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Here I wanna share my routine to get poreless skin. I only use 3 products from Mary&May to achieve poreless and glass skin effect. Hope you enjoy this routine and find it helpful to you ❤️


Mary&May Daily Safe Black Head Clear Nose Mask

This nose mask is a life savior to manage sebum/ blackheads without irritation. This mask is pretty gentle for daily use. Say bye bye to painful nose strips πŸ˜‚πŸ«£

This nose mask set contains 2 step of mask to take care of blackheads. It comes along with the cotton swab to remove the remaining soften blackhead on the skin surface.  Its super soft, gentle and easy to use. 

 Step 1 : Safe blackhead Clear Mask

This mask will gently melt the blackheads and release them out of the pores without irritating the skin. 

 After the 10 minutes, remove the step 1 mask and gently wipe the soften blackhead with cotton swab

 Step 2 : Soothing Pore Tightening Mask

The second step soothes and tighten the pores. This also provide the skin elasticity. My skin looks  so smooth and poreless after the step 2πŸ₯°

°☆ Experience

From the before after pic, you can see that my pores get clear, clean and tighten. I really love the result. It doesnt feel painful at all πŸ˜‚ and it only takes 20 minutes only to have clean pores. 


Mary&May CICA TeaTree Soothing Wash off Pack 125g

This wash of mask is a premium mask containing natural ingredients (EWG ingredients). This mask is not only for soothing the skin but also caring the large pores. This leaving the skin moist and soft even after use without dryness or tightness. 

This mask contains ingredients that are full of soothing effects. It has soft cream type that spread smoothly and can be easily washed off with water without cleanser. Contain cica leave flakes but doesnt irritated the skin when applied. The mask will dry and harden for approximately 15 minutes then we can rinse off with lukewarm water.

°☆ Experience 

This is pretty helpful caring my sensitive and large pores at once. It calms and tightens my large pores. I can feel that when the mask get harden, it tightens my pore as well. As it contains hydrating ingredients, it leaves my skin moist and smooth after rinsing. 


Mary&May Niacinamide + Chaenomeles Sinensis Serum 30ml

This serum helps to brighten skin tone efectively. It also smoothen the skin texture and elastic, helps sebum control and resuce skin trouble. 

This contain only 2% of Niacinamide which is safe for sensitive skin. Together with Chaenomeles Sinensis fruits which is rich of vitamin C, it really helps brighten up the skin tone . 

It has watery gel-like texture that absorbs quickly and doesnt sticky at all. 

°☆ Experience

I really can see my skin tone improved and smoother skin texture even in the first week 😍. Im using along with the Mary&May Cica wash of mask and Nose pack. That is why, it helps maximize the result to get healthy and glowy skin. 

Here is the result of my poreless skin routine after about 3 weeks. 

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Check also my another post about women fashion products, thank you so much for reading ^^.

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How I deep cleansing to get clear and healthy glowy skin? here I would love to share my deep cleanse routine. recently I use Klavuu products. 

All the products I use here are sensitive skin frinedly, as I have dry-sensitive skin type I really enjoy my routine with them. 

There are 4 product that I use from Klavuu, start from cleanser, peeling gel, toner and body mist. Here I will tell you the steps and short review about each product. 

STEP 1: Klavuu Phytoncide Mild Cleansing Foam 150ml

The most imprtant thing for basic skincare is cleansing. Choosing the correct cleanser that suit with your skin condition and concern is a must. Usually we will randomly choose the powerful cleansing hopefully that it can really cleans our skin, but somehow the powerful one will caused some bad effect such as : skin get extremely dry and strip away the skin barrier. 

The wiser is choose the cleanser that has PH 5-6 to maintain the PH balance while protecting the skin barrier. 


So Klavuu Phytoncide Mild Cleansing foam has the mildly-acidic formula, amino acid bubbles and cypress water. They provide moisture care and shoote the skin without irritating the skin.

It comes in a white plastic cube packaging. It has creamy texture that can forms thick and soft with bubbles net or just lather with our palms. 


✿. Cypress water extract

Cypress water from the cypress trees of pristine Jeju soothes and protects fatigued skin with rich natural purifying agent phytoncide

✿. Amino acid surfactant

Skin-friendly amino acids from coconut moisturize the skin without irritation

✿. Houttuynia cordata extract

Helps to retain healthy skin with moisturizing and soothing care for skin that is sensitive to external factors

✿. Panthenol

Vitamin B5 forms a moisture barrier on the skin and boost vitality


It doest dry or irritates my skin after cleansing. It has matte finish but when I touch my skin it feels very smoot and clean. The dead skin cells around my nose and my chin completely also has gone. 

