Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sweet Look Wishlist inspired by StyleWe

Ah .its already November XD time flies really fast. Its getting cold now here since it almost rain everyday. So I just spent my free time laying around on my bed while watching anime and drama. 

Im so amaze how cute the outfit that the girls wear on the drama or anime. Im really fond of cute things especially for cosmetics and fashion. So today I decide to share my sweet wishlist inspired by StyleWe

StyleWe is an online fashion platform featuring independent designers around the world. It become a place where you can buy indie designer fashion at high street budget. 

Such a heaven for women to visit the site, there are tons of fashion style sold there. So I pick some favorite clothes there.

I love this dress style, the floral print at the bottom make this dress looks so cute. Tho this is a black dress it still look cute.

The dress is simple and pretty cute. The frilly part on the sleeves make the dress prettier.

Here is another dress that I love. Short girl like me will look cute with this kind of dress. The color and design also really pretty and cute. 

This dress is really cute, perfect for hanging out or dating. The graphic design match perfectly with the white lace top.

Lace dress always be my favorite. The color looks sweet and cute. I would like to wear this dress to a wedding party haha XD .

Thats all of my favorite sweet dresses, what do you think? You can also find ur favorite dress there. Just take a look at their site and pick up all of them ^^~ 

See yaaa~~~on my next post ^^ 


  1. Omg I fell in love with the pink dress! It's not my style at all, but it must look so gorgeous and dolly-like :')
    Let me say I've just found your blog and I love it! Looking forward to read your next post. ~


    1. yeah the pink dress is also my favorite ^^~..

      aww thank you dear :* :*


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