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Hi everyone, time flies really fast and now is already March T.T. I just wish I can write blog post more often this month ^^. Okay, today Im going to review 2 products that I got from Kawaii Beauty Japan collaborate with Dejavu Indonesia. Im so happy that I had chosen to get and review them. I got Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara and Dejavu Lasting Fine Eyeliner. 

Dejavu is a Japanese brand focusing on mascara product. They launched Dejavu Fiberwig as the single item which has function to lengthen the eyelashes. Since its debut in September 2001, Dejavu Fiberwig received a lot of people's support and loved by everyone, so they had developed quality improvement and additional products in order to respond the customers' feelings.

Pic from Cosme web. 

Dejavu Fiberwig also received the 2nd Best Cosmetics Award in the first half of 2016 by Cosme in mascara category and Dejavu Lasting Fine Eyeliner became the 2nd Best Cosmetics for eyeliner. It means that they are really good products and most people wear them.

I was very impressed when the package had arrived. KBJ packaged it beautifully in a red box. Thanks Kawaii Beauty Japan ^^~~ Okay now lets review for both the Dejavu product that I got ^^~


This is a pencil eyeliner type. It comes in a red pencil packaging. We only need to twist the bottom part to make the product comesp out. The product is only 1mm and 2,5cm long. I think its long enough to wear , maybe it can last until 2-3 month usage.

Actually it has 3 color available: Deep Black , Real Black and Deep Brown. I think mine is the deep black or the real black, since it doesnt clearly written on the package. It is very soft and easy to draw. We can adjust the line become thin or thick as we wish. 

It claims that the eyeliner lasts for 1 day (24 hours ). It is sebum, sweat, tears resistant to prevent panda eyes, even if rubbed, the line does not become thin. I had prove it by swatch it on my hand and dip it into the water, then rub it but the line are stay still. It can remove easily with warm water without eye remover.  On the smudeproof picture above I rub after using warm water, I rubbed it and it didnt smudge at all and easily came off.

How to draw beautiful line:

~ Draw a little by little as you move left and right, if you pull the skin corner of the eye gently laterally, it will become easier to draw.

~ Put out the product only 1 mm and use it, since the product is so soft, it may break if it puts out too much.

~ Close the cap until you hear "click" sound. If you leave it unclosed, the product will become hard, making it difficult to draw.

Overall, this is such a good product, usually when I wear this type of eyeliner it will cause panda eyes on me T.T. And it really hurt when remove it with eye remover since I need to rub hardly to clean it. But this eyeliner only need warm water and gentle rub to remove it. 


soft and easy to draw
waterproof and smudgeproof
easily remove with warm water




Just like another mascara, it comes in a tube packaging but more bulky. With simple design it looks elegant and easy to grab. It only decorated with Dejavu Fiberwig print on it. 

The curvy brush is designed to lengthen the lashes. We can see clearly the film of fibers on the brush.

It formulated by a film liquid of fibers which differentiate with the others mascara. With this film, they claim that our lashes will become water and sebum resistant. It means that the mascara cant wash out easily by oil, water and sweat even tears. But it can be removed easily just by using warm water. I'm really amaze with this XD It's so perfect for my sensitive eyes. My eyes are easily to get irritated with some waterproof eye makeup, it will make my eyes swollen if I dont clean them properly so Im really happy to get this kind of mascara. 

Not only waterproof, it also smudge-proof from gentle to harsh rubbing >3< ). Most mascara will make us got "panda eyes" every times we rub or sweat.

As the main function is to lengthen the lashes, the mascara promised that this can give falsie effect to our lashes. The finish make us look like wearing false lashes. We don't need to wear false lashes anymore. Even we can wear it with many coats to get the best result without make our lashes clumsy and bunch up. It also formulated with Hydrolyzed silk, apple extract, honey (moisturizing ) to prevent moisture evaporation and damage lashes.

How to use Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara

~ Fit the concave portion of the curve of the brush to the base of the eyelash horizontally so that the entire eyelashes are lifted.
~ To make it longer, after finishing the whole lashes, apply the brush vertically and add the fiber to the end of the eyelash tip.
~ For curling long-lasting, it is effective to use curler after completely drying.
~ When removing, put plenty of warmt water in the eyelashes. Just gently blush with your fingers. When dry, rub it with a cotton swab and you can peel off cleanly.
Since my lashes are really really sort and invisible, I really love to wear mascara that gives extra length to lashes. Even I cant curled my lashes with eyelashes curler since they are very short and thin XD

On the pic it didnt capture that the mascara lenghten my lashes, but actually it really did. My lashes look beautiful without using fake eyelashes ~~♡♡. yayy.

Overall, I really love this mascara. It really meets my high expectation to this product. A waterproof mascara that can be easily remove just with warm water without causing any burden on the eyes.

Note: dont save the mascara directly under the sun and closed tightly after using the mascara.


Waterproof and smudgeproof
give falsie effect
easily come off with warm water



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  1. suka banget sama eyelinernya,, tahan lama dan gak smudge :D
    kalau mascaranya kurang suka :(

    1. iya eyelinernya bguss ak mascara nya jg bagus kok. >3< cocok buat mata q yg sensitif

  2. Both products are gret:)

  3. Terlalu unyuuuu ><
    Eh aku kok kurang suka sama eyelinernya ya :( Tapi kalau maskaranya sih syuka banget~

    1. ak suka dua duanyaaaa hahha. waterproof smudeproof tp gmpng ngebersihinnya ^^

  4. Beautiful post!

  5. Ah I really want to try the mascara~
    Thanks for the review~^^

  6. Love the packaging .. so cute

  7. aduhh kawaii banget sih :D #salahfokus
    kaget loh liat pensilnya bisa water proof , keren xD

    1. hahha. ak jg kaget. ini eyeliner keren bgt emg XD

  8. Suka sama dua-duanya! Tapi eyeliner nya bener-bener bikin orang pengen cpt cobain :)) Soalnya awet sampe 24 jam, smudge proof pula! Sbnrnya baru kali ini tau brand Dejavu sih tapi kualitasnya bagus banget ya! Nice review dear :)



    1. ak jg baru tau Dejavu XD tp emg bneran produknya bagus.apalagi eyelinernya ^^

  9. Baru denger brand inii. Eyelinernya bagus yaa, jd pengen cobaaa <3

  10. suka kesulitan kalo bikin eyeliner, tapi kaya nya pake produk ini engga yah??


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