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Here I wanna share my routine to get poreless skin. I only use 3 products from Mary&May to achieve poreless and glass skin effect. Hope you enjoy this routine and find it helpful to you ❤️


Mary&May Daily Safe Black Head Clear Nose Mask

This nose mask is a life savior to manage sebum/ blackheads without irritation. This mask is pretty gentle for daily use. Say bye bye to painful nose strips 😂🫣

This nose mask set contains 2 step of mask to take care of blackheads. It comes along with the cotton swab to remove the remaining soften blackhead on the skin surface.  Its super soft, gentle and easy to use. 

 Step 1 : Safe blackhead Clear Mask

This mask will gently melt the blackheads and release them out of the pores without irritating the skin. 

 After the 10 minutes, remove the step 1 mask and gently wipe the soften blackhead with cotton swab

 Step 2 : Soothing Pore Tightening Mask

The second step soothes and tighten the pores. This also provide the skin elasticity. My skin looks  so smooth and poreless after the step 2🥰

°☆ Experience

From the before after pic, you can see that my pores get clear, clean and tighten. I really love the result. It doesnt feel painful at all 😂 and it only takes 20 minutes only to have clean pores. 


Mary&May CICA TeaTree Soothing Wash off Pack 125g

This wash of mask is a premium mask containing natural ingredients (EWG ingredients). This mask is not only for soothing the skin but also caring the large pores. This leaving the skin moist and soft even after use without dryness or tightness. 

This mask contains ingredients that are full of soothing effects. It has soft cream type that spread smoothly and can be easily washed off with water without cleanser. Contain cica leave flakes but doesnt irritated the skin when applied. The mask will dry and harden for approximately 15 minutes then we can rinse off with lukewarm water.

°☆ Experience 

This is pretty helpful caring my sensitive and large pores at once. It calms and tightens my large pores. I can feel that when the mask get harden, it tightens my pore as well. As it contains hydrating ingredients, it leaves my skin moist and smooth after rinsing. 


Mary&May Niacinamide + Chaenomeles Sinensis Serum 30ml

This serum helps to brighten skin tone efectively. It also smoothen the skin texture and elastic, helps sebum control and resuce skin trouble. 

This contain only 2% of Niacinamide which is safe for sensitive skin. Together with Chaenomeles Sinensis fruits which is rich of vitamin C, it really helps brighten up the skin tone . 

It has watery gel-like texture that absorbs quickly and doesnt sticky at all. 

°☆ Experience

I really can see my skin tone improved and smoother skin texture even in the first week 😍. Im using along with the Mary&May Cica wash of mask and Nose pack. That is why, it helps maximize the result to get healthy and glowy skin. 

Here is the result of my poreless skin routine after about 3 weeks. 

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  1. Yang paling aku suka ini wash off mask nya, cinta banget sama claymask 💖😭. Terus kalo abis pake 3 steps ini bagian idung jadi lebih alus banget akuu

  2. all of them become my fave weekly treatment 😍 i love Mary&May Niacinamide Serum sooo much 😍😍

  3. Untuk mendapatkan kulit glowing poreless bisa pakai rangkaian produk Mary&May. 🥰

  4. Salah satu brand yang masuk wishlist aku, keracunan karena banyak yang suka sama produknya 😍

  5. Ini mary may aku suka banget kaa bagus ya buat mukaa jadi halus dan gak bikin sakit buat ilangin komedo hidung __anugrahmia

  6. Omg aku ngiler banget liat clay masknya gemesh warnanya huhu -arshintaah

  7. Paket lengkap si mary&may ini buat penasaran banget deh 😍 - aini

  8. Before afternya keliatan bersih banget kak tori 😯

  9. Pengenn coba semuanyaaa🥺 tapi aku paling tertarik sama wash off mask nya sihh😍

  10. I also use these routine! My fav is the nose mask, really helps to melt down blackhead 🥰

  11. Ini lagi seliweran banget nih kayanya enak banget yaa masker komedo sama clay masknya🤩 jadi pengen cobain punyaku jugaa

  12. Suka banget deh sama hasilnya. Reviewnya juga lengkap banget nihh. Jadi makin pengen pengen coba semua produk terbarunya hihi. Thanks for sharing!❤️❤️

  13. Mantep2 nih emang produknya marynmay😍 -skinonvskin

  14. Suka banget sama produknya Mary & May beneran efektif❤️

  15. Hasilnya nyata banget yaaa kak tori. Jadi mupeng bgt deh aku..

  16. Resultnya cakep bangett kakk torii, jadi kepo rangkaian Mary&May deh akuu biar bisa deep cleansing jugaaa😍😍😍

  17. Mba ini wash off nya gampang dibilas ga sih? Aku tu kadang suka kesel sama wash off mask yg baru 15 menit kering terus bilasnya susah minta ampuun huhuhu

  18. Ini lewat terus tahuu di TL wkwkwk tp makasih lohh disini dijelasin secara detaill semakin pengen cobain

  19. Thanks for sharing these tips with us :)

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