushion bikin kulit q break out T.T sedih bgt ...hikz


  18. Lovely post! I hope your having an amazing weekend :) http://www.bauchlefashion.com/2017/05/marissa-webbs-modern-nyc-woman.html

  19. chusion-nya memberikan hasil yang bagus, bekas jerawat di wajah bisa tersamarkan dengan baik..

  20. makin gak ngerti lagi deh, ini produk keren-keren banget


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