Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Where Should I Buy A Name Necklace?

Why should you Customize Name Necklaces is a very good question and its’ answer is equally as good. Personalization and individuation are at the forefront of this century. So it goes without saying that custom made jewelry personalized to perfection is a thing of today. This fact rings true for every person in the world, be it, man or woman. So what is more individualized than a necklace with your name on it? Nothing, that’s what. 
Name necklaces have quickly become one of the worlds most worn jewelry pieces in quite a short time. And it’s no secret that these necklaces are beautifully graceful, magnetic and unbelievably attractive. The best part is that you can wear them at any and every occasion. It could be a date, a formal event, a wedding, party or even a nice day out on the town. The Name necklaces will look phenomenal no matter what because you wear them as an extension of your own self. These necklaces are a part of you because they showcase your uniqueness to the world in a way that is subtle yet bold and beautiful.

Why Are They So Popular?

Jewelry is one of the things in the world that can tell you exactly what another person thinks and feels about you. The more time and effort spent on finding the perfect piece of jewelry is better because it will show your loved one how much you care for them. And what could be better than having their name created as a piece of jewelry in a way that you know they will love. 

It is definitely completely up to you about how you go about creating the best name necklace in 14K gold. Choose the right kind of font style and size, the perfect color that could glitz and glimmer or is subtle and graceful. You could also add in some bauble that accentuates the name even more. Like a heart that dots the ‘I’ in the name or some metallic stars and balls framing the name in a sure hold that will not falter.

From fashion Fatales to common streets, name necklaces have created a niche of their own and they are rocking it. Their look definitely plows through all the other jewelry that you could possibly own simply because of its unique style and durability as well, provided you buy it from the right place.


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Tuesday, June 2, 2020


Hi everyone? hope you are great and stay safe during covid19. Always manage a healthy lifestyle, keep clean and consume vitamins. As we always stay at home more and do nothing during the quarantine time, we spend more on eating and drinking 😂. My sister and friends said that they gain more weight during this quarantine, me as well actually. No wonder if we get more loose fat on our tummy. 

That isnt a big problem anyway for us as we always feel grateful about what we already have and live a happy life :) so today I'd like to recommend a great online shop, where you can find many kind of body shape-wear with good quality and affordable price. 

For my sister who has loose fat after giving birth I would like to recommend some of tummy control bodysuit. The shape wear bodysuits are become simple way when it comes to wearing them for multiple purposes and gives us instant slimmer appearance.
All of the shape wear bodysuits at are designed with best and comfortable material. It comes in multi color and suits all the body shape and size. It doesn't take much time in wearing and taking off, we can dress up within minutes.


There are also available best tummy control panties there. This high waist shaper shorts targeted tummy compression to shape where we want to shape. They made with strong stretchy fabric which will be comfortable and lightweight to wear every day. 
Go check their website to find your favorite and get up to 60% off summer sale. They ship worldwide and offer free shipping on order over 80$. Also you can get extra 30% off on order over 300$.


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Sunday, May 10, 2020


LASTELLA - Premiere Ampoule in Serum is the recent eye skincare that I use. Im amazed by how this eye serum work on me. I've tried some eye care but only this product that can give more than I expected. 

This brand itself is quiet new for me, Charis has introduce me this awesome eye serum. So no need to worry where I can repurchase this coz its sold at Charis. I will put the link below in the end of the review in case you wanna try this too ^^.



LASTELLA - Premiere Ampoule in Serum is certified by KFDA whitening & wrinkle care, also dermatologist tested. So this can be used for special eye care which give elasticity, dark circle care, skin barrier enhancement and moisture barrier.

Using this serum is really easy , simple and clean. This eye serum has zamak massage aplicator, which is integreted with the product, can be used efficiently because its absorbed only on the skin without being wasted by hands.

The texture is creamy but light. The moist effect will stay still till the next day but there is no sticky feeling at all when apply this serum. 

This can be used not only for eyes area as this serum has lifting effect and help enhancing the elasticity. We can use this on smile lines or others area that has wrinkle and need to be lifted. 

How to use :



After using this almost more than 3 weeks, I can see the effect on my eyes area. I find that my eyes area look fresh and moist which usually they looked dull and dry because lack of sleep. I also can see my fine lines become less visible ( wuhuuu this is what I really love about after using this serum XD )

Concerning about my wrinkle and elasticity problem, I think this is such great product to try and ofc worth to buy product.


image / image


Brand :

Product Name : 
LASTELLA - Premiere Ampoule in Serum

Where to Buy : 


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Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Are you guys ready for welcoming and celebrating Valentine Day? Beside preparing for romantic dinner, expensive couple ring or a bucket of roses we can give another things for Val gift. not only for couple (bf/gf) share the lovely gift for our beloved family or friends is such a lovely and caring idea. 

So today I'd like o share Loverbeauty Shapewear to all of you as they held amazing sale for valentine day. Choosing a shapewear or bodysuit would be out of he box idea. Loverbeauty is an online store that provides us with a huge of shapewear collection. 

Here are some of sexy shapewears which can be lovely and amazing gift for our beloved one. You can find for any size from S to 6XL. There are 2 color choices, black and beige only. 

All the shapewears are made of breathable and good material. That is why they are pretty comfy to wear everyday. It would be fit and shaped in all the right places. Its specially designed to give instant slimming effect and make any outfits looks way 10x better. Here another slimming bodysuit that I recommend as there are many excellent reviews about them.

Dont miss this special day and prepare gifts for beloved one. They have amazing Valentines pieces on sale right now. Get special extra 20% off on order over $120+ , good things is they offer free worldwide shipping. 


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Monday, January 20, 2020


Hi everyone, I'd like to share my 2nd blog collab with my blogger friend from . Bunch of thanks and love to Christin, thanks for caring and supporting me all this time at my sad and happy time T.T For me, she isnt only friend, she is more like sister to me :) . 

And this year finally we will met in person, we plan to have vacation together next month. Cant wait to have so much fun with her.

This time, she sent me a bunch of skincares, snacks and stationaries.


As usual, mostly are from Korean brand I never tried before. But it makes me so excited to try them and see how they will work on me. 

I think she knew that I love wearing sheet mask these recent days. She sent me so much mask, and Im so excited to try them on, especially the Mediheal X BT21 mask. 

This hand cream and perfume are pretty cute and have nice sent. I love this kind of scent ( sorry I cant describe scent well T.T )

I got some samples too. 


The candies probably is my favorite.


I got sticker, mirror, and keychain with Korean Tradition theme. As I mention on my 1st collaboratio tht I start journaling, so Im really happy to get another stationary supplies on our 2nd collab.

I also got earrings, super pretty. The design is really chic and fancy. 

Hope you enjoy this post. I will post more often next time, not only about cosmetics/skincare review, I will post about my favorite things and cute places I ever visit. What do you think about it?

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