Sunday, October 16, 2016

[ REVIEW ] : SwissPure Glow Wear HD Cushion ( Le Petite Prince Edition )

Hello everyone XD so after emptying my previous cushion, finally I can give this cushion a try. Yap my new cushion SwissPure Glow HD Cushion Le Petite Prince Edition. This is the first time I try product from this brand. SwissPure is under the same company brand with Missha and Apieu. Since their sisters have many good products so I have high expectation for this brand also.

The only reason I bought this cushion is the packaging haha. Actually there is also the cushion set which is you can get 1 free refill inside. But I bought the usual pack, since I dunno if the cushion suit me or not.

It comes in a box packaging. There is Little Prince print on it, behind the box u can find further information about this cushion. There are 2 shades : #21 pink ivory and #23 honey beige. I chose shade #21, actually I dont have light skin tone but anytime I wear cushion in natural shade the result will make my face look dull haha. Thats why I always chose lighter shade everytime I bought cushion or bb cream.

The cushion comes in a baby pink color umm maybe in softer color. There is also Little Prince print on it. Really cute XD Love it. It made from a thick plastic , it quiet sturdy and doesnt look bulky at all.

When opening the cushion, Im quiet surprise with the puff and the inner cushion. The refill cushion looks different from other cushion, I think it look sturdy also comparing with other cushions.  It doesnt look cheap at all. And the other think tht I like is the puff. It has Little Prince print on it also. 

Just like the other cushion puff it comes in a blue color.

Opening the cushion cap, there is sticker seal to separate the cushion and the cap. I never throw away the sticker as usual. I prefer to keep it so that the cushion doesnt get dirty easily. 


 I swatch the cushion on my wrist, gladly the shade doesnt look too light on my skin haha. So I wont look like wearing mask when wearing this cushion hahah. It has medium coverage. It can cover my scar on my wrist.

Applying it on my face, it does covering my redness on my face. It has glow finish since the name of the cushion is Glow Wear HD Cushion. Anyway the cushion has unigue scent .umm I dunno how to describe it but it will diseappear after a while. So I dont mind about it. The cushion can last up to 5 hours on my face , after that I need to touch up. Its queit waterproof imo, when I clean the cushion after swatching on my wrist the cushion still remain on my wrist. Even when I cleaned it with a foam.

Overall I like this cushion, maybe it will be my fav cushion beside the Apieu cushion. It also has glow finish which really suit with my dry skin.

Love :

♡ cute packaging
♡ quiet sturdy and dont look cheap
♡ affordable price
♡ good coverage 
♡ glow finish

Hate : 

♡ none

See yaaa~~~ on my next post ^^~


  1. The packaging is sooooooo cuteeee i like that!

    Visit my blog:

  2. lucu bangeeeet packagingnyaa..
    bikin gemees

  3. Hehe, the packaging is so adorable :D The coverage looks great as well, glad it works well.


  4. Pckagingnya lucu bangetttt >___<

  5. Super cute!

  6. The coverage is good! Your skin look dewy too after using this product <3


    1. yeah. Im happy tht this cushion is good enough ^^~
      thanks babe

  7. Tori...
    Ini lucunya kebangetan, little prince >.<
    Aaak, aku mau banget lah nyobain cushion ini :D
    Boleh tau nggak belinya di olshop mana? apa ikutan po?

    1. iya bangettt. g nyesel beli ini hahah.
      ak beli langsung di Testerkorea Des ^^~

  8. packagingan-nya lucu banget, cuma warna chusionnya terlihat agak putih ya, di kulit kuning langsat bagus gak ya.. ??


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