Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Benton Fermentation Mask Pack is new product from @bentoncosmetic 's Fermentation Line ( Essence , Eye Cream , and Mask pack ) which is mainly made of fermented ingredients. Fermentation ingredients will help the absorption of active ingredients into the skin to provide skin's elastic glow.



Its a premium mask pack that contains 3 high-grade fermentation ingredients to give elasticity, glow and nourishments to the skin. 
πŸ‘ Galactomyces: its a natural yeast extracted from fermented rice, which is rich of vitamins and amino acid to brighten the dull skin, moisturize and give elasticity to the skin.
πŸ‘ Bifida Lysate: Helps boost the skin imunity, nourishes the rough and weak skin caused by external harmful enviroment. Its obtained by culturing Lactic Acid bacteria of yogurt.
πŸ‘ Lactobacillus/ Collagen Ferment Filtrate: collagen is fermented and filtered together with lactobacillus. It helps the skin to have elasticity and achieve healthy skin. 
πŸ‘ Adenosine : its a functional ingredient, helps to improve in wrinkle care of no-elasticity skin.
πŸ‘ No artificial fragrance and coloring

The mask pack is highly recommended for the following skin types:
sensitive and dry skin
saggy skin with fine lines and wrinkles
dull and non-glowy skin
skin with uneven balance of oil-water balance



Its a cotton-derived sheet fully filled with essence. The mask is thin, skin friendly,gentle, and has excellent adhesion. The sheet is fully soaked by the watery essence and there are not much essence left in the pouch. The sheet stay moist and wet even after 20minutes of usage times. That's why it instantly delivers moisture and nutrition to the skin.



πŸ‘ After cleansing, apply toner
πŸ‘ Place the Benton Fermentation Mask onto the skin
πŸ‘ After 10-20 minutes, remove the mask and pat the left over essence gently into the skin
*TIPS: use along with others Benton's Fermentation Lines for best result 
( Fermentation Essence - Fermentation Mask Pack - Fermentation Eye Cream )



I've been used 3 mask packs. I do really love how my skin becomes more elastic, brighter and moist. The mask adheres smoothly along the skin curved surface. It has watery essence which absorb well into the skin without greasy feeling.

My skin looks elastic and healthy till the next morning, tot I only use the mask for my night skincare without other skincares. This also prepare my skin into good condition before applying makeup.


image / image

Product Name :
Benton Fermentation Mask Pack 



Note: Its an honest review,even its provided by Benton for review purpose

Sunday, December 1, 2019


If you followed my instagram, I often share cute and pretty nails' post at my instagram story. I love  following nailart account and share my favorite on my story. I do really love cute nails,and sometimes think that I would learn and take lesson about nail arts someday haha. 

Anyway today Im going to share an online nails manufacturer . They offer wide range of nail polish, nail gel and fake nails. They have professional team of designers who design the pretty nails. They come in a good quality and competitive prices by using the latest nails making technology.

Nowdays, nail gel polish is popular among women. But not only polish our nails, we also love decoraing our nails. There are many ways to decorate our nails (manicure and pedicure ) and make them look adorable. The most easiest and simplest way to make our nail pretty is by using nail stickers. We can apply the nail stickers by ourselves at home haha. no need to go to the nail salons XD. 

The other way, we can use glitters, dust powder, dried flower or 3D rhinestones to decorate our nails. For me dried flower is the most cutest and prettiest way to decorate our nails. If we wanna look fancy we can use 3D rhinestones.

Anw we can find others manicures and pedicures supplies at , its the lasrgest and cheapest nails product wholesalers. Get 15 % off  by using code: FALL15 .


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Friday, November 29, 2019


ACWELL AC RETURN TONING PAD, sudah pernah dengar atau mungkin nyoba produk skincare dari Acwell ini? kalo belum jangan lewatin untuk baca post ini sampai selesai yah haha.

Hi semuanya , akhirnya sudah mulai aktif ngeblog lagi nih XD 2bln yg lalu aku pindah tempat kerja jadi kemarin kemarin sibuk dan ga sempet ngurus blog karna sampe sakit bbrp minggu juga TT.TT. Dan ini review pertama yang aku buat setelah bbrp bulan absen hehe. Hari ini aku mau review dan ngenalin ke kalian skincare yang kurng lebih sebulan ini selalu aku pakai, yaitu ACWELL AC RETURN TONING PAD. 

Awalnya cukup penasaran dengan produk toning pad ini, toner dengan bentuk pad gini sangat jarang dan ga semua brand punya. Dan salah satu nya ada dari brand Acwell ini. Acwell sendiri merupakan brand kecantikan dikorea yang berfokus pada skincare dengan kualias yang terbaik. Acwell juga menadi perwakilan Dermo-cosmetics di Korea, karena memertahankan kegnaan Donguibogam yang sdah turun temurun digunakan untuk kesehatan kulit alami.

Balik lagi ngebahas si toning pad ini, sebenernya Acwell Return Toning Pad ini adalah skincare khusus untuk trouble skin / acne-prone skin dan oily skin. Tapi ini jg bagus dan aman untuk kulit yang sensitif dan normal. Dan setelah mencoba hampir sebulan ini, ak suka dengan hasilnya dimuka ku yg sensitif dan mudah jerawatan ini. 