Anyway I also got a tip from their website that this cleanser can be used as a substitue for a shampoo if we have a sensitive scalp. It claimed that it can make a comfortable scalp and healty hair. I will do this one and share the update here later. 

STEP 2: Klavuu Phytoncide Peeling Gel 80ml

What happen if we dont exfoliate regularly? It caused our complexion becomeing dull and unhealthy. Why does it happen? Our skin repeat creating new keratin. UV rays and stress can cause buildup of aged keratin. If the Keratin layer become very thick and clogged pore, it can cause many skin problem, our skin become tough and no longer can absorb cosmetic products and skin getting dull. 

So, a regular cleansing is not enough. I suggest to do exfoliating regularly to remove the Keratin layer. Using peeling gel is one of the best way. 


Klavuu Phytoncide Peeling Gel has Chemical and physical dual peeling system which effectively exfoliates dead skin cells and also contains cypress water to soothe the skin. The mild dual peeling is a way to care the impurities without damage the skin through chemical peel while removeing the keratin. And the Ecocert Cellulose ( physical peel ) only remove the aged keratin remaining on the skin surface.

This is the upgrade version using efective technology so it is a safe peeling without irritation with mild dual peeling effect. Its very comfortable to the skin even for daily usage.

The packaging is almost the same with the cleanser but its smaller because it only comes in 80ml size. The texture is white gel-like with cellulose. It clumps right away when we gently rub on the dry skin surface. 


✿. Ecocert cellulose

Organic cellulose helps to retain smooth skin by inducing gentle exfoliation of impurities and debris on the skin's surface

✿. Cypress water extract

Cypress water from the cypress trees of pristine Jeju soothes and protects fatigued skin with rich natural purifying agent phytoncide

✿. Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract

Natural BHA gently dissolves and removes sebum and impurities/ debris in pores leaving your skin clear and radiant

✿. LHA

The fourth generation hypoallergenic next-generation peeling ingredient causes minimal irritation to the skin, leaving only moisturizing ingredients and healthy keratin for a clean, clear complexion.

✿. Houttuynia cordata extract

Helps to retain healthy skin with moisturizing and soothing care for skin that is sensitive to external factors

✿. Panthenol

Vitamin B5 forms a moisture barrier on the skin and boost vitality


What I love when using this peeling gel is that this is very gentle and doesnt cause irritation to my sensitive skin. It leaves my skin moist and smooth when I touch after rinse it. As it is very safe and gentle I use it daily not only for my face but also on the area which need exfoliation such as my elbow and my back. 

STEP 3: Klavuu Green Pearlsation PHA Calming Toner 200ml

The last step of my deep cleansing routine is applying soothing toner which also contain gentle exfoliating ingredients. 


This Klavuu calming toner is a mild, skin-balancing toner that contains rich PHA and will remove dead skin cells gently.

It aslo formulated with EWG green grade ingredients, and gentle enough for sensitive skin. pH of 5.5. This product does not contain alcohol, artificial coloring, parabens, sulfates or animal products.

It comes in a green plastic botol, which has very generous in size 200ml. It has watery texture that will absorb easily and doesnt leave stickiness. 


✿. PHA (gluconolactone) 

It mildly and gently removes dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to refine pores and improve cell regeneration, that will give a glowing skin.

✿. tea tree leaf extract & centella asiatica extract 

Calm and soothe any irritation or inflammation.

✿. Marine extracts (like kelp and algae) 

It helps stimulate cell turnover and provide anti-inflammatory 

✿. sodium hyaluronate 

It provides hydration to keep skin primed and prepped for the rest of your routine.


The toner does calm and soothes the skin after the peeling process. It also leaves my skin hydrates and glowing. 

STEP 4: Klavuu Green Pearlsation Tea Tree Care Body Spray 100ml

This is an extra step that I use using Klavuu product. This body spray is formulated with salicylic acid and tea tree oil that helps to calms body acnes or breakouts on th chest, back, and other area. It also contains pearl and algae extracts which brightens the skin and soothes irritation while instantly refreshing skin.

It comes in a spray plastic bottle, which is pretty easy and simple to use the product. It doesnt have scent and its easy to absorb and dry as it has a watery texture. 


I spray this for my back acnes. I notice that the blemishes got dry quickly after few day. Im waiting for the best result after using it religiously and I will update the review here too. 

