Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First Liebster Award

Hello, this is my first Liebster Award. I dont know much about this at first, lol fool me XD But thanks to pretty blogger Natasha from who nominated me, so honored to be part of it! Even though it's kind of a chain letter it's a fun idea to get to know other bloggers!

Liebster Award is an award to acknowledge and help other blogger with less than 200 followers, but some said less than 400 followers to gain a larger following and network with other bloggers. As I said before, its kind of  a chain blog award passed around the blogging community to know each other in a sweet and simple way. It was lovely to receive this award and it seemed a great way to introduce myself.

After nominated, what should I do next :  
Answer 11 questions from Natasha
State 11 random facts about me
Nominate other fellow bloggers & post 11 questions for them to answer
Let the bloggers know that I have nominated them

These are the questions Natasha asked me to answer

1.  Kenapa memilih jadi beauty blogger?
I dunno why but since I love make up, I love to share what I like. Pertama sih blog random, tp sekarang kebanyakan share make up, finally keterusan jd beauty blogger XD

2. Makeup brand favorit?
 Etude House, Tony Moly

3.  Beauty product yang saat ini paling favorit?
Lip tint & BB cream

4. Diet dengan mengurangi makan atau olahraga?
Aku g pernah diet sih, tapi kayaknya mending diet olahraga.  

5. Beauty Blogger yang jadi panutan mu?
 Airi, Panda Ageha, Kelly Konomi

6. Belajar make up dari mana/ siapa?
Belajar sendiri haha, pertama dulu sih coba-coba make up ala-ala ullzang. lol Sampe donlod video di youtube trus belajar make up sendiri.

7. One word to describe you best?

8. Kalau keluar rumah, makeup itu perlu nga sih? Kenapa?
Perlu g perlu sih, klo cuma ke warung sebelah y g perlu dandan XD tp klo kluar rumah yang durasinya lama, perlu bgt sma yg namanya make up XD

9.  Beauty product that you can't live without? (kecuali foundation sejenisnya dan powder)

10.  Apa yang membuat kamu tertarik dengan dunia makeup?
 I dunno exactly what make me interested in make up. I just wanna look pretty even in a simple way. Just it.

11.  Makeup buat kamu itu apa sih? 
 I cant live without make up, just like body needs clothes, face also needs make up. Walopun cm pake bbcream doang, tetep aja itu pake make up. Sbg cew, harus dong selalu kliatan cantik XD Orang lain jg biar seneng ngliatnya klo liat kita cantik, g kucel XD 

    Random fact of me:

    1. I'm a sucker of cute thing. Mostly buy things because of the cuteness.
    2. I'm just 150cm tall TT.TT ( many people think that I'm a Junior student )
    3.Some of my colleges didn't know my real name
    4. I like to take many selfie everywhere XD ( mostly duck lips selfie )
    5. Im an English teacher.
    6.I can't swim
    7. I can't cook rice TT.TT
    8. I like traveling to many places
    9. I like sweet food and cheese
    10. I cant gain weight easily even I eat so many.
    11. Never stroke my hair gently or I will fall in love with u XD

    Blogs that I nominated

    1. Sinta Sekarasri ( SINTASEKARASRI )
    2. Santy Huang ( Cherry Blossom )
    3. Jessica Ie ( Jessica Ie )
    4. Dewi Yang ( Pinku Room )
    5. Valencia ( Valencialala )
    6. Glory Chen ( Glorry Chen  )
    7. Angie Patricia ( Angie Beauty Diaries )
    8. Conietta ( ConiettaCimund )
    9. Kornelia Luciana ( GratefullBeauty )
    10. Intan Defrina ( Gleaming Diamante )
    11. Liza Chan ( Cherriess Pink )

    My Questions:

    1.  What is your favorite type of post to write & why?
    2.  What is one lesson you’ve learned since started your blog?
    3.  Who inspires you the most?
    4.  What’s the story behind your blog name?
    5.  Korean or Japanese cosmetics?
    6.  Ulzzang or gyaru make up? 
    7.  What is your most favorite K-drama / J-drama? why?
    8.  If you should travel to somewhere and only one beauty product to bring along with you, what  beauty product will you bring?
    9. If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?
    10.  What are three things you cannot live without?
    11. Who is your special person after your parent?

