Tuesday, December 15, 2020


Best eyebrow pencil for brown orangish hair color?? If you have the same hair color like me, and feel difficult to find the correct eyebrow product shade which match the hair color you are at the right page. Keep reading to find out the product and full review below. 

Anw, it has been quiet a while I didnt write any review here in my blog, recently I just wrote quick review in my Instagram account ( @torichux3 ) follow me for more update 😊πŸ₯°

Black, dark brown, light brown and grey are common color which usually available in eyebrow product color choices. So this is tye first time I find a unique shade for brow: a rose brown shade , which is great for us who have red, brown or orangish hair color. 

Yeah its Hard Formula Style Brow from Murir. Its the first time I heard about this brand, then I found out that this is a Korean brand. Im glad that I meet this Hard Formula Style Brow from @murir.official. Drawing eyebrow is an important step for me when doing my everyday makeup. As I usually only apply lipcream and eyebrow for my daily go to work 🀣 Im too lazy to do a full makeup. ⁣

𓂃 π“ˆ’π“Έπ‘ PACKAGING π‘π“Έπ“ˆ’ 𓂃 

⸙ The packaging is dominated with green, this color represent the stage where the beauty begin ( fresh ). It comes in matte box packaging and glossy plastic tube for the brow pencil.

Just as usual auto pencil brow product, it has double end tips for the brow product and the spoolie brush. 

⸙ It has a triangular shape eyebrow tip which designed for outlining and filling the eyebrows easily. This kind of eyebrow are perfect for beginners.⁣ The good thing is that the spoolie brush is pretty soft and comfy to use, so I dont need to worry it would hurt my skin. 

𓂃 π“ˆ’π“Έπ‘  COLOR AND FORMULA π‘π“Έπ“ˆ’ 𓂃 

⸙ there are 4 shades available : Dark brown, Natural Brown, Ash Brown and Rose Brown. ⁣

Mine is Rose Brown, it has an orange hint which is perfect for brown orange hair.⁣

⸙ the hard- soft formula delivers a vivid and natural eyebrow. It is easy to draw perfect eyebrow with this. ⁣

⸙ Long lasting formula⁣ and high adhesion which can last all the day. 

𓂃 π“ˆ’π“Έπ‘ PERFORMANCE π‘π“Έπ“ˆ’ 𓂃 

⸙ Its pretty easy to draw eyebrows with this product , it glides smoothly even when I put on a matte makeup base ( rough surfaces ).⁣

⸙ The color pay-off is great, so I dont need put multiple layers to make the eyebrow visible. ⁣

⸙ pretty and perfect color for my brown-orange hair 🀩🀩 ⁣

⸙ long lasting all day. It stays still well all day, even after I wash my face several time for praying. ⁣



Name of the Product:

Murir - Hard Formula Style Brow

Where to Buy:



USD 10.47 / IDR 195.000


  1. ah cakep banget ini alisnya, kayaknya empuk ya kalo diaplikasikan buat ngalis

  2. aku bacanya munir donk wkwkwkkk maapkan, aku aslinya ga bisa ngalis jadi aku nggak apply yang peralisan :)

  3. aku jg suka pensil alis yang ada brushnya gini, enak dan praktis aplikasinya, hasilnya juga necurel bgt sister wkwkwk

  4. Aku baru tau banget merk ini dari Charis! Menarik nih kalau long last, di mataku soalnya eyeliner suka mbleber haha

  5. Aku dong gak pernah ngalis sama sekali dan untuk pertama kali alisku dibentuk dan digambarin pas resepsi pernikahanku. Sekarang nih malah gak pernah bikin alis gitu.

  6. Baru tau nama brand-nya Murir. Cakep banget sih beb warnanya jadi keliatan natural gitu, dan rapi bikin alisnya. Mana long lasting pulak.

  7. Warnanya ga terlalu pigmented kah ka? Atau memang disapukan tipis-tipis? Seneng deh ada sikat nya sekaligus.

  8. Ih cakep. Hasilnya bagus dan bikin alis jadi rapi alami ya. Aku kayaknya kudu punya deh. Pake pinsil alis biasa gak pernah bisa bagus. Nyari aaaah...

  9. Waah cakep juga yaa warnanya bisa banget dipake untuk makeup daily di bikin alis serat natural gitu pake ini

  10. Cantiknyaa..
    Ternyata membuat alis semudah ini yaa..
    Aku selalu gak bisa ngalis yang baik dan benar. Warna dari Murir juga baguuuss~

  11. look beautiful mba, wanna try this product and I just know about Murir. the price still affordable, must be try

  12. It really looks good on you and it suits your complexion. I haven’t tried this brand but I think this looks interesting

  13. satuannya ya mbak yang 195k ?
    jadi penasraan ada harga ada rupa ada kualitas :)

  14. Me encanto el resultado, saludos:D


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