Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Review: Coswig8 - Anime Umaru Chan - Umaru Doma Wig ( Taobao wig )

image, today is another wig review XD this is my second wig from Taobao. This time I bought Umaru Doma wig from coswig8. The price is cheaper than my first wig from Manreally ( review here ). At first, Im afraid that the quality will not good enough but after the wig arrived, I'm so happy that the wig is soft and pretty. 

Wig Description:

Brand: Coswig8 ( link here )
Length: 100cm
Color: Orange Milk
Wig type: Cosplay wig
Style: Role modelling wig ( styled )
Material: imported high temperature wire, can withstand 180 degrees blowing hot roll. Hair smooth and easy to tie.
I'm not a wig expert, so I dunno how to make a good and detail wig review ^^ so pardon me if my review is not good enough. haha 

It comes in a plastic bag and this time without a hair cap as a free gift, only the wig. The color is just a little bit lighter as the description on their website. But still I love it ^^ So maybe I can use this for cosplaying Umaru and Asuna or maybe another character that has orange blonde hair XD 

The color is so pretty right? And the wig looks soft and its already styled, so I dont need to style it by myself. Since it is a long wig, it can tangle a little but still manageable. It is not easy to fall out if we care in a right way and also doesn't look shiny. Yay >3<

It doesn't have a skin scalp, but its okay since it is a cosplay wig. The important is that the wig is perfect with the character and has soft material. 

The lace cap has adjustable strap and fit with my small head. 

The only thing that I hate from this wig is the bang part. Its really thin and a little bit too long until reach my nose haha. So I decided to cut the bang but it become a disaster XD the wig's bang looks more awkward XD Maybe because I just cut it with usual scissors ahhh my mistake T.T 

Overall, I'm satisfied with this wig, aside with the bang but its okay laa XD I will wear this for cosplaying as Umaru chan. This will be my first time cosplaying in a Japan event maybe :p. Anw I will make a review of Umaru Cloak on my next post so stay tuned ^^

image Like:

image Pretty color
image soft
image adjustable cap
image styled wig 
image cheap

image Hate:

image Thin bang
image easy to tangle since its a long wig 

 Before cut the bang

After cut the bang >3<  


See yaaa~~~~ on my next post ^^ 




  1. Looks super cute girl! <3 and the wig's quality seems good ya, am I right?




  2. i loove the colour! it looks extremely nice x

  3. wow! the hair looks so gorgeous

  4. The colour is amazing. I think you look really cute *w*
    Bai, Shiki

    [Beauty and Destroy]

  5. You look cute as a button, never mind the bangs, cute cute cute.

    1. Thank you ^^ I hope the bang will turn out cute >3< haha

  6. Warnanya suka banget, warna ini wishlist banget XD

  7. OMAIGAAAD, i like that wig, look very good, you look very good 7u7
    You bought it at that online store? are yenes? o what?
    I've been looking wig Ebisu Kofuku of Noragami. Buuuut I can't find. I will let down the back over there, how long it took to reach you order?

    HUGS! :3

    1. ohh please! take more pictures! I just seen two in instagram, or if you had more pictures, share it!

    2. I bought this from taobao, u can find many cosplay wig there. it took for about a month to arrive.
      yeah I will share more pics soon ^^

  8. Hello :)
    Wow this wig look so long and pretty >w<
    You're kawaii with it!! :D

  9. Naksir warna wig nya♡
    Kawaii bngt pas km pake

    I invite you to join my beauty giveaway on my blog
    Hope you can join ♡

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