    Monday, July 21, 2014

    Review: Etude House Lips-Fit #OR201 Dream Fit Coral

    Today I wanna review Lips-fit OR201 Dream Fit Coral.line_characters_in_love-7 I wanna have this lips product since Etude House launched this on March 2014. Some bloggers said it has powdery-matte finish, ehh? That makes me interested to try this product, since I like matte lips product. I have this product since 2 months ago but already have time to make a review this time.

    There are many shades color available, I confused which shade should I chose. All the colors are pretty, I wanna try PK003 and OR201, but I’m afraid if I buy many shades and the result is not good I will be very disappointed and also this product is a little bit pricy I think. Then I chose OR201 shades, I wanna know the result on my lips first, if it’s good and suit on me I will repurchase other color. 

    Okay, now lets talk about my baby :3, as usual the packaging is so Etude, pink box contains the information about the product.

    1. Shake well before use.
    2. Apply smoothly with tip, lightly dab onto center of lips for gradation. Delicately apply for full cover.
    3. Apply a layer of color lips fit WH901 after color for moist gloss.

    1. Use only as directed.
    2. Avoid storing in high and low temperatures and area exposed to direct sunlight.
    3. Cease use if problems arise.

    And the packaging itself is just usual lip tint I think. It’s not cute enough for me. It comes in a thick plastic bottle, so it won’t broke when it fall. Shake it well before apply it on your lips haha. You will hear sound of marbles inside when shaking the bottle, just like a correction pen.
     I chose shade #OR201 Dream Fit Coral


    The applicator is a little bit different. It make easier when applied on the lips. Apply it on my inner lips and then spread and dab with my finger to make a natural look. Yeah now I know the powdery-matte finish mean haha. It just feels like powdery on your lips when you touch your lips. It will make the lips become dry , even we already apply lip balm before. So I suggest to scrub the lips first before applying this lips-fit.

    When apply this, the color looks too bright for me, but after spread it will look natural. I really like the color, soft and sweet color. But sometime it makes me look pale, because the color is not noticeable if I apply only one layer. This product is also good as blusher, very pigmented and long last on my cheeks.  Yeahhh the other positive thing is that it long lasting enough even after eating and drinking, just fades away a little. But this product only has disposal time for 6 months only. 

    -          Cute color
    -         Matte finish
    -          Can be used as a blusher
    -          Pigmented
    -         Long lasting
    -          Dry my lips
    -           6 months disposal
    -          A little bit pricey
    Repurchased? Umm I dunno since this product dried my lips, but I still curious with PK003 shade. Anyway I really like the color. Thanks for reading, see you on my next review.

    Friday, July 18, 2014

    Review: Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Tint #Orange ChaCha

    Hello, today I wanna review Cat Chu Wink Tint, maybe it already discontinued and upgraded become Tony Moly Delight Tint. Its kind of an old product, and it is the first product that make me interested in Korean cosmetics. But I already got this at this time, it is not easy to find online shop that sold this lip tint . But finally I found it. It available in 3 shades, #1 pink #2 red #3 orange cha cha.  Actually I want the Red shade, since I wanted red lip tint. But only Orange Chacha that was in ready stock. Its okay, since I want this tint cause the packaging, the shade is not important for me.


    Look at the cute packaging. It comes in a cute head cat shape, so adorable .  Though I’m not a big fan of cat, but this tint is really cute. This tint doesn’t come with box, just wrapped in plastic, so simple right.  On the back side of the tint there is information about the product written in Korean. The amount is about 13ml, it is smaller compare to the previous version Tony Moly Party Lover Tint. 

    The applicator is just like another lip tint. The small tips make it easier when applying on my lips. It smells sweet like orange syrup when applying on my lips, but dont lick the tint :p bitter taste lol.

    Its quiet pigmented on my lips, the formula is more watery, different with Party lover Tint’s texture that more sticky and didn’t make my lips dry ( Party Lover Tint Review ). The color suits with my lips pigment which is a little bit dark. Yay. The color is also suitable for daily wear. Dont too much applying this on the lips, or it will transfer to the teeth.

    It’s also long-lasting enough for about 4-5 hours. But will fade away a little after eating or drinking, just need to touch up a little.

    I think its too weird when applying full lips, lol do u think so? Or maybe my lip is just too weird. But so far I love this lip tint. I always wear this for working.
    -          cute packaging
    -        didnt make my lips dry

    -          already discontinued TT.TT

    Repurchased? yeah I will haha I want the pink and the red one, >3<