Thursday, June 9, 2016


Hi, another lens from Klenspop ^^, this time I'd like to review Klenspop Ellen 3Color Gray. This will be my another gray lens collection ^^ recently I really love to wear grey lens.

Lens Description:

Origin: Korea
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Disposal: 6 months
Price : $18 ~ now only $7.20   ( buy here )

image PACKAGING image 

Just like usual, Klenspop lenses always come with a cute box packaging. I prefer this big box than the new packaging ( small box ). Since the small box only contain a pair of lenses without lens case and tweezers.

Inside the box  we can find 2 vial bottle of lenses,  lens case and tweezers.

It comes in a vial bottle packaging, with panda pics on the bottle. Anw now I dont bother at all with vial bottle at all. I can open it with my bare hand hahah XD

image COLOR AND PATTERN image  

The gray color is really pretty, the pattern itself is really simple and look natural when wearing them. Since its 3 color lens, it has combination of brown, black and gray color. The lens blends perfectly on my dark brown eyes. It was perfect for Asian eyes, cos it doesn't look too much and give natural looking.

image ENLARGEMENT image 

With diameter or 13.7mm graphic diameter, the lens doesn't give enlargement to my eyes. It would be nice if it has big diameter since it has pretty color. It almost the same with my real eyes.

image COMFORT image

The lens is pretty comfy when the first time wearing them. After they settle on my eyes I can't even feel them. Love it ^^ I also can wear the lenses 6-8 hours with drops. Its really perfect for daily wear.

image OVERALL image 

I'm pretty satisfied with the lens, since it natural for daily wear and comfy to wear ^^. The most important thing: they are super comfortable haha.

image Love: 

image Comfy
image Natural looking
image Pretty color
image Blend well on my dark eyes

image Hate :

image small diameter

Where to buy? 



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  1. Aduhhh cantiknyaaaa~~~ Kaya mata orang Turki <3
    Aku malah suka banget loh sama small diameter :P

  2. box packagingnya lucuuuu~ efeknya bagus lho di mata kamu keliatan natural~ aku malah ga bisa pakai softlense yang diameternya besar2 hahaha

    1. iya ini natural bgt mnurut q, hehe ak lebih suka yg diamtrnya gede soalnya

  3. warnanya cantik softlensnya,,, cocok untuk makeup ala kawai ini softlensnya,,,, diameternya juga sukaa g buat mata jadi belo bgt

    1. iya kayaknya cocok jg buat gyaru make up XD

  4. Cantik banget warnanya.. Super kawaii juga deh kakak :3

  5. Lucu ya warnanya ^^

    Hai Torichu, aku nominasikan kamu di liebster award. Cek disini ya

  6. Super pretty lenses~! <33

  7. The lens matches your eye make up! So pretty as usual my dear <3


  8. Love your blog and I am a new follower on GFC!
    I hope that you will follow me back :)

  9. Wow the color is really nice!
    So cute >w< <3

  10. This is actually really nice! It blends really well and I know it's supposed to be gray but it almost looks as if you have a mix of green in there as well >.<

    1. yeah the gray and brown color mix into green ^^ look so pretty :P haha

  11. Thanks darling :D

    OmG, so incredible. You always have a lot of lenses to try :D

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  12. Grey lenses look beautiful on you!


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