Kemasannya berupa tube plastik tebal berwarna putih. Didalam nya sudah terdapa tweezer untuk mengambil pad nya, jadi pasti higienis nya. Pad nya berisi 50 lembar dengan essence yang cukup bnyak, jadi pake 1 pad saja bisa untk satu muka.

Toning pad ini ada 2 bagian :
1.Embossed Cotton Side, untuk penggunaan pertama. Saat dipakai kulit lgsung terasa lembab. membantu membersihkan sebum dan sel sel kulit mati.
2. Soft Cotton Side, untuk penggunaan kedua. Untuk menyeimbangkan PH dan mengatur tekstur kulit setelah memakai bagian embossed nya.

Acwell Retur Toning Pad ini ada natural AHA, BHA dan PHA nya. Yg berfungsi untuk membersihkan sel kulit mati sehingga kulit terlihat lembut dan sehat. Selain itu jg ada  Ekstrak Centela Aciatica yang membantu mengatasi jerawat dan trouble skin lainnya. 

Dan jangan khawatir, produk ini juga hypoalergenic ( aman untuk kulit sensitif ) dan non-comedogenic ( tidak menutup pori-pori ). 


Cara pakainya gampang bgt, bisa ditempel dibagian pipi dahi atau bagian yg berjerawat/ yang kering. Bisa jg pake 1 toning pad untuk di usap ke seluruh muka. 


Kebetulan bbrp minggu yg lalu aku tuh sakit, dan sudah pasti malas pake rangkaian bbrp night skincare ku. Jadi selama seminggu itu ak cm pake Toning Pad ini. ( aku pake seminggu 3 kali ) karena ada kandungan AHA, BHA dan PHA nya, takut over exfo XD. Dengan AC Return Toning Pad ini, kulit muka ku ttp lembab, bersih dan lembut walopun ga pake skincare rutin ku. Blackheads dan whitehead jg berkurang. Praktis jg dipakainya jadi sambil tiduran pas pusing pun aku masih bisa pake ini 🀣🀣🀧

Aku pakai ini untuk night skincare, dan selalu dipagi hari nya kulitku terasa lembab dan glowing. Karna ada kandungan natural peelingnya jg, ini bikin kulit ku jadi terlihat bersih dan lembut.

Brand ACWELL ini blum ada toko resminya di indo, tp untungnya bisa dibeli shopee , ini tuh olshop kosmetik korea yg berpusat di Seoul, jadi smua barang yg kita beli lgsung dikirim dari korea.

Ga perlu PO nunggu lama2 lagi dan kawatir sma ongkir yg mahal. Kalo di shopee malah bisa freeong trus seminggu uda sampe πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» untuk info lebih jelasnya bisa kepoin ig nya dulu yah. Ga cuma brand Acwell aja kok. Ada Mamonde, Nature Republic, Laneige dan bnyk lagi.

Walopun cuma beli satu barang aja, ttp dapet bnyk sample. Jadi ga rugi dan nyesel kalo belanja di

Btw, sekarang ini Lynecosmetics sedang ngadain event produk review dan deadline nya masih sampe Februari 2020. Untuk yang mau ikutan bisa cek instagram untuk details nya ya. 


Brand : 

Product Name :
Acwel Retur Toning Pad

Where To Buy :

IDR 251.000


Monday, November 18, 2019


Time flies so fast, November almost ends and ready welcoming for December XD. This is what we all women waiting for all this year , yeah Christmast Sale , End Year Sale and many more kind of sales :P. It's time to refresh your wardrobe!!

So now Im going to make my early Christmas wishlist from .Dresslily is an international online fashion clothing and accessories store.They are focusing on the very latest in fashion styles with affordable prices. Dresslily prepares the best high-quality but low-prices product for you, make you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday. 
Here are the new arrival: Christmas dress , I pick some of my favorites from this collection.  

Thats all of my wishlist, if you are urious with other items just visi their website right now. They offer worldwide free shipping on order over 45$.

Use code:DLBF20 with 20% OFF:

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Sunday, November 17, 2019


Hi everyone, finally Im back after about 2 months dont update any post. I've been so busy with my new job and my health is not really good at the moment. But now Im happy I can greet all of you here who still come here o read my blog ^^. 

Today, I'd like to introduce an online shop LOVERBEAUTY.COM which was created by the purpose of helping women to overcome about body image issues, raise self-esteem and be theirselves. There is a bunch of shapewear, bodysuit, waist trainers and many more. Whether you are petite, plus or anywhere in between, they've got anything you want that will fit you well. You can find the best plus size waist trainer for women at .

Some of my friends often said to me that they eagerly on dieting but they found out that it was so hard for them as they like to eat too much. I cant said anything about thing that might be sensitive for some people, so I just support and encourage them to do what they really want. Lose weight is not easy and instantly, everything need process. So maybe I'd like to suggest them to look at and searching for plus size waist trainer next time. 

There are many good comments about the plus size shapewears, they said that it is perfectly fit and very comfortable to wear. And of course it is made of high quality material.

Anyway here are another best waist trainer I'd love to share and recommend to all of you. And dont forget to visit thier web as they held Black Friday sale and free worldwide shipping on order over $60.


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