Friday, December 29, 2017


Hello, I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Happy holiday everyone ^^. Im being productive on this long holiday yayy, so I have so much time to write some product reviews hehe. But today I wont post about beauty related, this is a sponsor post but also an informative article for US and especially for my friends. Recently, my newlywed friends and I talk about pregnancy in a group chat. They felt some pregnancy symptoms but still not sure whether they're pregnant or not. And yeah I cant give any advice or information to share with my friends since I dont have any experience about pregnancy hahah. So one of my friend who already has a baby, suggest them to do a pregnancy test, but since probably they are in early pregnancy the result wont be too accurate. So here is an article how to know that you are pregnant from Check Pregnancy.

Most women notice pregnancy symptoms as soon as they get pregnant. But not everyone has these symptoms. Some get to know they are pregnant after a month or taking a test. If you suspect that you are pregnant, there are several ways to find out. You can do it yourself or go to your doctor. 

Identify early signs
Knowing the first signs of pregnancy can help to know if you are pregnant. One must have sexual intercourse to be pregnant. In that case, it is necessary to know when you last had sex. This includes considering the kind of sex you had; was it unprotected or protected? If you it was not protected chances of getting pregnant are high. It takes up to ten days after having sex for a fertilized egg to begin implantation. However, taking a test at this time may not prove your pregnancy.

Missed period
This is common. It is even misunderstood by women because once a woman misses her period, the first thing that comes to mind is pregnancy. Although a missed period could indicate that you are pregnant, women miss their periods on some occasions. That is why it is vital for any woman to keep a record of the last of her period. 

Take a pregnancy test
The most effective method to confirmyour pregnancy is by taking a test. Taking the test after a missed period can be useful as the results are likely to be more accurate. You purchase a pregnancy test kit at your nearest drug store. They are usually found together with the family planning products. The test is usually performed early in the morning just after waking up. If the result is negative, that means you are not pregnant. But if it is positive, you are expectant. 

Do you have mood swings?
Normally pregnancy chances can cause you to have mood swings. One time you are crying the next you are euphoric. However, not everyone gets these mood swings during the early stages of pregnancy. If you find yourself shouting or snapping at your friends, it could be a sign you are pregnant. 

Sore breast 
If you thought your breasts only change in the late stages of pregnancy, you are wrong. Nipples can become sensitive and sore and feel heavy soon after you conceive. Such breasts could indicate that you are pregnant. 

Most women feel fatigued, and they don’t even realize they are pregnant until when they take a test or so. If you feel like you are exhausted, you could be pregnant. The fatigue can be as a result of the extra pregnancy hormone, progesterone. Although this symptom ought to go away in the second trimester, it is likely to begin yet again during the third trimester.

Pregnancy is the most exciting period for any mother. But it can be horrible when it is not planned for and happens to the wrong couple. If that happens, you can decide to have a test online or with your doctor. 


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Thursday, December 28, 2017


4 days more to end this year, and I will just at home watching k-dramas and hanging out with friends. How about you? anw hope all of you had a great time ^^. So today I will post some of my choices from Yoins. It is an online  fashion store that was established in 2014 with the simple mission to give young people the opportunity to express themselves through high quality fashion at an affordable price. They believe that fashion is the best way to show your individuality and uniqueness, and they do their best to make all the new fashion trends available for everybody.

Recently I really love to wear girly outfit. The co-ord set will be the best choice clothes to wear for new year outfit. You can try two piece outfit that suit with your personality. 

I chose this co-ord, since the set look so stunning to wear. The shoulder off black top suits well with the midi skirt. The portrait on the skirt adds a sweet and lovely feeling. You can wear your favorite high heels to look perfect with this outfit. 

1/2 Sleeve Check Pattern Top & Shorts Co-ords

The co-ords are made in soft fabric and feature check pattern top, half sleeve, ruffled hem and shorts. You can still look stylish and girly with short to spend your New Year party. 

Not only two piece outfit, I also chose some dresses for women from Yoins.  There are so many pretty dresses in their collections. As you know laces and flowery dresses are my favorite kind of dress. 

Random Floral Print Backless Design High Neck Long Sleeves Chiffon Dress Random Floral Print Backless Design High Neck Long Sleeves Chiffon Dress
This random floral print dress is the must-have piece in every girls wardrobe. Featuring high neck design, long bell sleeves, backless design and self-tie design. Perfect with high heels. 

