Tuesday, November 1, 2016

[ REVIEW ]: Rin Hoshizora L~email Wig

As I promise , I wanna make another wig review hahaha. Today is Rin Hoshizora wig from L~Email wig. I have 4 of Love Live member's wig haha, I will review the others next time XD.

Before I know how to buy wig from taobao, I bought some wig from ebay. I got this from Sandylou2012. They are retailer for Lemail wig brand. The shipping time is no kidding, It took only 2 weeks to arrived. Usually ebay seller used China Free shipping and it took about 35-40 days. But mine was way faster than I expected . haha love it.

 It comes along with a hair net inside the plastic bag. Im glad that it was packaged nicely and securely. So that the wig didnt get damage inside.

The color is so pretty, it is a dark orange. The wig is really tick but a little bit shiny, but still pretty. Just the same with my Maki's wig, this wig also pretty soft and easy to manage. Dont fall many and not easy to tangle, even I can comb with my fingers. 


The color has gradation of orange and yellow, but the color is really fit to Rin's hair. I really love the tickness and the shape of the wig.

 front side 

The wig is unstyled, so as usual I need to cut the bang by myself.  The bang is too long, I cut it but it looks horrible haha.

The back side

It has small scalp in the centre of the head. 

The cap is fit enough for my head. I can adjust the size. I really love this wig but I think that short wig doesnt suit with my face hahah. I havent wear this wig for cosplaying, dunno should I cosplay as Rin or not. What do you think?

Love : 

♡ pretty color
♡ soft , easy to manage
♡ thick

Hate :

☆ unstyled wig

I use BeautyCam application to edit my pic. haha its really adoreable. I use the weep effect and the result is so kawaii haha.

See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^~
bye bye~~


  1. Oh very cute wig darling~ the color is super pretty
    And your look super KAWAII


  2. Thanks a lot, my dear :D

    Love it!!!

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