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Summer swimwear is a must have item for this hot hot summer, isn't it? So today I'd like to share some swimwear recommendation that you can wear. I feel that this summer is pretty hot and going to the beach or having fun in the sea is the best way to enjoy the summer. Or just going to the swimming pool to refresh your body, you still can wear your best swimwear. An attractive swimwear is a summer essential beside sunscreen an sunglasses. 

I found an affordable online store Dear Lover, its a famous wholesale women's clothing women's clothing that supplies to more than 160 countries and over 15,000 wholesalers and retailers around the world with affordable, high quality, fashionable women's clothing & lingerie. Not only all the products are affordable but they also guarantee the best quality in all their products. 

Here I share some of their newest swimwear collections. All the swimwear will bring more confidence and feminine style to every body so you can look and feel at your best. All the swimwear come in different design and details so you can choose as your preference. For me, swimwear with frill or lace details is the cutest one. Here you can choose and find many styles, from the simple, sexy , feminine, cute and pattern style. 

Yellow Floral Ruffled Hem High Waist Bikini Set

This bikini set includes ruffled top and tropical print high-waist bottoms. It has sweet and sexy styles, absolutely you will have a perfect beach holiday wearing this. The ruffle top adds sweetness to the whole look. And the high-waist part can hide our belly too, so we still can be looked at our best. This also comes in many color choices you can choose. Yellow and green are the best that will suit the warm and hot summer. 

White Two-piece Cut-out Long Sleeve Rash Guard

This two pieces is featuring a high neckline and cut-out beneath the bust, cropped and slim fit. The high cut bottoms greatly show off a pair of sexy long legs. The bottoms have higher cut so it will be pretty cheeky. You will love this as this will give you a sexy look. 

The ruffled design makes the swimwear look pretty cute and sweet. It also featured with laced up design that shows women’s sexy figure and feminine touch. The ruffle details on the panty also adds the cuteness of the bikini. The high waist also give a great coverage to our bottom part, 

As this store is a popular wholesale boutique clothing, I suggest to get some beach cover up shirt to complete your beach outfit. There are a bunch of modest and stylish cover up shirt you can find there. 

White Hollowed Lace Cover-Up Duster Kaftan

This women kaftan is pretty fashionable, its perfect to wear to cover up our one-piece or bikini while we walk along the beach. Its a maxi length and featured with ruffled sleeves, open front with buttons at the waist. This flowing lace cardigan and hollowed pattern will enhance you body's sexiness' and you will look perfect on it.

Pink Crochet Hollow Out Lace-up Loose Beach Cover Up

This crochet cover up is also perfect to wear during beach holiday. I suggest to pair it with your favorite swimsuit to show your glass hour body shape. 

What do you think about my recommendation above? Do you spot your favorite item? To find more styles and other fashion you can visit their website. 


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Benton Air Fit UV Defense Sun Cream SPF50+/PA++++. Are you searching for an organic UV filter to use in this hot summer?? Good news,Benton's newest sunscreen is here.

Buat kalian yang cari Sunscreen dengan bahan-bahan organik aku ada kabar baik nih!! yap Benton baru saja mengeluarkan produk sunscreen terbaru mereka yaitu: Benton Air Fit UV Defense Sun Cream SPF50+/PA++++ 

This summer I feel that the weather is really hot and the sun rays really sting my skin and probably will give worse effect to my skin. The best way to avoid the bad effect of the UV rays is by choosing the most suitable and comfortable sunscreen. 

Btw kalian ngerasa ga sih, sekarang ini cuacanya lagi panas dan gerah banget X(. Saking panasnya tuh aku ngerasa sakit banget / cekit cekit gitu pas kepapar sinar matahari. Takut banget ga sih sama dampak buruk sinar UV yg terik banget ini. Anw hal paling utama yang bisa kita lakukan yaitu memakai sunscreen yang nyaman dipakai pas cuaca lagi terik terik nya.

Then I tried this newest sunscreen from Benton, and I really love it, as I feel comfortable using this during the pretty hot summer.

Pas banget aku 2 mingguan ini pakai sunscreen terbaru dari Benton ini. Dan aku ngerasa nyaman banget pake ini disaat cuaca super panas ini. 

This sunscreen has triple functional: UV protection, whitening and wrinkle improvement. Its because this sunscreen is formulated with green-grade organic ingredients and was verified by a rigid European Cosmetics Regulatory institution which is safe to be used for any skin types. 

Suncreen ini punya 3 fungsi : memberi perlindungan dari sinar UV, mencerahkan dan mencegah keriput. Karena sunscreen ini diformulasi dengan bahan-bahan organik green-grade dan sudah terverifikasi oleh institusi European Cosmetics Regulatory sehingga aman dipakai untuk semua jenis kulit. 

