Wednesday, October 26, 2016

[ REVIEW ] : Maki Nishikino Wig + Cosplay

yeahh finally can publish this review. Recently Im addicted in buying wig haha. Its not because I need them for cosplaying but I just like to try so many hair style and color without cut or dye my hair. The wigs can really change my look haha. Im quiet surprised with this red wig which has vibrant color but suit well on my face. I bought this wig on ebay, yeah Maki Nishikino wig from Love Live. But sorry I dont remember the ebay store name and the brand, maybe its L~Email wig brand.

The color is not a deep red but there is a pink hint a bit. So I think this is the right color for Maki cosplay. It looks a little bit shiny on the pic but actually its a matte wig, maybe it just the lighting that makes the wig looks shiny.

The lenght is fit enough for maki cosplay. I think its about 45cm or 60cm maybe. The curls sometimes need to be repaired a little but I dont mind about the curls.

I really really love this wig. It is really soft and easy to manage. I dont find many falls when combing this wig. Its also not easy to tangle >3< ♡♡. yeah yeah. my fav wig.

It comes in unstyled condition, so when I recieve this wig , the bang is still long until covering my upper lips. 

 So I decided to cut the bang by myself haha.

And tadaaaa~~ here is the wig after cutting the bang. Its not exactly looks like Maki's style but Im satisfied with this bang haha.

It has a little scalp on the centre of the wig.

The wig cap is adjustable, and it dont seem too small or too big for me. Its just right on my head size. I dont have any problem with the wig cap size.


♡ soft 
♡ easy to manage 
♡ affordable price ( around $9 from ebay' auction )
♡ pretty color

Hate : 

☆ need to style the bang

So, few months ago there was a Japan Festival in my city. I got chance to cosplay as Maki there. Here are some pics at the Japan Fest. 

In the future I wanna make another wig review, so I hope tht it will help when some of you wanna purchasing wig.

See yaa~~~ on my next post


  1. You look lovely in this color:)

  2. awnnn so sweet <3
    Lovely wig and photos <3
    Hugs From Brasil <3

  3. lihat foto ini jadi serasa di jepang, ada cosplayer-nya, kece..

  4. You have outdone yourself this time. It is probably the best, most short step by step guide that I have ever seen. drunk piggyback costume

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