Sun Flower Lace Mini Dress

Channel your inner Kylie Jenner and totally work it in this lace dress. It is crafted from scoop neck, crochet lace, sun flower pattern, scallop hem and partial lining. Pair it with your heels. 

Random Floral Print V-neckline Ruffled Design Mini Dress Random Floral Print V-neckline Ruffled Design Mini Dress

Slim fit + flare mini dress is the stuff of teen dreams, by Yoins. Random floral print with ruffled detailing, cutout waist + a V-neckline. Finished with a pleated A-line mini skirt that's perfect for twisting and twirling. Zipper closure at back. 

This month has the coldest days, so here is a fashion dress guides that wont make you look boring in the cold day to wear. Don let cold weather ruin your fashion taste, you still can wear your favorite outfit on the cold day. ^^ Also you can check another collection from Yoins, the have up to 90% off clearance sale on their web. 


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Sunday, December 24, 2017


Hello,, this is my second post in December, and yeah another lip products review. This time I wanna review lip tint from Etude House: Dear Darling Tint from their summer collection. I didnt buy all of the shades since I dont really like this kind of gel tint. Bought this because the packaging is so cute and pretty adorable. There are 6 shades available, mine is PK004 Red Bean Red. 

Etude House has never failed for their cute packaging, look at this adorable box. Bought this because I fell in love with the packaging hahah. At first , I tot tht the tint is big, but actually it comes in a cute size. Yeahh it means I can bring this anywhere in my bag. The box is designed with red bean pictures that represent the shade of the gel tint.

The Popsicle packaging is really cute and looks yummy also. Its made from thick plastic and really sturdy, so it wont be broken when it fell down. On the back side there are information about the product shade in Korean and the expired date.

The brush wand comes in a popsicle stick shape, since the packaging is small of course the wand is also short and tiny. The brush is very unique, the oval shape brush has a small hole in it. The brush is so easy and comfortable to use tot it comes in a tiny size.

The consistency of this tint is thick watery. It has a sweet scent when apply it on my lips, umm bubble gum scent maybe and it smell yummy ,makes me wanna lick the tint haha but the taste is a lil bit bitter  XD

The color is really pretty, its pink with a hint of purple. The tint is not too pigmented on my lips and has sheer result. It looks really natural on my lips with the glossy finish.  It's not too noticeable when I used this for gradient lips but it really cute when apply this for full lips.

I feel stickiness at first applying the tint, but after a while I dont feel sticky at all. It glides smoothly on my lips when apply it. It makes my lips moist and lively. 
Since this is a tint, imo it doesn't long lasting enough. After eating and drinking it will leave only sheer stain and probably has gone from my lips so I need to reapply the tint.


image Cute Packaging
image Affordable price
image sweet color
image nice scent

Hate :

image sheer finish
image not long lasting

repurchased? no. since it has sheer finish and not that long last. I fall for the packaging only. XD


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Saturday, December 2, 2017


Hello semuanya, g nyangka yah udah Desember aja haha XD semoga bulan ini jg lebih produktif lg ngeblognya haha.

Well, Okay kali ini aku mau review lipstik matte brand lokal dari Posy Beauty yaitu Lipstick Matte Posy Beauty. Jujur aku jg pertama kali denger brand ini. Ya g heran sih, soalnya Posy Beauty ini aja baru soft launching September kemarin. Baru bgt kan yahh ^^ nah buat starternya ini, Diandra Bernadin dan Amanda Neola dua wanita muda yang mendirikan Posy Beauty ngeluncurin 5 shades lipstick cair dengan 3 warna nudes dan 2 warna bold. Dan nantinya mereka bakalan launching make up kit lainnya jg, well kita tunggu aja yah. 

Seperti yang udah aku sebutin diatas, kalo Posy Beauty Matte lipstik ini punya lima shade, untuk pilihan shades yg nude ada Greed, Wrath dan Envy. Trus untuk yg bold ada Lust sma Pride. Nah kebetulan ak dikirimin yang shade Envy, seneng yah soalnya ini emang warna incaranku dari ke 5 shade yg ada sih.

Pertama liat packagingnya, suka bgt. Dilengkapi denggan box bertema hitam dng asap merah biru gitu jadi keliatan elegant dan exclusive. Di box nya jg tertera ingredients dan informasi lipstick matte ini. Jdi g perlu kawatir lg klo lipstik ini aman atau ga, trus ada paraben nya ato g. haha

Isododecane, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Cyclomethicone, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate,Titanium Dioxide, Copernicia Cerifera Cera, Nylon-12, Disteardimonium Hectorite, Phytosteryl/Octydodecyl Lauroyl Glutamate, Propylene Carbonate, Phenoxyethanol, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Flavour, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Tocopheryl Acetate, BHT, Bisabolol.
May Contain: CI 15850:1, CI 45410:2, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499.