About product

What I love about the packaging is that it comes with a recycleable box ( using 100% sugar cane paper and printed with soy ink ) which is good for environment. The sunscreen tube is green the same with the box color. Its come in 50ml size which is travel friendly enoug to bring so we can reapply anytime. 

Yang aku suka dari kemasan sunscreen ini adalah box daur ulang yang terbuat 100% dari phon tebu dan tulisannya dicetak dengan soy ink, sehingga ramah lingkungan. Tube nya sendiri berwarna hijau sama seperti dengan box luarnya. Hadir dengan kemasan ramping 50ml yang lumayan travel friendly jadi bisa kita bawa kemana saja dan reapply kapan saja. 

This has a lightweight cream texture, which doesnt leave stickiness and white cast. This formula gives a cooling and moisturizing effect to the skin which can be a substitute of our moisturizer cream. So we can skip applying cream as this sunscreen already gives enough hydration to the skin. 

Suncreen ini memiliki tekstur yang ringan, sehingga tidak terasa lengket dan meninggalkan white cast. Karena diformulasi dengan Centella dan kandungan lainnya yang ringan, sunscren ini mampu memberikan efek menyegarkan dan melembabkan. Bahkan bisa digunakan sebagai pengganti moisturizer, jadi kita bisa skip pakai moisturizer karena sunscreen ini sudah memberikan kelembaban yang cukup. 

Key Ingredients 

✿ Centella Asiatica 

moisturizing and nutrition, cooling, soothing, oil/moisture control, problematic skin, skin convergence.

✿ Panthenol

also known as Provitamin B5 which is moisturizing and make healthy skin barrier

✿ Dipotassium Glyeyrrhizate

derived from licorice root, which help to protect the skin with excellent soothing effect and maintenance of healthy skin. Help soothing and gives vitality to the skin

✿ Tocopherol

also called Vitamin E, this helps protecting the skin and replenish the nutrition. 


It works as its claimed on me. This directly leaves my skin moist and doesn’t sticky at all. Sometimes I skip apply cream as my skin already hydrated after applying this as this gives a dewy finish. Its really lightweight and doesn’t peel when reapplying. I amaze that this can help soothing my sensitive skin( when I got redness in the morning, my skin got calm in the day as I dont apply skincare with soothing ingredients because I want to test this sunscreen). This sunscreen has light rosemary essential scent but will disappear after a while. This doesnt sting my sensitive skin or my eyes at all. 

This become my another favorite sunscreen 😍😍. 

Di aku, sunscreen ini bekerja seperti klaimnya. Langsung melembabkan ketika di apply ke muka dan ga ada rasa lengket sama sekali. Karena saking lembabnya, kadang aku skip ga pakai moisturizer, di kulitku yang kering ini efek lembabnya maksimal banget. Kulit muka kelihatan glowing gitu sih. 

Formulanya sangat ringan dan pas reapply juga ga ada residu. Yang bikin aku suka, ini tuh bener-bener kasih efek menenangkan di kulit sensitifku. Aku sengaja ga pake skincare yang ada kandungan untuk menenangkan atau calming biar tau kinerja sunscreen ini. Saat pagi ku ada redness karena habis exfo, aku pakai suncreen ini siang nya uda redaan aja iritasi nya. 

Sunscreen ini juga ada aroma rosemary essential yang ga terlalu tajam menurutku ( hampir mirip- mirip aroma mint gitu ) tapi akan hilang setelah beberapa saat setelah di apply ke muka. 

For me who has dry sensitif skin type is really love this formula as its realy hydrate the skin, but dont worry oily-combination skin still can use this as this sunscreen also help for sebum control. 

Untuk aku yang punya tipe kulit kering -sensitif, suka banget dengan formulanya yang sangat menghidrasi. tapi jangan khawatir untuk yang bertipe oily combinasi masih tetap bisa pakai ini juga. sunscreen ini juga bisa mengontrol produksi minya dikulit. 

How To Use 

At the last step of skincare, apply an appropriate amount evenly to the skin 20-30 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply as needed when exposed to strong sunlight. 

Apply di tahap terakhir memakai skincare, ambil secukupnya dan pakai secara merata 20-30 menit sebelum keluar rumah. 

Are you interested to try this? Or you are already used this sunscreen, you can share your experience below in the comment box. For more information and another product from benton you can visit their instgram @bentoncosmetic

Where to Buy

Price : 21$

Note: Benton has provided the product for review purposes and the review is honestly written based on my experience. 

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