Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Hi, now I wanna share my recent favorite lipstick that makes my heart fluttered haha XD why? Will explain the detail below. This time Ultima II kindly send me 4 pro collagen lipsticks to be reviewed. Yeah I got the ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick >3< Im so excited.

Ok, now let me tell you about ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick, it’s a sophisticated luxury lipstick with patented Collagen. It claims that it can give Full lips effect that glides perfectly and hides fine lines. Also it contains moisturizing Extract Marine Complex and Shea Butter to soften the lips and Procollagen that support the revitalization of collagen production in the lips surface.

Does it say collagen? Yeah yeah yeah that what makes me fall in love with this lipstick. It contain collagen that really important for our lips which is to moisturize and support the regeneration collagen cells on lips and keeping it youthful.

Since my lips is often to dry and you know right that my favorite pose is duck lips XD which is it can make more wrinkles to my lips. And yeah after wearing this product I feel that it reduce the dryness of my lips, I feel that my lip is softer and healthier now. It even brightens my dark lips, wow I’m so amazed and happy.

There are many shade choices of ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick


I got 4 to be reviewed


image Packaging image

It comes in a silver box packaging, and a silver tube. The tube is just plain but look exclusive and expensive.

image Swatches image

The color is subtle, pigmented with only one swatch. It is also buildable if we want bold color. It has ultra soft feeling when swatches or applies on my lips. It glides smoothly and really makes my lips super moist. It doesn’t dry my lips at all, and hide the fine line on my lips. The texture is really creamy and soft when touch my lips.

Ummm, for the color, Imo they almost have similar color for the red, pink and glam berry. 
image Spice

It is a nude calm color, my favorite. This is the most natural shade, so its really wearable for daily lipstick. Even I wear this everyday to work.haha All of my friends also love this color.


image Red

My favorite too, hahah. I called this Taylor Swift lipstick. Haha dunno why, but it really looks like Taylor’s red lips. Since the color is really bold even only one swatch, usually I just tap tap in the middle of my lips and spread with my finger to get a light color. I like to pair this with Spice to make gradient lips. 

image Pink 

It’s a dark pink, the color is really pretty. I love it >3< 

image Glam Berry

This shade is almost the same with the pink shade, but a little bit darker. Also it has a glitter but not too much so it isn't noticable. 

How to get sophisticated luxury only with ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick??

This question always spinning around my head haha, but hey there are so many ways to get that look. You can wear this lipstick to go to many ocassions: working, school or party by pairing them with your favorite dress, kebaya or even just wear t-shirt and jeans. 
Another way is by overlining the lips with a brush to create full nude lips or by making ombre lips or gradients lips with ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick. I always make gradient lips by pairing Spice and the Red shade. Here is the tutorial for my gradients lips. 

At last, I wanna give tips to pair different blush with different lip shade for different looks/ theme/ occasion. So I create an Igari make up or hangover make up which is very popular in Japan. The important point to make this look is, a clear skin make up and natural eye make up because the big attention is the blush. By doing this make up it makes us look innocent, pure and even look like drunk. ^^  

I use the red shade to create the red blush and make gradients lips ( Spice and Red ) to create this look. Haha Do you like it? 

Overall, I really love ULTIMA II ProCollagen Lipstick, since it contains patented collagen that keep my lips moist and healthier.

Where to buy?


Matahari Department Store, AEON BSD, METRO Department Store, Centro Department Store, Parkson’s, SOGO Department Store, Keris Gallery Puri Indah, Citrus, Cahaya Bintaro, Sarinah Thamrin, Debenhams Senayan City, Star Summarecon Bekasi.


Price: IDR 190.000



See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^