Lipstick matte ini terbukti aman, vegan formula ( tidak mengandung hewani sama sekali dan 100% berasal dari tumbuhan ) dan cruelty free ( jadi produk ini tidak melakuakn uji coba pada hewan ). Udah terdaftar BPOM jg dan bersertifikat halal dari MUI. eaaa listick matte nya udah dihalalin nih XD 

Untuk tube packagingnya ini beda dari kebanyakn lipstik cair dari brand lain. Lipstick matte halal ini bentuknya agak pipih dan lumayan besar. Terbuat dari plastik tebal transparan, jadi kita bisa liat warna produknya. Desainnya jg simple dan minimalis, hanya ada tulisan POSY di tubenya.

Untuk wand brushnya cukup panjang dan kecil, trus tutupnya yang agak lumayan besar menurut aku pas banget digenggaman tangan ku yg kecil ini. Ujung brushnya yg kecil dan meruncing disalah satu sisinya jg lembut banget pas dipake , dgn ujungnya yg kecil jadi gampang bgt dipake buat aplikasiin dibagian ujung bibir. 

Selain halal, lipstick matte lokal ini jg mengandung Vit E yang menjaga kelembaban bibir seharian dan ga bikin bibir kita kering. Beneran sih emg soft banget pas diaplikasiin ke bibirku. Aku g ngerasa kering sma sekali selama pake Posy Beauty lipstik matte vegan ini. Dengan hasilnya yg soft matte, dan cpt ngeset lipstiknya dibibir aku. Dan menurut aku ini juga powdery finish ( g tau yah klo shade yg lainnya hasilnya jg powdery ato g)  dan g transfer sama sekali loh keren. 

Posy Beauty lipstick matte ini texture nya cair, g terlalu cream tp jg g terlalu watery. Dan hasilnya pigmented bgt dengan sekali usap udah nutup warna bibir asli. Gampang baget diratainnya dan g mbleber kemana mana. Dan pas kalo mau retouch, sama sekali g kerasa berat, tebal ato tambah kering sama sekali.

Nah untuk shade envy ini warnanya cantik bgt, dan shade kayak gini ini emg favorite aku buat dipakai sehari-hari karena hasilnya natural bgt dan ga bikin kelihatn pucat dimuka XD. Dan shade envy ini jatuhnya dibibir aku jadi  warna brown peach. Dengan warna peachy ini bikin aku kelihatan feminim , manis dan fresh seharian. Cantik bgt deh pokoknya aku sukaa ~~~~ 

Aku pake ini buat kerja dari jam 10 pagi sampe 6 sore masih nempel warnanya, paling cm ilang dikit di tengah2 bibir  buat makan hahha. Dan ini cocok bgt bat aku yg biasanya males retouch kalo dikantor, jadi klo uda jm 4 sorean agak ilang lipstik bgian dalam tapi masih keliatan pake lipstik. Yah jadi menurut aku emg g perlu retouch sih haha.

Overall, sukaaa bgt sma lipstick matte yang tahan lama ini. Selain warnanya yang cantik, dan tahan lama, lipstik matte ini g bikin bibir kering dan tranferproof. Dan buat kamu yg suka atau lagi nyari lipstik cair dengan hasil soft matte aku bakalan ngrekomendasiin Posy beauty Lipstick Matte ini ke kalian.


image Pigmented
image Waterproof dan kissproof
image Mengandung Vit E
image Ga bikin bibir kering
image Long lasting
image vegan dan cruelty free


image nope

Kalo kamu tertarik/ penasaran untuk mencoba Posy Beauty Lipstik Matte ini kamu bisa kunjungi website Posy Beauty untuk lebih kenal dengan produk mereka dulu. Atau jg bisa kepoin di beberapa sosial media Posy Beauty yah :D 

image : Posy Beauty Indonesia
image :  Posy Beauty Channel

Posy Beauty Lipstik matte ini juga bisa dibeli langsung di web mereka Posy Beauty atau lewat official instagram mereka dengan harga Rp 149,900/ pcs atau kalo mau lebih hemat untuk pembelian 1 set isi 5 warna Rp 699,000. Posy Beauty ini juga sudah available di Sociolla, Shopee,


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