Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Tint #Orange ChaCha

Hello, today I wanna review Cat Chu Wink Tint, maybe it already discontinued and upgraded become Tony Moly Delight Tint. Its kind of an old product, and it is the first product that make me interested in Korean cosmetics. But I already got this at this time, it is not easy to find online shop that sold this lip tint . But finally I found it. It available in 3 shades, #1 pink #2 red #3 orange cha cha.  Actually I want the Red shade, since I wanted red lip tint. But only Orange Chacha that was in ready stock. Its okay, since I want this tint cause the packaging, the shade is not important for me.


Look at the cute packaging. It comes in a cute head cat shape, so adorable .  Though I’m not a big fan of cat, but this tint is really cute. This tint doesn’t come with box, just wrapped in plastic, so simple right.  On the back side of the tint there is information about the product written in Korean. The amount is about 13ml, it is smaller compare to the previous version Tony Moly Party Lover Tint. 

The applicator is just like another lip tint. The small tips make it easier when applying on my lips. It smells sweet like orange syrup when applying on my lips, but dont lick the tint :p bitter taste lol.

Its quiet pigmented on my lips, the formula is more watery, different with Party lover Tint’s texture that more sticky and didn’t make my lips dry ( Party Lover Tint Review ). The color suits with my lips pigment which is a little bit dark. Yay. The color is also suitable for daily wear. Dont too much applying this on the lips, or it will transfer to the teeth.

It’s also long-lasting enough for about 4-5 hours. But will fade away a little after eating or drinking, just need to touch up a little.

I think its too weird when applying full lips, lol do u think so? Or maybe my lip is just too weird. But so far I love this lip tint. I always wear this for working.
-          cute packaging
-        didnt make my lips dry

-          already discontinued TT.TT

Repurchased? yeah I will haha I want the pink and the red one, >3<


  1. bagus yaa liptint si tonmol emg pigmented ;D cm sayang di ak bkin bibir jd kering >_<

    1. iya pigmented sm longlast jg XD, iya kadang bikin kering walopun uda pake lipbalm.

  2. packaging nya unyuu... suka warnanya juga... cakep.... full lips jg okey kok.... ^^

    1. iya lucu bgt XD warnanya bagus ,pigmented jg. klo full lips bikin bibir kliatan tebel XD

      Thx for visiting ^^

  3. warnanya bagus banget ya oranyee XD suka banget packaging nya :D

  4. It's have a really nice colour I like it. My blog

    1. yeah the color is really nice ^^, thanks for visiting


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