Friday, September 30, 2016

[ REVIEW ] : Apieu Aqua Nature Dewdrop Clouding Cream ( Crayon Shinchan ) Im so excited to review this cute baby. hahah finally can post this review. I get so curious to try this moisturizing cream since it has cute packaging. Yeah yeah A'pieu after collaborating with Doraemon, few months ago they also collaborate with Crayon Shincan.  But only for the skincare line. I think it would be better if they also had Sinchan packaging on their make up product. 

So I tried to buy one of the product which is the Aqua nature Dewdrop Clouding Cream. It has Shiro, Shinchan's dog as the packaging. super cuteeee >3<)//

It comes in a blue box packaging. There are informations about the product in Korean and I cant understand it at all. But as usual I always ask my korean friend to translate it haha XD 

The product claims that it tones up and moisturizes up our skin with clouding system. Actually I dont get any idea about this haha. It is good that the cream is paraben, tar colors and mineral oil free. Since the main ingredients are 10% whistler glacier, glutathione : a clear and transparent skin care, and cloud berry extract that rich with vitamin A and C to protect the skin.

Opening the box as if I found a stray dog inside a box bcoz it has Shiro's head on the lid haha. It comes in a small white and blue tube container. It also has Shiro print on the packaging.

Wht I dont like from the packaging is that the picture isnt printed on it but only a sticker >3<)// Huufft it will get easily dirty and wet if I hold it with wet hands. So I need to be careful when open and close the product.

Awww anw its really cute packaging for moisturizer cream. When open the lid, we can find another lid to make sure that the cream not spill out when we accidentally make the product upside down.

The cream has a texture like body lotion, its milky and thick cream. The product amount is about 50ml, which is it has alot of product to use for few months. I had used this for a month and it still looks full. hahah.

It has a nice scent when applying this on my face. Umm im not sure what scent it is but I really like the scent and it doesnt bother me at all. The scent will disappear after awhile, so for you who dont like scented cream no need to worry about it.

It doesnt feel greasy and sticky at all after applying it. It moisturizes directly on my face, it makes my face look healthy haha. I love it. Surprisingly the cream tones up and brighten my skin tone after few days using this cream.

I just need small amount to apply on my face, applying at the last stage of skincare routine. I also apply on my neck and my hands.

I love the result when applying cushion after this cream. It make my face look healthy and flawless haha XD. And also after waking up, I feel that my skin is really soft and glow haha XD.

Anw it doesnt cause me breakout or another skin problem after wearing this. I would highly recommend this to all of u who has dry ~ natural skin to moisturize your skin.

Love :

~ cute packaging
~ moisturising
~ not greasy and sticky
~ nice scent
~ brighten my face
~ affordable price

Hate :

~ none ( eh maybe the sticker part on the packaging ) haha

repurchase? yesss already restock the Rilakkuma edition XD haha

See yaaaa~~~ on my next post ^^ 


  1. Packagingnya lucu bangettt ada si shiro lagi... nice review kak!

    Visit my blog

  2. Ya ampun shiro lucu bangeeet. Lah ada edisi Rilakkuma toh, aku gak ngeh. ._. Sebagai banci packaging, aku merasa gagal.

    1. hahah iya ada yg rilakkuma XD smg ntar ada lg yg baru

  3. Your skin looks so dewy and healthy after applying the cream! (though you already have natural good skin haha) And I love your sailor moon top! ^^

    1. awww thank you Xd its nice of u to say so hehe. adore ur skin too >3<)//
      sailormoon outfit is my fav hehe

  4. The cream looks good:) Great review Dear:)

  5. It looks really great. I love your review. *w*
    xoxo, Szandi
    [Beauty and Destroy]

  6. Wow this product look so great!! I love Apieu products :)
    You're pictures are so cute <3

  7. Packagingnya lucu XD Sayang gak ada keterangan dalam Bahasa Inggris

    1. haha iyaa..kbnykn produk korea emg g ada ket dlm bhs ing . yg pntg pekejingnya lucukk hihi

  8. The packaging is so cute!!! Looks really moisturize too =D


  9. Packagingnya lucu bangeet! Aku liat ini di olshop tp yg versi Rilakkumanya dan harganya cukup murah ya untuk isinya yang banyak XD

    1. iyaaa yg terbaru ada rilakkumaaaa. hihi bner bner murah dn banyakkk

  10. ya ampun, packagingan kosmetik korea memang selalu imut ya..


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